In The Crib Watching Larry King Live

A late night pandemic savior. Photo by Zach Baker.

Though it’s far from the most #trending skate spot these days, a plan for the renovation and expansion of Union Square was unveiled last week. Just give us a couple République-style planters in the back, don’t kick us out of them, and the city can keep the next two skateparks they were gonna build. Thanks!

Good vibes in this one: “Vlog #1” via Josh Paynter, featuring all winter footy around the city. Footage can never do justice to that backside noseblunt at the L.I.C. D.I.Y. — that one was wild. Bed frame and subway clips are a hoot too :)

We’re living in a high-flying golden age of Instagram compilations on YouTube: Brandon Scott A.K.A. NevaSkimp, Sage Elsesser + Kevin Bilyeu, all just this past week.

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Runways Got Shorter, Landings Got Longer, Wax Got Faster

2020 — the year that we hold responsible for many of our present woes — didn’t even start that bad.

They fixed the ground at the ledges across from Columbus Park! Seemingly out of nowhere! Here was a spot that we had only vicariously experienced in old videos, passed by zillions of times thinking, “Man, if only the ground wasn’t shit,” and maybe forced a session on every half-decade. And it was renovated!

Two ledges! With ends! A block from the hellish Bermuda-esque Triangle formed by Family Court x Blubba x Courthouse at that!

2021 began with a similar moment of spot serendipity. The Money Longer alien who took over the lease of the Men in Black towers in 2016 descended and flattened out the second, less iconic fountain at Flushing.

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#QSTOP10 — January 22, 2021

“What gives with the slow updates? Wasn’t it supposed to pick up last week? Why’s it just Monday Links and Top 10s? Where’s the idiotic #longform commentary on skateboard minutiae? Where are the #in #depth articles? Can I just get a Five Favorite Parts?”

Ok, ok, ok. You’re heard loud and clear. Just because things aren’t bubbling on the front page of a multinational skateboard media conglomerate, doesn’t mean they aren’t bubbling at all. It’s just been a historically slow moment for content right now, but the schedule is loaded up from here on out xoxo ♥

Have a good one.

P.S. “Why isn’t a Bernie meme the headliner?!”

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Deep Breath

In a shocking turn of events, there is currently a New York City Council Proposal to expedite a restoration of the Small Banks and the adjacent basketball courts into an active public space. Leave a comment to show your support.

An eight-minute Jahmir Brown Instagram loosies comp.

A four-minute Carl Aikens IG loosies comp (pretty much all city footy.)

Polar videographer Tor Ström has an incredible new edit out entitled, “Until Then.” Filmed in Malmö, Copenhagen and Portland, Oregon (funny how those places half-a-world apart feel so spiritually connected by terrain, D.I.Ys and weather.) Features much of the Polar extended family.

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#QSTOP10 — January 15, 2021

EDIT: #4 is Tony Gomez.

Apologies for the sluggish start to the year around here. Still winded from year-end content season.

The mill should resume normal operations next week.

Wouldn’t think we’d be beginning this year with a top-honored pressure flip, but hey, that was an impressive pressure flip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The entire top five is nuts on this round.

Have a good weekend ♥

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