#SeoulReport: Stingwater x Savour Skateshop

Daniel Kim’s Stingwater imprint partnered with our friends at Seoul’s Savour Skateshop for a short and sweet edit from Korea’s capital. It’s heavy on the night footage, with probably one of the most beautiful backside 180s in recent memory.

Seoul seems to be headed towards a #trendwatch this coming year (a Deathwish trip in the fall, a Supreme trip in the spring), and speaking from experience via a 2017 trip taken with the Stingwater proprietor, the place is absolutely incredible for everything: spots, food, vibes.

Also, shout out to Korea for being the first country we ever discovered QS merch bootlegs in.

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2nd Annual Quartersnacks Thaw Out Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday despite the beginning of a truly dreadful weekend of weather ❤️ You’re a real one if you braved it ☔️

Thanks to Vans and Jersey Dave for having us.

🔊 Shout out to LQQK Studio for DJing.

🍔 Thanks to Win Son Bakery for cooking.

🍺 Thanks to Minnows for pouring.

📹 Video filmed and edited by Zoogie.

📸 Photos shot by Jason Lecras.

🏀 Some photos of some friends below.

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Jahmal Williams for Krooked Skateboards Part

With a skate career now in its fourth decade, there are few people who have been as enduring of an inspiration as Jahmal Williams. Whether its in his artwork, the timelessness exemplified by his brand Hopps, or the fact that he is constantly reinventing the way he approaches skateboarding — Jahmal is the epitome of someone who does things on his own terms and vision. It is why watching him grind through concoctions Lego’d out of the city’s construction sites, or find new pathways on the 125th Street Banks that are practically now synonymous with him, feels like it carries the onscreen enthusiasm of someone half Jahmal’s age. But nah, it’s the same dude that was skating the Copley Square fountain in 1991 🐐

Krooked collaborated with Jahmal on one of their guest artist boards, for which Jahmal went ahead and filmed a part entirely in New York.

The board is available in shops now.

Filmed by Emilio Cuilan and Tristan Mershon.

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‘PIECED’ by Tanner Diamond

We first caught Tanner Diamond‘s atmospheric videos with “OTIS” back in early 2021, when the city’s streets were still gutted out for skateboarders to do whatever they wanted. Last winter’s “TREAD” built on that momentum, and today, we’re honored to present “PIECED,” Tanner’s latest.

Every approach to skateboarding in New York and documenting it is obviously beautiful, but Tanner’s videos tap into the timelessness of hacking the algorithm of the city’s plazas — whether its a nondescript slab of marble just barely out of view from security, or the eight set in front of the Met that’s been skated for as long as people have been able to huck down eights. There’s no gravitation to summer hot spots, just a see-what-works approach that often feels more effective at night with a camera light. They do make it out to Paris and San Juan this time though ✈️

Whether you’re the same age as these dudes or swamped with life shit and only able to skate once a week, it’s not hard to recognize a glimmer of your own skate crew’s best days watching these videos.

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Newark D.I.Y. Day With Zion and Crew

A bunch of the Vans crew was out here for the launch of Zion Wright’s Zahbas shoe last week. We had plans to take them around skating the next day, and given their spot sensibilities, we opted to tap in with the [formerly] Shorty’s crew in Newark and skate some of the city’s constantly evolving D.I.Y. spots built under their watch. (This one is only about a week old, but we didn’t get a chance to make it there.)

Zion was unfortunately hurt and ended up sous chefing the grill. Features Ronnie Sandoval, Tyson Peterson, Roman Pabich, Pedro Delfino, John Cruz and Bob LaSalle. Edit and filming by Justin Stout.

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