#QSTOP10 — May 24, 2019

“What have you done for me lately?”

Honestly, not much. Our content department has been pathetic this May — every worker bee was sent out to the warehouse to wrap early Christmas gifts from the drop. But that’s all over now. They’re back in the office after this weekend, typing, editing, something. Business as usual at QS Inc. Pinky swear :)

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Thanks to everyone that picked up something from the webstore last week ♥ We caught up on shipping all of last week’s orders by Friday, so if you are worried something went awry, feel free to hit us up. Still some stuff left on there, and it’s supposed to almost hit 90 today, so perhaps you could use a new pair of shorts? ;)

DC, Skate Jawn and Village Psychic brought two pieces of plywood to Borough Hall, made a hip at the bottoms of the steps, and threw a skate jam last weekend. Has no one ollied the set yet?

Filed Under “It Would Be Nice If This Was 3-4x As Long” — Tom Knox and Jordan Trahan skate around London together, and Johnny put together an Insta-length compilation of Alex Olson loosies from the past several years.

Here’s an iPhone vid of Chris Milic, Nick Michel, and some other Frogs in S.F.

“But I look at it this way. If it makes us happy, it has value. If we love it, it is as real as that love. And with some love and happiness in our hearts, we might just solve climate change and cure cancer too.” Jenkem has a nice feature with Mackenzie Eisenhower that covers sixteen pieces of advice that he’d give after sixteen years of writing about skateboarding for a living. (#17: one of the greatest hacks to writing about skateboarding is not writing about skateboarding.)

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#QSTOP10 — May 17, 2019

Didn’t think some new company called April would take up half of a countdown, but some weeks are weird. Also felt the Shane O’Neill trick that flashed in front of the screen for 1.7 seconds more than a lot of the more sensationalized shit in that part. Shout out to boardslide fakies in ledge lines too.

And apologies for the slow content mill around here these past several weeks. All the worker bees from the writing and video departments got sent to the warehouse to fill orders for the webstore, and it paid off — we’re on the record as having lightning fast shipping. If you ordered something this week and haven’t received a confirmation, feel free to get in touch with us. Thank you everyone for your support, and we will resume with our regularly scheduled programing next week.

Rest in Peace Ben Raemers ♥ Skateboarding has had a rough 2019, and it’s not even half over yet.

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Intro via @hartpullman on IG [link] 10) Gustav Tonnesen via IG [link] 9) Nassim Lachhab via IG [link] 8) Harry Lintell via Real’s “From Here To There” video [link] 7) Shane O’Neill via “Introducing April Skateboards” [link] 6) Robbie Brockell via Real’s “From Here To There” video [link] 5) Chima Ferguson via Real’s “From Here To There” video [link] 4) Ish Cepeda via “Introducing April Skateboards” [link] 3) Yuto Horigome via “Introducing April Skateboards” [link] 2) Ronnie Kessner via “Introducing April Skateboards” [link] 1) Ben Raemers via Enjoi’s Oververt video [link]


Previously: May 10, 2019

Skate Jawn’s ‘FIDDY’ Video — A Survey Of Skate Scenes As We Wind Down The Decade

Keeping any physical media enterprise breathing in 2019 — even a zine — is an important, yet difficult job. We don’t need another long-winded rant about how social media “changed everything,” but we do need to remind those toiling behind skateboarding’s printed word that what they do means a lot to us. No Instagram account is going to lasso fourteen crews from fourteen different scenes, and tally up their visions for something as comprehensive as FIDDY.

On the occasion of their fiftieth issue, Skate Jawn enlisted videographers from all over the country to contribute a section to their Cinematographer Project x E.S.T. hybrid. Fiddy is a survey of skateboarding if you were to pare it down to the guys whose coverage mainly comes from homegrown zines and scene-specific videos.

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