#QSTOP10 — November 29, 2019

Everyone got a light pause from skateboarding’s award season this past week (unless you were doing a deep dive into Baker 4, which obvs isn’t eligible for the countdown until it’s out *officially* — not trying to have Reynolds show up to the QS office with a sack of doorknobs.) This one was able to dig in places outside of the Thrasher homepage universe, and yeah, while those Rowan Davis and Ben Lawrie clips appeared in Disc a few months ago, that raw files Geoff Campbell dropped might be the overall highlight of the past week on the skate internet. Both of those kids rip, in a very cool way at that :)

Have a good one.

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#QSTOP10 — November 22, 2019

Sometimes a photo does a trick more justice than the footage. You’re typically seeing anything on a magazine cover as a photo before the video comes out. Everyone knew it was coming in that Milton part, but seeing that kickflip in motion was actually something else. You felt it in your chest.

Other things in there were just so insane that you couldn’t help but laugh.

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#QSTOP10 — November 15, 2019

Hey what’s up hello — it was a slow week around here on the front-end of things, but definitely not slow in the wide wide world of skateboarding. We got the Readers Survey numbers tallied, and will be pretty busy around here until the year / decade is out with #content.

This could’ve been a Top 20. Sorry if your faves got snubbed.

See you next week. We’ll have a lot of stuff going on then. Enjoy the break in the weather today ♥

EDIT: #9 is actually Adrien Coillard. Sorry for the error.

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#QSTOP10 — November 8, 2019

Can’t say we have a stake in the “do tricks MEAN less when they are in a sanctioned contest setting at a street spot?!”-debate that has been reverberating this past week (on account of the Alex Midler kickflip back lip.) It’s probably a bit like being a graffiti dude and painting on a legal wall, right? You’re not going to get stories like the one of Pops stealing the switch ollie down the Love Gap from right under the cops’ noses if there’s a contest going on. And also that’s fine.

But a lot of that probably has to do with how much skateboarding is out there right now, and that the rampage of tricks a street contest produces only piles on to the insurmountable mountain of #content already out there.

Vinny Ponte did that (first?) ollie down the Love Gap in a contest, and I’m sure none of the twelve people who skated back in 1891 were debating whether it was “legit” or not.

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