#QSTOP56k — November 26, 2021: The Reuben Special

Had to make it an all-Bronze affair this week considering a new Bronze video is basically an office holiday around here. Could’ve been a Top 20 from that video alone. Shout out to Andrew Allen’s Vans part, Will Marshall’s line at Natural History, and the “10:34” video on the Free site.

Happy birthday Pryce Holmes! 💕

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#QSTOP10 — November 12, 2021

Not the countdown gridlock that was expected in a week when Bronze, Palace and Supreme premiered videos within a 48-hour span of one another. (Though a #QSTOP56K probably would’ve been inevitable had they all made it online at the same time, a la the last time this happened.) Shout out to being able to do video premieres again, yaknow?

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#QSTOP10 — October 29, 2021

Once heard a skating-for-a-living colleague remark that Top 10 is how he “keeps up on what Tom Knox is up to.”

Happy early bday Pad ♥

This Sunday, Uncle Leroy will be having a Halloween Sidewalk Sale at McGolrick Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There’ll be QS goods there for the low-low, with all proceeds going to charity. This includes samples, rarities, one-offs, who knows, maybe a shoe or two or three ;) Same corner as usual: Nassau & Russell. Same time as usual: 1-6 P.M.

Also! The HSS video (same dudes as the Suppy video from last year) is premiering at Labor Brooklyn on Halloween at 7 P.M. Flyer here.

Also! Also! Village Psychic is hosting a skate jam with Lurker Lou at the Mosquito Beach / L.I.C. D.I.Y. spot on Halloween, from 11 A.M. – 2 P.M. (employed skater hours.) Flyer here. Hit McGolrick and buy some gear after ;)

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