#QSTOP10 — December 2, 2022

Euro-heavy week on the countdown, with a lot of the honors going to Fritte Söderström’s incredible “Jante – 11:00” video, which is a de facto Sour Solution 3.5 of sorts + a hall of fame back tail. The speed he picks up once locked in almost betrays how quick the throwdown was. (Supreme vid obvs got deferred until next week.) Have a good one.

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#QSTOP10 — November 25, 2022

This might’ve been the most stacked week to stuff one of these into ten selections ever — the suggestion board was up to 31 inclusions, with ten from Deep Fried’s Pescado and ten from the new Element video (shout out Element 2022) alone. (It was so fuckin’ busy out there that it was almost like we forgot Atlantic Drift returned last week!)

And no matter where you stood on the original issue, it’s pretty tough to deny that Tyshawn going back to re-do the switch ollie from another angle — just to post it online and end the debate — is a beautiful holiday movie 🎄 Love a trick that has multiple narrative arcs, yaknow?

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#QSTOP10 — November 18, 2022

Slow news week around the office, but picking up next week :) Plus, December is always a whirlwind around here.

Otherwise, this week we got CEO Trayle‘s license plate, a mind fuck of a back big spin, a front nose that Max Palmer would no-doubt approve of, and a nollie heel into some …slime. Have a great weekend ❤️

Fun “on this day in history” fact for our fellow adults: Pretty Sweet premiered in New York exactly ten years ago, today.

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