#QSTOP10 — March 8, 2019

Pretty excited for the 7 P.M+ sunset x consistently above 45 degrees collab that is supposed to drop next week.

It was one of those weeks with an obvious #1, where the #4 could’ve been #1 in a slower week. Also, I think we need to start lobbying Ben Chadourne and the powers that be for a “Looks OK To Me Part II” starring Hjalte and Brass on some Odd Couple shit.

Original Clips:


Intro via @gronze on IG [link] 10) Jon Dickson via Deathwish’s “Greetings From Deathwish” video [link] 9) Antonio Durao via Numbers’ “Numbers / Tony Mag” video [link] 8) Troy Stilwell via Thrasher‘s “SOTY 2018 Trip” video [link] 7) Hjalte Halberg via IG [link] 6) Heitor Da Silva via IG [link] 5) Jamie Foy via Deathwish’s “Greetings From Deathwish” video [link] 4) Magnus Bordewick via Numbers’ “Numbers / Tony Mag” video [link] 3) Kevin Bradley via Thrasher‘s “SOTY 2018 Trip” video [link] 2) Reese Salken via “Beautiful Mutants” video [link] 1) Tyshawn Jones via Thrasher‘s “SOTY 2018 Trip” video [link]


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Last Words — Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

Photo stolen from @mistaken_id on Instagram

As you likely heard, on Monday, current subscribers to Transworld received notice that March / April 2019 would be the magazine’s final print issue. And in what made me initially think they had to be trolling, the remainder of everyone’s subscriptions would be replaced by issues of Men’s Journal. Associate editor, Mackenzie Eisenhour, wrote on Instagram that TWS would continue producing digital content, though he will no longer be with the mag.

I sat for a couple of days thinking what to write about the #2 Skateboard Magazine’s demise (which spent some years as the #1 Skateboard Magazine, depending on who you ask) without only veering into nostalgia that has very little to do with how we got here, and without “print is dead! long live print!”-isms. The average 2019 skateboarder’s attitude to legacy media can be summed up as “I’m happy magazines exist” at best — and that is simply a symptom of where media and our collective attention spans are now.

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Snow Day Links

There’s snow on the ground, and not a ton of links to recap from the past few days, but at least we get post-7 P.M. sunsets back on Sunday. Tiny victories.

Rest in Peace Dillon

New car and live with your parents, or move to New York and live in a basement apartment in Bushwick? Jesse Alba has a new interview / Day in the Life thing.

“For Heitor what’s funny is that we saw that he’d bought shit on the website so I hit him up and told him I could send him some clothes.” Like a brand? Looking for a sponsor? Buy their stuff (using your real name!) and maybe you’ll end up riding for them and getting your entire order refunded ;) Danny Brady has an interview over on Free about his current role as the Palace team manager.

Always stoked to see footage of this dude (he has the best line of 2019 thus far, based on QS office chalkboard rankings…), but didn’t really know much about him until now: Korahn Gayle is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Any Skate Perception alumni read QS? Ty Evans and some other camera nerds created a microphone that can be plugged into modern cameras to record sound that mimics the audio from the VX1000. 300 bucks and still only available for pre-order. (No, this isn’t a sponsored post. Just crazy that’s where skate video technology is at right now.)

Kyota went to L.A. for the first time, and spent his days at skateparks, and his nights downtown.

Monster Children has a photo feature with Brad Cromer skating around New York.

Austin Holcomb has an all-New York part from the Challers video playing over on TWS.

New video blog edit from Extra Crispy, pretty much a go-to resource for anything that goes on at L.E.S. Park.

Always fun to see people take New York skate filmmaking in a direction beyond just straight up skate clips. “{SLING]” is a short film directed by M.Fig.

No matter the decade, people are gonna keep ollieing off that slanted grey wall on Water Street. Geeked is a full-length video by Bernie Leonor that looks like it’s mostly filmed on a GoPro, all throughout the city.

This dude’s organs probably began to disintegrate as soon as he walked out, because I can’t imagine how bad the curse you get put under for stealing a cat from a bodega is. No wonder he returned it.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: D. Wade with maybe the wildest buzzer beater of the season, at home, and at his final career game against the Warriors.

Quote of the Week: “Heelies were so sick.” — Troy Silwell

#QSTOP10 — March 1, 2019

Greetings, on this first snow day of March :)

Gone are the slow weeks of scouring #MACBALIFE on Instagram in hopes of sliding in one final 10th slot on the countdown. Things seemed to go into hyperdrive in 2019, where there’s barely enough space in a given week to contain everything e.g. we had to snub the Cromer New York part, and the Suciu thing this week (Hudson Street quick ollies should’ve been in there tbh.)

Sorry 4 da wait. Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via IG [link] 10) Ville Wester via Spitfire’s “Arson Department IV” video [link] 9) Oskar Rosenberg via Spitfire’s “Arson Department IV” video [link] 8) Dustin Henry via Vans’ Courtesy video [link] 7) Leon Chapdelaine via Vans’ Courtesy video [link] 6) Dylan Sourbeer via DGK’s Thoro video [link] 5) Etienne Gagne via Vans’ Courtesy video [link] 4) Quel Haddox via DGK’s Thoro video [link] 3) Kevin Bilyeu via DGK’s Thoro video [link] 2) Hermann Stene via Spitfire’s “Arson Department IV” video [link] 1) Brandon Westgate via Element x Thrasher “War & Peace” part [link]


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The Most Wholesome Skateboard Video of 2019 — Duster, E.T. + Leon in the Vans [Canada] ‘Courtesy’ Video

At a time of debate about where to draw the line with security confrontation, how to interact with property owners, and a reappraisal of each word’s weight in the phrase “skate and destroy,” it’s nice to see a video full of nice young men clapping for each other’s tricks in unison, and enjoying ice cream cones with smiles on their faces.

No, obviously, they’re not from the U.S. ;)

Thrasher just posted Jake Kuzyk’s kinda full-length (three parts is a full-length today, no?) since The Antisocial Video back in 2016. This one features pretty much every single person who skateboards in Canada, and isn’t Wade Desarmo or on Adidas (…not entirely sure if I can think of a Canadian who skates for Nike right now?), with full-length parts from Dime comp mainstays Leon Chapdelaine, Dustin “Blondes Have More Fun”* Henry, and Etienne Gagne, doing some of most rabble-rousing two-trick line choreography since Mike York’s nollie flip crook + crook line.

Here’s the outfit, on the minuscule chance that you’re not on the Twitter fit roasting circuit.

Rest in Peace Dillon Ojo ♥

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