#QSTOP10 — August 9, 2019

Ah yes, the unavoidable slow news week in August. It gets the best of us. We’d apologize, but you’ve probably been as tuned out as we have.

Skateboarding quieted down a tiny bit since the psychotic round-up we had to narrow down to ten things last week, thank God.

Matt Andersen’s Rust Belt Trap video premieres tomorrow (Saturday, August 10) at 647 Grand Street, Brooklyn @ 9 P.M. Includes a Jerry Mraz part! Full flyer here + teaser here.

Have a good one ♥

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#QSTOP10 — August 2, 2019

Bust Crew, basically.

The same probably applies for every week since skateboarding is absolutely insane at the current moment, but the “order” on these things is as arbitrary as ever. Shuffle around as you wish, there’s no wrong answer — except if you told the 10-year-old me that somebody would be doing switch backside flips over standing up trashcans…

Have a good one ♥

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#QSTOP10 — July 19, 2019

Late one, sorry. Hectic past 24 at the office, and a slow week in the QS newsroom — however! — we are working on wrapping up some chill shit ready to head to press next week, so be on the lookout for that :) Back to biz as usual pretty soon.

This one got wrapped before the Yardsale video went live, so that one got bumped to next week. Elsewhere in the U.K., Skateboard Cafe has quietly continued to put out some of the best videos going today. Their “Welcome Francis” video follows suit, with a chill Lloyds section in the middle.

And to anyone not from around New York, who hasn’t skated Paine and doesn’t grasp the wow-factor of that noseblunt, let’s put it this way: the remarkably high Seaport benches have spent the last ~ten years undergoing a barrage of NBDs that would have once seemed out of grasp (P-Rod switch back tail, Torey Pudwill, et al.) whereas the Paine Webber benches have spent the entire decade pretty much without anyone else getting a clip on the bench’s top portion. Most of the footage on the tops has been of noseslides and crook bonks along the back ends. It’s def a noseblunt that you put on a billboard.

Have a good one, sorry 4 the wait.

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