Somehow, Wheelbite Feels Good In A Place Like This

📷 John Cardiel by Gabe Morford via Science Versus Life. 1998 btw.

Elisa Martini released her debut part for KCDC Skateshop via Skate Jawn. A fire noseslide, all New York clips, with some guest clips from the rest of the KCDC crew. Fantastic work.

Stephan Singh has a quick new montage of his crew. Really dope to see people still getting clips at Big Screen despite all odds.

“There’s a new emphasis on personality, and people want to know who the person is and the context of that person. It’s kind of funny, like we’re swinging really far into this abstract realm of not caring how good skaters are.” Jenkem has a great interview with QS-favorite, Zak Anders. Favorite skate interview in a minute.

…aaannnndddd, Zak, Trung, Alan Bell and the rest of the Late Nite Stars crew hit L.A. and came back with an 18-minute edit.

“How you know that?” Nardwuar interviewed Xaviersobased. Shout out La Dinastia — the perfect post Museum or Columbus celebration meal. Tastes better if you get a clip, too :)

Perpetually the only Go Skate Day content we check for: Sabotage’s Go Skate Day 2024 montage is live, which is effectively a cruise through Philly spots until they make a descent into the pit at Muni.

“Even if it was a block or something it would be an insane ollie but the fact it was this $5million car made it wild. It was crazy to watch it go down. I was nervous, he was nervous. It took four tries and the board hit the car twice.” Ben Colen tells the Slam City Skates blog the background stories to some of his favorite photos that he’s shot, including Tyshawn’s $5M ollie over the Ferrari, and including shots of Cyrus, Alex Olson, Ishod, et al.

“When I started doing these YouTube videos, I was starting to question what a professional skater even is. In this day and age with social media, what content do you even really need to put out? At the end of the day, we’re influencers.” Pedro Delfino spoke to Village Psychic about the politics of posting videos to his YouTube v.s. filming for a proper video part.

Shaquille Waite shared a quick Chacho Avena part over on his channel. All city clips.

The latest episode of the Skate Muzik podcast focuses on the plethora of Gang Starr songs that have appeared in skate videos.

Four minutes of Josh Kalis + Lennie Kirk pulled from 411VM montages + a lil’ over a 411-minute from Keenan and Gino.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Four minutes from Joseph Campos + two minutes of loosies from Rowan Davis.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Sometimes, skateboarding is telling jokes and having a beer.” — Shawn Nelson

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