Monday: The New Wednesday?

ICYMI: Troy made a T.J. IG mix from that brief slice of time when the Museum of Natural History being a go was the best-worst kept secret in the city ;)

Or is it Big Screen Plaza: The New Love Park?

Max Hull has a five-minute edit from the bumping Long Island City D.I.Y. spot.

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#QSTOP10 — July 10, 2020

This week’s “part that deserves extra attention” is without a doubt “Prealps” via Free, which looks and feels unlike anything else you’ve watched this week — but you already know the QS bias towards seaside crust.

Have a good one, and stay tuned to @sorrymydude on IG for updates on this Sunday’s charity sidewalk sale, though it’s looking like same place, same time as the last ones ;) see ya there.

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Rest In Cigs — The Skater Farewell To China Chalet

By now, you have seen enough jokes on social media to know that China Chalet has closed down for good. The sentiment seems to be “sounds about right.”

Because the fact that China Chalet existed for as long as it did, into a 2020 New York, is insane.

China Chalet was a banquet hall style Chinese restaurant near Wall Street. It opened in 1975. What happened between then and the 2000s is anyone’s guess.

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Wood & Plants & Oceans

Just make the next one Tyshawn Jones Pro Skater. Photo via Atiba.

“I just saw myself as a homie who was helping another homie. That was not something that ever crossed my mind like, ‘Am I good at this?’ Both of us are happy in that moment.” Jenkem has an amazing interview with Briana King about her meet-ups for girls and LGBTQ youth learning to skateboard.

“I think you really got to listen to your feeling. Don’t go for the show. Go for your heart.” Lucas Puig on relationships, wood, plants, oceans and not having his johnson fall out when he’s skating in shorts — also for Jenkem, also inspiring. Maybe it’s time we start working on a sequel to the “Poolside” remix

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