The LCBO’s On Strike

“Running a business is hard work. Running a business that feels personally and creatively fulfilling is even harder. Kudos to them for not riding Alltimers into the ground, a soulless, empty thing, because that’s easy. And hey, 11 years is nothing to sneeze at. A good run is one where the people in charge know when to stop. If you run forever, you lose the chance to look back and appreciate where you’ve been and why you were running in the first place.” Simple Magic on Alltimers shutting up shop after an eleven-year run 🍸 (All of the boards are sold out, but there are some soft goods left over on the Alltimers going out of business sale if you wanted to grab a keepsake.)

“I’ve had a few ABDs in video parts that I battled and had no idea. One of them was Mark Suciu so I was like fuck it, I’ll use it.” Jenkem spoke to Matt Militano about his journey through sponsorships, the Foundation van, ABDs, and prank shows.

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Somehow, Wheelbite Feels Good In A Place Like This

📷 John Cardiel by Gabe Morford via Science Versus Life. 1998 btw.

Elisa Martini released her debut part for KCDC Skateshop via Skate Jawn. A fire noseslide, all New York clips, with some guest clips from the rest of the KCDC crew. Fantastic work.

Stephan Singh has a quick new montage of his crew. Really dope to see people still getting clips at Big Screen despite all odds.

“There’s a new emphasis on personality, and people want to know who the person is and the context of that person. It’s kind of funny, like we’re swinging really far into this abstract realm of not caring how good skaters are.” Jenkem has a great interview with QS-favorite, Zak Anders. Favorite skate interview in a minute.

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Sports Mode

Big Cartel Era…

Threw some leftover hats + scattered sizes of QS gear on sale over on the webstore 🛍

If you live off the G train …godspeed.

A five-minute raw reel from a Carpet Company trip to Mexico City in 2023, while filming for their inaugural video, BRAT. Includes a Troy Stils sighting 😍

“The future is AI, and that might seem scary. But don’t be scared — be terrified, because people are making AI-generated skate videos now.” New Bronze 56k Radio mix for the summer is now live over on Cloud of Sound.

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It’s Supposed To Bubble

Hey Man 📷 Photo via Anthony Asfour

HEADLOCK is a new brand pushing the Atlanta skate scene, and Justin Hearn got behind the lens to make the inaugural edit of his crew for it, aptly titled “In A Headlock.”

W O W. Our friends at 4PLY ran all the data to quantify why Yuto Horigome is The One. “He doesn’t have a single “go-to” trick. He’s got the talent to ‘go-to’ all the tricks.”

Just a great, old-fashioned hometown skateshop video part: Hollywood Martinez for Southside Skateshop x Spitfire Wheels to a Pimp and Bun classic 🥲 “We wanna send this one out to Whodini.”

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Summer of Seward

Kebab 📷 Photo via Nik Stain

Wooooo!!! We’re back baby! East Village dollar slice joint is back to selling 99 cent slices! Woooooooo! Siri, play “Dreams and Nightmares!”

On the opposite end of the Tompkins food pyramid: The Avenue A Juicy Lucy, which rivals perhaps only Hawa on East Broadway for highest volume of acai bowls sold to skateboarders, is shutting down due to vandalism at that location :(

“The wood goes from Canada to China, then back to America to the warehouse, from there to the distribution in Europe and then to the shops. And every player in between, including distributors, wants to earn something from the board.” Solo has an interesting deep dive on something so obvious, yet so elusive: how are skateboards really made?

There’s literally one New York trick in the Australia x NZ team New Balance video that dropped on Friday, and it’s a 10/10 impossible over the uphill bump-to-bar outside the Montrose L, which, up until recently, was a quintessential “if only it weren’t uphill…”-spot. Apparently, skateboarding has evolved past caring.

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