#QSTOP10 — October 30, 2020

Sort of a random week — tried to focus on things that were not already overwhelmingly rotated on the IG #RP circuit.

The #1… everyone has seen that set, everyone has talked about it, but if you know where it is, it makes a lot of sense why nobody has done it yet. It’s wild. Always gotta give preference to a local NBD, even if people are doing psychotic shit on some famous spot thousands of miles away ;)

Happy birthday Pad Dowd, emerging S.O.T.Y contender ♥

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11 Is The New 4

Photo via Jason Lecras

“She’s like, ‘Are you that exciting that somebody is going to follow you all day?’ And I’m like, ‘Hell yeah.'” There’s a bit of #fomo with each slice of content that involves friends abroad these days. Pocket‘s “Followed” segment kicked it with Hjalte Halberg for a day. Yes there are noseslides, yes we miss his beautiful Danish voice. “Ah, ok, fuck.”

Who knows what love is” is a fifteen-minute homie video by Lorenzo Frijas. 2/3 Bay Area footage, 1/3 New York, all good vibes the whole way through ♥

Jahmir Brown is the latest guest on The Bunt.

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#QSTOP10 — October 23, 2020

Extended countdown this week, clocking in at almost three minutes.

The #1 might be up there with the Milton carwash kickflip in terms of prolific huckery — if you’ve seen it, you already know what it is.

The Broth video out of New Orleans is an amazing full-length diving into a scene tucked in a part of the country that seems wholly of its own aesthetic. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and you know those last two parts are choice ♥

Shout out Will Miles and everyone else involved for really going for American viewers’ heartstrings in terms of rubbing in our current web of travel restrictions via a fizzy red wine.

Happy birthday Torey G ♥

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Gucci Bucket Hat

The only constant is change or some shit like that ;)

So much nineties New York footage on the #repost circuit is us re-mining R.B. Umali’s amazing archive over and over that it’s a shock to see something from then that you haven’t seen before. Alex Corporan started going through all his old tapes, and put together a montage as a preview for a Revisted-esque project he’s working on.

Grand Collection has a short commercial with Connor Champion on the occasion of their Umbro collaboration — loosely inspired by the DC Kalis commercial that played on TV twenty years ago. (Filmed in New York! Not Philly!)

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