#QSTOP10 — May 26, 2023

Nike’s “Gassed Up” video (who remembers the turtle dancing to “Gassed Up?”), a nollie backside flip for the ages, a Cyrus trick that Cyrus hadn’t done yet …not by Cyrus, and some nice hardflips.

#5 should’ve been #1.

The QS office will be observing the three-day weekend. QS returns on Tuesday, May 30th. Have a good one ❤️

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Playoff Jimmy

Jaime Reyes at the Banks 9, via Thrasher‘s Banks retrospective from 2020 • 📷 Photo by Reda. Photo looks 2001ish?

The Blue Couch crew is back with a four-minute refresher edit featuring a solid batch of clips from Noe Horiwaki, Mecca Mshaka-Morris, Caleb Yuan, Zac Negron and Carlos Canter. Ender at the 125th Street banks is 🔥

Probably the heaviest Duplex edit to date: “Low Rent — Episode 2” is now live on Thrasher, with a hall of fame nollie backside flip from Jace that they don’t even save for the ender 😲

After a five-month hiatus and Lindsey Robertson’s Bagels long out of business, Bronze 56k has returned with a new radio mix.

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#QSTOP10 — May 19, 2023

Not entirely the WKND video, but a lot from the WKND video.

Really wish there was an angle from the bottom of the bank on the #1 to emphasize how nuts it is for anyone who hasn’t been there, but oh well :)

For something beyond the week’s marquee project, you should peep Vague and Vans’ “MUSH” video, which is full of the worst ground ever compiled into a skate video, and the people who make it work ;)

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Phase 1 of the Brooklyn Banks Reopening Is Slated For May 25

UPDATE: Already got word that May 24th is the official *ribbon cutting ceremony*, with the mayor, press, etc. The space is officially open to the public on May 25th.

Between a massive press release put out by the city and Jenkem’s piece with Steve R., we now have a clearish picture about how the Brooklyn Banks reopenings are set to go. (As opposed to a bunch of dumb rumors that surfaced when the city removed the bricks from the Big Banks back in 2020.)

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A Circle Manual Pad at the Center of a Skatepark — So Controversial Yet So Brave

A friendly reader, while discussing the sorely missed NYSkateboarding, suggested that we run the occasional uptick of skatepark news on here as a public service: “How else are people supposed to know there’s a new park?” (This one has showed up on IG here and there, but isn’t officially open yet.)

Though it is located in Callahan-Kelly Playground in kinda-Bed-Stuy / kinda-Brownsville, the park is visible from the J and Z platform at Broadway Junction, so everyone has been calling it “the Broadway Junction Park.”

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