#QSTOP10 — April 19, 2024

Obviously, the Darren Harper DGK video with his daughters at Pulaski is the most beautiful piece of skate content from the past week. Everything else, can be found here ;)

The #1… we were in Argentina at the same time as Tyler and Wes, and actually ran into them the day we went out to the same spot. Someone told us what Mr. Surrey did while we were warming up at another spot down the road. When we got there, it was like …what? That is an absolutely fucked thing to think to do at that spot, and the sandpaper/glass/hill landing is far less forgiving than video can ever convey, no matter how many pixels are crammed into the frame. Shout out to Tommy, Eze, Emilio and everyone out there.

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Throwback At Noon

Photo via @kings0l0mon

Stingwater’s new video, “SELF PAID,” is live. Includes footy from Johnathan Perez, Carlos Mendoza, Connor Kammerer, Daniel Kim and more. Another Dan Groe production.

Sometimes all you need is …a Philly step and a nearby gas station, and it’ll keep you entertained for an entire summer. Paul Young put together an edit of all the Down By Law clips that feature the Greenpoint Philly step behind Zered Park.

“I don’t know what that guy was on that day, but he looked like pure evil.” Free is hosting Jahmal Williams, Steve Brandi and Aaron Herrington’s shared section from Static VI + has a full interview with all of them about working on the Static series and the time they saw satan in an unmarked SUV.

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#QSTOP10 — April 12, 2024

Two tribute weeks, two weeks in a row 💔 Had to pay respect to an underground east coast legend. Rest in Peace Tim Achille ❤️

Otherwise, a week of fat tres, fat switch heels, some exemplary line choreography, and THPS combos IRL. Have a good one.

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Ride The Sky

Bam in Rochester, 2000 📷 Photo by Ryan Gee.

Nothing more beautiful than seeing today’s brightest minds outsmart the skatestoppers installed by yesterday’s dimmest. “Hold On To Those Gifts” is the latest edit from Neema Joorabchi and his crew (Jasper Stieve, Noah Singleton, Zac Gavin, et al.)

Chase Walker made a five-minute edit of leftover footy from Late Nite Stars’ O video. Def some Zak Anders clips in there that exceed most people’s criteria of “throwaway” though ;)

John Valenti has a new video out entitled Free Time. Includes parts from Dustin Eggeling, Cody Lucas, Taylor Nawrocki, Chris Jata, James Sayres (switch flip back noseblunt?!) + others. Heavy on the New York footy, but tons of Euro travel as well :)

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Weekend Viewing — Hjalte Halberg’s Dancer Part

Hjalte Halberg just dropped a short and sweet part to announce a new drop from his brand, Dancer. (If you’re uninitiated to the Dancer universe, Slam City Skates interviewed Hjalte about it last May.)

Like Ville before him, Mr. Halberg seems to be releasing the leftovers from the last days of his decade-plus Polar tenure — clearing the proverbial backlog of the logos no longer paying his bills. (As pointed out on the ‘Gram yesterday, we’re a long way off from the days when you can skate for one company, and comfortably shoot photos with visible conflicts of interest emblazoned across the bottom of your board.)

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