#QSTOP10 — November 8, 2019

Can’t say we have a stake in the “do tricks MEAN less when they are in a sanctioned contest setting at a street spot?!”-debate that has been reverberating this past week (on account of the Alex Midler kickflip back lip.) It’s probably a bit like being a graffiti dude and painting on a legal wall, right? You’re not going to get stories like the one of Pops stealing the switch ollie down the Love Gap from right under the cops’ noses if there’s a contest going on. And also that’s fine.

But a lot of that probably has to do with how much skateboarding is out there right now, and that the rampage of tricks a street contest produces only piles on to the insurmountable mountain of #content already out there.

Vinny Ponte did that (first?) ollie down the Love Gap in a contest, and I’m sure none of the twelve people who skated back in 1891 were debating whether it was “legit” or not.

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#QSTOP10 — November 1, 2019

Supreme Candyland catch-up week + some Toy Machine and Chico mixed in. Enjoy your weekend, because it’s gonna start getting dark at 5 P.M. on Sunday :(

Thanks to everyone who grabbed something from the webstore. We should be caught up on shipping all orders as of Thursday, so if you want tracking for your package, feel free to hit us with a message and we’ll let you know ♥

Quartersnacks for Spitfire arriving in shops Monday btw ;)

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#QSTOP10 — October 25, 2019

Yes, this got sent to the editing desk before Supreme’s Candyland video went live yesterday. So treat this installment of the #countdown as a recap of the first half of the week before the 2nd marquee video of skateboard Oscar season (“Verso” being the first) dropped and took over the convo ;) And then we’ll get to Candyland next week.

It’s also a low-key reminder to get back to Paris, because over half of the clips are there. Have a good one.

Fall QS merch will be live on our webstore at midnight on Monday, October 28. (So, Sunday night.) No lookbook this time because we spent all of our budget on statisticians to tally the reader survey instead of models ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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#QSTOP10 — October 11, 2019

If the kickflip Oscars happened today…

Also, Philadelphia! We’re going to be down there this weekend for House of Vans, and throwing a best trick contest for a Louie belt. Saturday night (October 12) from 7 – 9 P.M. Gonna just be doing cash for tricks too, but the person who looks like they deserve to drip the most will get the belt ♥ Flyer with all the info here.

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