#QSTOP10 — November 22, 2019

Sometimes a photo does a trick more justice than the footage. You’re typically seeing anything on a magazine cover as a photo before the video comes out. Everyone knew it was coming in that Milton part, but seeing that kickflip in motion was actually something else. You felt it in your chest.

Other things in there were just so insane that you couldn’t help but laugh.

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‘Jamrock Jerk’ — The Latest Video From Gangcorp

Anyone already fatigued by the onslaught of skateboarding’s de facto Oscars season should check the new one from Gangcorp for a nice change of pace…

Naquan just uploaded “Jamrock Jerk” — their first video in HD — which looks like it covers everything they’ve been up to since Black Business premiered back in the spring. Includes a trip to Paris at the start, a visit to every new rail at the new-spot-a-month Seaport redevelopment, and a wild session down the Fulton Street subway steps — effectively the premier skate destination on MTA property now that Indoor Ten has receded nearly half-a-decade into adolescent memory.

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Real Skate Boy Don’t Know How To Work a Spot App

Via Charles Rivard, PhD.

Boil the Ocean offers up some reflections on Knowing Mixtape Volume 2, as does Canada’s King Shit magazine. Agree that “every single clip is extraordinary in some way.” Three-and-a-half years of filming for a 17-minute video has a way of doing that — even the bails they put in there stand out in a very particular way that other videos can’t pull off. Also! Tiago for S.O.T.Y. every year until they give it to him.

This upload is from August, but only catching it now: “Fasuad” is a fun homie video by Marc Pascua. It’s all filmed around the city with some cameos from Mark Suciu, Frankie Spears, et al., and edited to a song that they would play at the healing crystal and plants store by T.F.

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#QSTOP10 — November 15, 2019

Hey what’s up hello — it was a slow week around here on the front-end of things, but definitely not slow in the wide wide world of skateboarding. We got the Readers Survey numbers tallied, and will be pretty busy around here until the year / decade is out with #content.

This could’ve been a Top 20. Sorry if your faves got snubbed.

See you next week. We’ll have a lot of stuff going on then. Enjoy the break in the weather today ♥

EDIT: #9 is actually Adrien Coillard. Sorry for the error.

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Still devastated after finding out that his Yeah Right! part was fake back in September. Never thought Takeshi 6ix9ine would be the one to ruin all of our childhoods…

Crawled under a rock Friday morning? Dime’s Knowing Mixtape Volume 2 is live.

Safe to say that Marcello won the Pyramid Ledges best trick contest that Jenkem has going on. Wow.

Rashad Murray’s part in the D.C-based Bottleneck video rips.

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