Andrew Skateshop’s ‘Yastle’ Video

It feels like ~*literally*~ yesterday that people would come up to you asking, “Is your name Andrew? No? So why does your shirt say Andrew?! Ahahaha!”

But no. It has been four years. Jimmy Butler carried the Heat to the NBA Finals in the time since Andrew’s inaugural video, “Landfall,” back when the shop first opened in spring 2017.

And while Miami skateboard travel seems like it has returned to onetime peak levels in recent years, the Andrew videos have been special because they carry a local’s third or fourth comb-through of the city’s backlots and municipal corridors. The Miami here is always a bit of a peek behind the curtain of what everyday skating is like in a place we’ve all grown too accustomed to seeing through the obligatory vacation edit’s lens.

“Yastle” is the most grown-up Andrew project to date, but still feels fun. It has that same “two cohesive parts with a bunch of tricks from friends between”-feel that Alltimers’ “E.T. & Dustin” video did two weeks ago (which seems like a winning formula, since we’re spending so much time discussing content bloat these days.) The two parts are from Rezza Honarvar and Elijah Odom — who have made a leap or two or three since the last Andrew video — with guest tricks from Miami friends and Bronze affiliates.

A video by Justin Stout.

Like Whoa

Send Za” is the latest New York edit from videographer Eryk Burton. Ender nollie heel at the new spot everyone’s been getting yelled at is wild.

“I always liked no complies, even when they weren’t cool.” Love these — “Watching Jerry Fowler with Jerry Fowler” is the latest in Village Psychic’s “Watching” series, and it’s about his Continuum part. Glad that he likes it, because it rules ♥ Doing one of these with Jahmal about his section would be just as rad :)

The union bosses at Hit You Off Management re-saturated and remixed some of Dick Rizzo’s Grand Prairie clips.

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Weekend Viewing — ‘Teflon’ by Stephán Lewis

“Teflon” is the latest ten-minute video by Stephán Lewis, filmed throughout pandemic-era New York — when the Blubba bump-to-can became the street-version of the L.E.S. Park apple, the belated Waterside steps became the most popular spot in the city, and subway spots became empty, or at least emptier. This one includes the fisheye of the World Trade Oculus ollie from last fall, which perhaps better illustrates to the outside observer (who might be unaware of the surroundings at play) how much of a heist that trick really was ♥

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#QSTOP10 — April 16, 2021

Like Boil the Ocean said in regard to last year’s best video part: “Just cuz it’s obvious don’t make it wrong.” Imagine telling someone watching the first time the “is it backside? is it frontside?”-spot went viral that in less than twelve months, somebody would be doing it twice around… Apt that it occured at the 7:20 mark of the video, too ;)

Big week for frontside flip form as well ♥ have a good one.

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… And Then There Was X

“Took this at the corner of 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue almost eight years ago to the day. DMX was stopped at the intersection waiting for a red light. I nervously fumbled to get my phone out, framed him up, snapped one off and gave him a nod. He smiled, nodded back and told me to buy his record. The light turned green and he was off… R.I.P.” — Keith Denley, 4.14.13 / NY, NY

Not often that you see such an expanding brain take on skating the Courthouse Drop :)

The Skate Media™ loves Hungary’s Rios Crew. They’ve kept it interesting and evolving for so long. Just take it from Live’s lovely write-up on Mátyás Ricsi’s new Rios part, or the corresponding Grey interview with him about it. Budapest and Marseilles — that’s the post-pandemic travel wishlist, and that has everything to do with watching random skate edits on the internet ♥

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