A Frantic Pleasure — Rios Crew’s Toló 2 is Now Live

Now that we have been anointed as the people who shout the loudest about the Rios videos, it is only right to inform you that their latest, Toló 2, is online in full.

Spot envy has long been an attraction of European skate videos. Thanks to those first three Flip videos, our younger selves came to imagine Europe as this mystic, open place where Le Dome and MACBA were down the street from one another (or as Frozen in Carbonite put it, “football-sized marble plazas [between] Louis IX-era office buildings.”) This allure of Euro videos has continued today, but honestly, the Rios videos never had that. It’s tough to think of a spot they skate that incites an immediate, “Damn! I want to skate that!”

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Stuck On Earth

TWS interviewed a handful of pros and industry people about the effects of corona virus on the skate industry, as did Parade — except with a focus on small, independent skate brands (like QS!) The common theme between all of them is the resilience of skaters. Yes, shit is crazy right now, but skateboarding isn’t going anywhere once this is all over. The fact that Seattle is experiencing a slowdown in new cases (it was the first part of the country to get hit) is a tiny pinch of an indicator that social restrictions are working. Be safe, be patient, be supportive ♥ And while we know people go on QS to forget the noise of the outside world, if you want to read something COVID-19 related that’s responsibly reported and level-headed, this is the one.

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These Days & Times

The predictions were true. The quarantine has everyone inside making #content — this was one of the most extensive link lists for a Monday update in a while. How sustainable it is? Who knows. Boil the Ocean is already speculating on what will happen if we enter a COVID-19 induced footage drought, e.g. will Thrasher be forced to only post “Classics” videos like how ESPN plays old games during off-seasons.

Until then…

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#QSTOP10 — March 20, 2020

Now you know how it feels to sit inside and Clockwork Orange every skate clip from the past seven days into your eyes to make these things! Jk, hope everyone is safe, and their loved ones are all in order with a nice pantry full of food ♥

There is some insanely good skateboarding in the new part via the family at Seattle’s 35th North Skateshop (also where this week’s #1 is from.) The video is criminally under-viewed over on YouTube, so please give her a whirl. You will not regret it. Also one of our favorite flow-ers, Shogo Zama, has a “Welcome to Magenta” part that is well worth your time even if we didn’t pull anything from it for the countdown.

Can’t believe we can’t bask in March 20, 2020’s full 77-degree glory…

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