Rest in Peace Keith Hufnagel

You’ll see the phrase “all-time favorite” being used a lot to describe Keith Hufnagel, who we lost yesterday at the age of 46 after a two-and-a-half year long battle with brain cancer.

We use this phrase a lot in general. “All-time great,” “all-time favorite, “greatest of all-time.”

There were tributes from people who came of age in the nineties (Huf’s peers), the 2000s (Huf disciples), the 2010s (Huf — now the brand — teamriders.) The youngest person I saw post about Huf’s influence on them was 17 — he wasn’t even born when Real to Reel came out.

To hear people talk about Huf, there is always this emphasis on simplicity: a select bag of tricks, done really, really, REALLY well.

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Chapstick Season

The obstacle purge at T.F. West rebounded quick!

With Hollywood hobbled by the pandemic, Jawn Gardner came through with the life-affirming motion picture event that we needed as we head towards the holidays ♥

Zooted” is a New York video by Stephán Lewis with appearances from Brandon Scott, Jiro Platt, Yaje Popson and a bunch of other people you’ll recognize from skating around downtown.

The Village Psychic dudes spend the lockdown months creating Village Archive, an early stab at a Wikipedia or an IMDB of skateboard footwear. (Man, have skaters been responsible for designing some awful shoes.) Kinda inspired to think up some ideas similar to this one now…

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#QSTOP10 — September 18, 2020

We haven’t been doing much QS Sports Desk coverage of this mangled 2020 NBA season, but Bam Adebayo’s block at the end of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals was the basketball equivalent of Lucas Puig’s flick on that switch flip front blunt. (Has there ever been a man who detested upper body garments as much as Lucas?)

This week turned into a massive dive for #deepcuts in what was a lively week on the Thrasher homepage. If you missed the Status video, it’s quite enjoyable. It is also insurmountable evidence towards Youness Amrani’s recent claim that American skate spots actually suck, because 90% of the shit in it is unrecognizable from other European videos, and all of it is spot porn.

Have a good one.

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