#QSTOP10 — April 5, 2019

Kinda surreal seeing Muska noseslide a hubba in 2019 after yelling out “for the old school,” but yeah, obviously he’s 100% right.

Any week with a new Sour video is bound to be dominated by… the new Sour video, even if it’s B-sides. Had to give the #1 special consideration for the tactful hand behind the lens. And fwiw, that Mickael Germond cobblestones part deserved way more burn than it got. Sure, some finicky types are still triggered by people grabbing their boards into grinds and shit, but that one felt fresh in a landscape of sometimes forced concept parts.

Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


10) Chad Muska via Supra’s “Elevate LatAm” video [link] 9) Austyn Gillette via IG [link] 8) Gustav Tonnesen via Sour’s “Sick But Suck” video [link] 7) Barney Page via Sour’s “Sick But Suck” video [link] 6) Kaue Cosa via Chrystie’s Chapter One video [link] 5) Mickael Germond via “Pavement” part [link] 4) Aaron Herrington via Chrystie’s Chapter One video [link] 3) Carlos Ribeiro via “All For You” part [link] 2) Shane Farber via Chrystie’s Chapter One video [link] 1) Oscar Candon + Gustav Behind the Lens via Sour’s “Sick But Suck” video [link]


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Mailbox Money

Congrats to Jason on the pro board ♥

Chrystie NYC’s first full-length video, Chapter One in now live on Thrasher. Features an ender part from Aaron Herrington, a bunch of footage of that dude Kuae Cosa who’s been popping up in Cons edits, the up-close angle of the other way ollie at the Crosby Street Vespa Bump… and that ride-on grind at LaGuardia High School is insane.

As far as “concept parts” go, filming one entirely on cobblestone spots is a bold undertaking.

On the opposite end of the texture spectrum, Village Psychic made a montage only at playground spots around New York, and reminded us of why we don’t do remix videos without skate audio anymore.

“The guys in the video don’t give a fuck about the American industry anymore. We were also all listening to a lot of Tupac at the time and getting kicked out of spots in Cali, then jumping into the van and blasting that Tupac song kind of cemented it.” Ok then. Free has a full retrospective on one of the seminal skate video imports of the 2000s, Lordz’ They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us (and answers the question we were asking a lot back in 2013: what happened to William Phan?

Steve Mastorelli made a rad Silvester Eduardo remix. Actually missed a bunch of this footage before. Syracuse nollie flip was sick.

Jake Johnson v.s. The Louvre. Still holding out for Chris Pfanner v.s. The Met one day.

These Bunt episodes are getting pretty long. Kerry Getz is the latest guest. Love a level-headed, smart former pro. Shame that the angry, “everyone screwed me over” curmudgeon types tend to get all the attention though.

Theories uploaded what will be the final installment of the Elkin raw tapes series, and Tombo uploaded #9 of his raw deals series in the event that you need some VX footage from a long time ago to go along with your morning coffee ;)

Copenhagen and Malmö still got Paris beat on the whole “skateable obstacles integrated in public spaces but not exactly skateparks”-thing, but yeah! What they said! But for New York! Would trade like 3-4 New York skateparks for just that little red plaza on the side street in Berlin.

Paper has a quick feature on Skate Mamis, a collective of girls doing cool shit in Puerto Rico.

Aaron Herrington and Mark Suciu go on an artsy cruise around Lower Manhattan.

The Sabotage crew is releasing another video in 2020.

Ricardo Napoli’s new video, Ciao is premiering in Williamsburg, next Monday, April 8. Flyer + more info here. Teaser can be found here.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Tyshawn’s T.F. West part on the big screen at Barclays.

Quote of the Week
Charles Rivard: “He skates like he’s on coke, and parties like he’s on weed.”
Rob Harris: “More like he skates like he wishes he had friends.”

#QSTOP10 — March 29, 2019

The past week was a mix of fakie hardflips, impeccable backside smith grind form (already reposted that one on like twenty different platforms), the Gang Corp video, a couple “that shouldn’t look good but it does”-tricks, and Ryan Shecks doing silly, insane shit. Have a good one, and enjoy the 60+ weather.

If you sent a e-mail about stickers before 10:30 A.M. New York time on Wednesday, check your mailbox this weekend (unless you’re outside the tri-state area, then you probably have to wait a few more days.)

Original Clips:


Intro via @lineal____ on IG [link] 10) Chris Larue via It Came From Lurkville part [link] 9) Harry Jumonji via High Company’s “Oasis” video [#OGRESPECT] 8) Spencer Hamilton via “uhoh” [link] 7) Amir Denis via Gang Corp’s Black Business video [link] 6) Kellen James via “Alexis Ramirez 2019 Sk8mafia Part” [link] 5) Dani Lebron via “Forma” part [link] 4) Younes Amrani via “Comfort Zone” part [link] 3) Brandon James via Gang Corp’s Black Business video [link] 2) Ryan Sheckler via IG [link] 1) Karim Callender via Gang Corp’s Black Business video [link]


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A #musicsupervision Hypothetical — Why Do People Rarely Skate To 2Pac?

Two out of the five people interviewed in last week’s thing about choosing music mentioned how Nirvana isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. That hasn’t stopped either of them from trying, or affected the recent spike in people slipping Kurt and the boyz into edits, e.g. check the first song in that Johnny Wilson video from two weeks ago.

This brought us to another hypothetical QS water cooler conversation A.K.A. having adult beverages after giving up on skating: in our time of increased societal anxiety, why has the 1990s’ other icon of musical angst been so under-utilized in skate videos? Basically, why does barely anybody ever try skating to 2Pac?

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