#QSTOP10 — July 16, 2021

New favorite skater is this dude out of Marseilles. That switch heel where he clips the stairs is so sick. This line should’ve been a Top 10 #1 the week it got posted. Apologies for the oversight.

Also the Herbert Brown part up on Free rules. The fact he filmed the entire thing in Chattanooga gives it such a unique feel — it truly looks like a hometown part that he went above and beyond for.

Have a good weekend ♥

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#QSTOP10 — July 9, 2021

A bit of an, um, mid-week content sabbatical going on at the QS office. Be back on it soon, promise ;)

Grace, some Euros, and a lil’ bit of “Real Street,” though didn’t want to go overboard there. Sure, there are “crazier” tricks than Alexis’ switch front nose, but that’s the prettiest trick in the batch. Also, Frankie’s Flushing N.B.D. goes without saying — people have been talking about if that’s possible for years.

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#QSTOP10 — July 2, 2021

Realtime reaction to #2^. Happy July ♥

The Joey O’Brien part is one of those “full experience” things that it’s tough to just choose a single clip from. Audibly said “what the fuck” at the ender even the second time viewing, too.

Snack’s Mexico edit is the best travel edit in a minute.

Long overdue for including some of Casper Brooker’s recent Southbank choreography on here. If you’re just joining, Welcome Leeds could bring you up to speed.

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#QSTOP10 — June 25, 2021

Didn’t think the countdown would be pointing anybody in the direction of a good-looking — er, um, switch inward bigspin heelflip today, but here we are.

This is a week with a great éS video, and a great Element video. Had to check the year real quick ;)

Asked someone qualified to speak on the matter if the Aaron Loreth skatepark was just the west coast version of Zered Park, and the answer was an emphatic, “Not even close. It’s way worse.”

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