Kicked Out of Nowhere

Scumco seems to be shutting its doors. “Fading into oblivion” is how they worded it. Boards + more are on sale on their webstore if you’re looking for one last ride ❤️

Better late than never! Thrasher uploaded the edit of Tyshawn’s S.O.T.Y. trip to Australia from last year after it being stuck in music rights limbo forever. The footage of the backside flip from the cover is so nuts. Co-starring Will Jones.

Tipping Points is a sick upstate New York-based video by Taryn Ward with parts from Japhey Dow, Justin + Nate Grzechowiak, Jonny Goupil, and more.

Nico Marti made a 35-minute bro-cam video in the Krooked Gnaughty mode alongside his crew filming for Late Nite Stars’ O video.

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Tenant x QS Blue Park Obstacle Contest — Vote For Which One We Should Build

We have narrowed down an overwhelming amount of submissions to ten finalists in the Tenant Skateshop x QS Blue Park obstacle design contest. Now, the public gets to decide which obstacle gets built. Place your vote for your favorite obstacle below, and we will pay to have the winner built for the spring Blue Park season.

Voting closes at 11:30 P.M. on Friday, February 9th.

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Kicked Out of the Bar By the Swedish Military

Lucien Clarke in the Financial District by Mike Heikkila 📷 for 2001 Mag

We have our first one-spot video of 2024! Kurt Havens filmed a video entirely at the Abraham Lincoln statue in Prospect Park to show the world how much joy and creativity could be extracted from an innocuous patch of smooth stone in the middle of a big, green park. It has been added to the QS One-Spot Part Map 📍🐢

“The ConEd Banks sit quietly near the entrance to a mysterious 300-acre parcel of land that has been a site of energy, pollution, and controversy for over 100 years.” Village Psychic wrote the history of the ConEd Banks, which has a strong crossover with the New York hardcore scene of the 1980s. (Before anyone asks, yes we have looked into doing a “Favorite Spot” with Zered about it, but the consensus seemed to be that the footy was too scattered.)

Paris De Noche is the new video from Naquan Rollings filmed in New York, Philly and Paris, with standout clips from Jahmir Brown and Carl Aikens.

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#QSTOP10 — February 2, 2024

There was a lingering feeling in that rollercoaster of a December S.O.T.Y. season of like, “Damn, why don’t people save some of this stuff for January, when it’s slow?” January ended up being anything but. There’s just an overwhelming amount of incredible skateboarding dropping every month now.

Had to do something ~zany~ this time around. There was so much incredible skateboarding this week in addition to the marquee video that dropped. Never say never — but never planning on doing it this way again. Just felt right for this time though ;)

Don’t forget that entries for the Blue Park obstacle design contest are due by the end today.

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