Quartersnacks Reader Survey — Best of the 2010s

In less than three months, it will be 2020. Though you can argue about the arbitrary nature of bookending slices of culture by decades, there is no denying that over the course of our recurring “Five Favorite Parts” series, certain samplings of skateboarding have “defined” decades. In the 1990s, it was Gonz in Video Days, Sheffey in Soldier’s Story, and Guy in Mouse. In the 2000s, it was P.J. in Wonderful Horrible Life, Zered in Vicious Cycle, and Jake in Mind Field — correct, Mind Field DID NOT come out in the 2010s ;)

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Day Poker

We really blew it on missing this one in the 2017 color coordination piece. Iconic tho.

Here’s an eight-minute recap of the Hardies event at Blue Park this past Friday, which includes the best angle of Tyshawn’s kickflip over the table longways thus far.

The Man Who Films spent a lot of time in Rockaway this past summer and made a fifteen-minute video entitled “Beach Genius.” Everyone knows that Rockaway isn’t the most abundant part of the city for spots, so shout out to those guys for managing to avoid all the skateparks in all but one clip. Includes a mini Phil Rodriguez section where he somehow turns one of those blue bus shelters into an actual bank. And it’s also perhaps the first time in human history that there’s been a transition from Nicki Minaj to …MF Doom. Good vibe the whole way through, and the right amount of ~different~ ♥

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The Dime Live @ Stadium highlight they DON’T want you to see! (Jk, they def want you to see it. Holy shit.) And obvs a late Monday round-up after returning from Montreal is practically a QS office tradition. Sorry for the delay.

Next Video is a full-length from Andrew Kennelly AKA @Dudesarecool5, filmed pretty much entirely in the city (minus the obligatory “Cali section.”) New Kyota part + plus a bunch of people you’ll recognize from skating around downtown…or Borough Hall. Village Psychic has a quick highlight reel of GIFs.

Just before Jake Phelps died, Zered recorded what would be the final interview on Thrasher radio with him as the host. They put the 30-minute conversation online last week.

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#QSTOP10 — September 27, 2019

One of those, “Yeah, you can order it however you like”-weeks — where #10 could’ve easily been #1 ;)

Btw, anyone who doesn’t “get” the Tyler Surrey selection should know that thing is a literal fucking wall.

It may have been a busy news cycle elsewhere in the media, but it was destined to be a bit slow around the QS office during a jet-lag week. Sorry about that yo. We’ll be back better than ever on Monday ;)

Anyway, we are off to Montreal for the weekend. Have a good one ♥

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