This is a common knowledgebase of the average New York skateboarder. There are no “secrets” here. If you want the new spot that has been popping up in videos, have a local show you around.

It should be obvious, but none of the places listed on the QS spots page are authorized places to skate. Skateboarding itself is not illegal in New York City, but it is prohibited by park or property rules in many of these places. They are merely frequent destinations for street skaters in the city, and have been so for years upon years. Please comply with any property owners, security or police if you are told to leave. Confrontation only leads to bigger problems for everyone else and isn’t worth it. QS is not responsible for you being ticketed, arrested, injured, having your feelings hurt by a mean security guard, indicted by a grand jury, deported, robbed in a rough neighborhood, etc. in any of the places listed on the spots page. If you would like a list of authorized skateparks, please visit

Chinatown, East Village & Lower East Side

20th and C — 20th Street & Avenue C
Alligator Ledge — Cherry Street & the FDR Drive
Chinatown Double-Set — Baxter Street & Bayard Street
Chinatown Manual Pad — Cherry Street & Catherine Street
Columbus Park — Mulberry Street & Worth Street
D7 — 7th Street & Avenue D
Delancey Curb — Delancey Street & Clinton Street
Houston Park — Houston Street & Chrystie Street
Jacob Riis Projects — 12th Street & Avenue D
Lily Pads — Essex Street & Grand Street
Pitt Pool — Houston Street & Pitt Street
Popeye’s Ledge — Canal Street & Forsyth Street
Tompkins Square Park — 9th Street & Avenue A

City Hall Area / Financial District

Battery Park — Washington Street & Battery Place
Battery Park City — Hudson River between Chambers & Rector Streets
Black Hubba — Lafayette Street & Duane Street
Brooklyn Banks — Frankfort Street & the Brooklyn Bridge
C-Benches — Front Street & Maiden Lane
Chase — Pine Street between Nassau & William Streets
CIA Ledge — William Street & Maiden Lane
Courthouse Drop — Centre Street & Worth Street
Family Court — Lafayette Street & Franklin Street
Marshmallow Ledges — Washington Street & Carlisle Street
Rector Street Bench — Edgar Street & Trinity Place
Seaport — South Street & Fulton Street
Veterans Plaza — Water Street & Coenties Slip
Wall Street Gap — Exchange Plaza & Trinity Place
Water Street Benches — Wall Street & South Street
Zuccotti Park — Church Street & Liberty Street

Tribeca & West Village

Bond Street Gap — Bond Street between Lafayette Street & Broadway
Canal Fountain — Canal Street & Sixth Avenue
Hudson River Park — 12th Street & the Westside Highway
Strip Club Ledge — Clarkson Street & Washington Street
Three Up Three Down — Canal Street & the Westside Highway
Union Square — 14th Street & Broadway
Washington Square Park — Waverly Place & Fifth Avenue


Beer Bar — 45th Street & Vanderbilt Avenue
Brick 9 — 47th Street & Second Avenue
Bryant Park — 42nd Street between Fifth & Sixth Avenues
Bubble Banks — 46th Street & Third Avenue
CBS — 52nd Street & Sixth Avenue
Columbus Circle — 59th Street & Eighth Avenue
Crackhead Park — 27th Street & Second Avenue
Fake Barcelona Ledge — 27th Street & First Avenue
FedEx — 47th Street & Park Avenue
Ferry Terminal — 38th Street & the Westside Highway
Five Then Three — 26th Street & Second Avenue
IBM Ledge — 56th Street & Madison Avenue
Italian Ledges — 49th Street & Third Avenue
Paine Webber — 52nd Street & Sixth Avenue
Penn Plaza — 34th Street between Eighth & Seventh Avenues
Queensboro Bridge Ledges — 59th Street & Sutton Place
Up-Rails — 36th Street & the Westside Highway

Harlem & The Bronx

125th Street Banks — 125th Street & Broadway
Amsterdam Rail — 105th Street & Amsterdam Avenue
Bronx Courthouse — 161st Street & Grand Concourse
Columbia University — 116th Street & Broadway
Grants Tomb — 122nd Street & Riverside Drive
Green Three Block — 135th Street & Fifth Avenue
Hunts Point Station — Hunts Point Avenue & 163rd Street
Lenox Ledges — 110th Street & Lenox Avenue
Marcus Garvey Park — 122nd Street & Madison Avenue
Median Ledge — 111th Street & Seventh Avenue
Ogden Bank to Ledge — Ogden Avenue & 168th Street
Riverbank — 145th Street & Riverside Drive
Seminary Ledge — 122nd Street & Broadway
Supa Bump — 189th Street & Amsterdam Avenue
T.F. North — 100th Street & First Avenue
Tiffany Banks — Westchester Avenue & Tiffany Street
Triangle Park — Westchester Avenue & Bryant Avenue


BAM 2 — Flatbush Avenue & Tillary Street
Blue Park — Manhattan Avenue & Scholes Street
Borough Hall — Court Street and Remsen Street
Brooklyn Bridge Park — Old Fulton Street & Furman Street
Brooklyn Post Office — Tillary Street & Cadman Plaza
BQE Lot — Graham Avenue & the BQE
Carroll Manual Pad — Union Street & Hoyt Street
Crown Heights Banks — Fenimore Street & New York Avenue
Dewey High School — Avenue X & 12th Street
Farragut Ledges — Gold Street & Sands Street
Fish Gap — Washington Avenue between Park & Flushing
Fort Greene Park — DeKalb Avenue & Fort Greene Place
Front Street Ledge — Front Street & Dock Street
Hasidic Gap — Bedford Avenue & Wallabout Street
Humboldt Street YMCA — Boerum Street & Humboldt Street
Maria Hernandez Park — Irving Avenue & Starr Street
Polish Park — McGuinness Boulevard & Humboldt Street
Pratt — Lafayette Avenue & St. James Place
Reggaeton Ledges — Rodney Street & S 5th
Strap-On Park — Park Avenue & North Elliot Place
Sunset Park — 42nd Street & Seventh Avenue
Thomas Greene Park — Third Avenue & Degraw Street
Tompkins Park — Lafayette Avenue & Marcy Avenue
Williamsburg Monument — Roebling Street & S 4th
Woodhull Hospital — Flushing Avenue & Broadway


Broadway Park — 45th Avenue & Broadway
Citi Field Benches — Flushing Bay Promenade
Con-Edison Banks — 20th Avenue & 31st Street
Flushing Meadows Park — Corona Park at the Unisphere
Hillcrest High School — Parsons Blvd & Hillside Avenue
Long Island City Waterfront — 47th Road & Center Boulevard
JFK Banks — Terminal 6 at Kennedy Airport
Rockaway Rails — Beach Channel Drive & Beach 101st Street
Roosevelt Island Ledge — W Road on Roosevelt Island
The Sombrero — Borden Avenue & 61st Street
Vernon-Jackson — 48th Avenue & Vernon Boulevard