‘WHO SAID WHAT?’ — The Latest Video From Milan’s Rat Ratz Crew

Approximately 5 billion crew edits have passed through the QS front page over the years. Some crews stick together while many don’t; others splinter off, morphing into hybrids with other crews. The first Rat Ratz video to catch the eye of the QS newsroom was in early 2020. In 2024, their crew is grown up and perhaps more tight-knit than ever, spreading their wings beyond the Milan plaza for which they have been waving the flag since they were kids — and into the plazas of Paris, London and New York. Everyone’s flick carries more loft, everyone’s pop has manned-up, and the technicality of the tricks they hold over the grate ledge on their home court has compounded tenfold. Imagine what Rat Ratz 10 will be like!

Features Niko Giovannoni, Zuma, Rachid, Plako, Korahn Gayle, with full closing parts from Nils Matijas and Vince Palmer. Filmed & edited by Brisquit. Supported by Nike SB.

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NJ Report — ‘you*re amazing don’t forget it’ by Connor Cloonan

📷 Photo by Sammy Levy

“you*re amazing don’t forget it” is a New Jersey scene video by Connor Cloonan, combining the crews from Branded Skateshop in Long Branch (right next door to Wenning’s hometown), and Travel Skateshop in Rahway (…someone or other’s hometown.)

Though Jersey (and by this same token, Long Island) is famous for producing skaters that go on to be more closely associated with the mega-scenes just across the state lines, the Jersey videos that exist in an insular Jersey-fied world always feel like their own genre. Sure, there’s a couple out-of-state clips, but like, you could substantially pad the runtime with a few more day trips up to New York or down to Philly — but wouldn’t it be better to dig behind every gloomy industrial park, around every state college campus, and under every highway for morsels of gold that Freddy, Petillo, Derm and them missed? (Or revisit a NJ classic with the world record for longest running sticker?)

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Noah Singleton’s FTP Part by Neema Joorabchi

We first caught word of Noah Singleton back when Transworld ran Brandon Stepanow’s Sportsman Shit video in the final week of the 2010s — that Paine Webber ollie around the 3:50 mark still gets brought up whenever we happen to get time there. Noah’s parts continued to compound in quality, right through Til It’s Gone and the Seagram Building ride-on grind we talked a lot about in 2022, to most recently closing out FTP’s American Terrorist video from December.

And not even a few months removed from that one, Neema was kind enough to share a new part him and Noah had been working on for FTP, which we’re happy to present to you today 😉

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Street Struck — Daniel Galli’s ‘CULTURA’ Video

If there’s one phenomenon we at QS have spent covering more than any other during our 400 years in the business, it’s Summer Trip To New York™ videos.

If there’s one phenomenon we’ve spent covering more than that, it’s Summer Trip To New York™ videos that are edited to Big L.

What we haven’t done — ever before, somehow, someway — is properly hosted or presented a Summer Trip To New York™ video that’s edited to Big L.

That is, until today. A special day, that’s for sure.

If you’ve watched a Lisbon or Brazil-based video on Free in the past ~five years, there’s a sizable chance that the prolific lensman behind that video is Daniel Galli. This past summer, Daniel and his homie Andre Costa hit New York for a vacation, only to discover that a bunch of their Portuguese-speaking colleagues were already on deck.

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Ty Beall’s ‘Presence’ Part for AREth Footwear

After a show-stealing closer in Sam Zentner’s Chrome Zone video (a QS 2023 office favorite), plus a starring run in Scumco & Sons’ down south edit, Ty Beall is already back with #anotherone ☝ for the U.S. roster of the Japanese footwear imprint, AREth. (You might remember the inaugural video for their stateside team that featured Quim, Jameel Douglas, Ryan Barlow et al. that Free posted a lil’ over a year ago.)

Helmed by master videographer Zach Chamberlain, the short and sweet part opens up with a few Bay Area clips before flying over the Pacific to traverse the sorts of high-bust, claustrophobic Japanese spots that have captured the hearts and minds of the sorts of skaters who treat each clip like its own little caper. By the time he’s riding out his ender into a mound of half-asphalt / half-dirt, it’s hard not to wish this one was not only longer, but also a prelude to an extended Ty Beall Japan Part™.

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