‘TREAD’ — By Tanner Diamond

“TREAD” is the latest video by Tanner Diamond — the follow up to the QS-favorite from last March, “OTIS.” It is hard to not feel bittersweet watching this one because it exemplifies the type of skating that versions of our younger selves once pursued on a 6x a week basis: barging midtown and Financial District office plazas in endless succession, fishing for a stroke of luck with security at each one. These dudes cover everything from relics that have been popping up since the original three Zoo York videos, right down to plazas embedded between buildings that were plots of dirt and trash when those three videos were being filmed.

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Wish It Were Sunday

Here is a rundown of skate spots located at landmarks named after Martin Luther King Jr. — though the most famous is the ledge spot in Miami and that got omitted. (Also! The benches have been knobbed for a decade-plus, but MLK High School on 66th and Amsterdam has the janky runway 13 that got tre flip’d in The HSS Video.)

“You trying to skate?
“Where you going?”
“We’re going to ConEd.”
Nah, I’m good.”

👆 This actually sounds like 90% of the conversations ever had about Con-Ed Banks. Congrats to Max Palmer for his Best Special Effects Oscar nomination, and to Max Hull for his Best Director nod!

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‘Videobrain’ — A New Edit by Brendan Gilliam

As was the case with Brendan Gilliam’s “Life Starts Tomorrow” from late-2020, his new one was a bit too nice to leave as a Monday Link.

“Video Brain” picks up where the last edit left off: presenting us this autumnal world where the greys and tans of Queens crust blend seamlessly into spots found throughout suburban industrial parks.

Nick Lane — who, you might remember, 5050’d the perpendicular corner at Brower like it was pool coping in “Life Starts Tomorrow” — remains the star of the show in this one. And that one dude’s front 180 up the four at Reggaeton legit incited one of the biggest smiles at a skate clip this year ❤️

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A Farewell to NYSkateboarding.com

Back in the fall, we were biking up to the new Bronx Skatepark, the one just over the Willis Avenue Bridge. We had seen it out of a car weeks earlier — it looked really fun — but there was little other information out there. Through some loose intel via the unintuitive Parks Department website, we arrived at the name: Golden Lady Skatepark. Random.

(Even if you search it now, a rollerblade video is the first result.)

On the trip up, somebody remarked how odd it was that a brand new concrete skatepark could just pop up in the city completely unannounced. It sat there, waiting to be noticed by people living nearby, or driving on the Bruckner or Deegan, which are the two major roadways it sits between. It was like a new street spot, asking to be discovered.

“Shouldn’t NYSkateboarding post about it?” someone said.

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