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Photo by Greg Navarro 📷

Thanks to everyone who grabbed something off the webstore sale last week. Should be caught up on shipping by end of today 📦💨

The NPR Story on the A.V.E. bench spills a bit of the secret on how the bench got to Richmond, Virginia at the end, straight from…the Temple University police. Bravo to skateboarders, for always figuring it out. If you aren’t already aware, @ave_bench on Instagram has been tracking the world tour at every turn.

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Weekend Viewing: ‘Get Bug’ Out of Hamburg, Germany

For all the interconnected-ness of the global skate crew ecosystem — one that allows you to, say, keep up with what’s going on in the Budapest scene for almost a decade, or know who the up-and-coming skaters out of Milan are — there are obvious blindspots. It is no stretch to say that the average skate nerd knows less about the scene and skaters in Germany than in Spain, France or the U.K. The QS office is also no exception to this oversight, which is why today, we are co-presenting a new video out of Germany with our friends at the Berlin-based Place magazine.

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#QSTOP10 — September 9, 2022

If the old adage about the medium being the message is to believed, and a nollie flip over a thing that T.J. nollie heel’d for his S.O.T.Y. cover is just 2022 Insta fodder, then the shit that’s being set aside for the video has gotta truly be something else…

Otherwise, the unlocking of a five-star bust midtown double-set, a rare appearance of the Gino Chocolate Tour spot that nobody ever bothers skating, and a nice lil’ front nose. Have a good weekend.

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No Designer, No Entry

The Honorable Max Palmer with a cab-art ride seen in “Mettz Quest” • Photo via Paul Coots • Max also has a couple of clips in the Nike SB edit for the Faust Dunk release.

Summer’s over, school’s back, and it’s fashion week, baby! 👠 To celebrate, we’re doing a big sale on the webstore to help us clear out in anticipation for the fall. Use the discount code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout for 40% off. Expires E.O.D. on Friday, September 9. Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend 💆🏼‍♀️ (Doesn’t apply to wax or sticker packs you sicko.)

“This skateboard rivalry is getting downright gnarly.” Pretty sure everybody agreed to move on from the A.V.E. bench’s relocation from New York to Philly after a string of memes last week, but then… the New York Post decided it was newsworthy, right down to quotes from A.V.E. and Harry Bergenfield. Didn’t have that one on the 2022 bingo board, that’s for sure…

“There are only so many synonyms for ‘gnarly’ and ‘smooth’ available.” 4Ply Mag created a statistical analysis of 2022 Thrasher captions, in addition to a Thrasher caption generator.

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