Ty Beall’s ‘Presence’ Part for AREth Footwear

After a show-stealing closer in Sam Zentner’s Chrome Zone video (a QS 2023 office favorite), plus a starring run in Scumco & Sons’ down south edit, Ty Beall is already back with #anotherone ☝ for the U.S. roster of the Japanese footwear imprint, AREth. (You might remember the inaugural video for their stateside team that featured Quim, Jameel Douglas, Ryan Barlow et al. that Free posted a lil’ over a year ago.)

Helmed by master videographer Zach Chamberlain, the short and sweet part opens up with a few Bay Area clips before flying over the Pacific to traverse the sorts of high-bust, claustrophobic Japanese spots that have captured the hearts and minds of the sorts of skaters who treat each clip like its own little caper. By the time he’s riding out his ender into a mound of half-asphalt / half-dirt, it’s hard not to wish this one was not only longer, but also a prelude to an extended Ty Beall Japan Part™.

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Switch Flip: The Movie (Dir. Salomon Cardenas, 2023)

As discussed on here two weeks ago, 2023 was the year of the switch flip. And rather than blithely asking your friends to “do a switch flip” — as so many of our colleagues had during those trying 365 days — Salomon Cardenas documented the efforts of all those who came within the path of that request.

Switch flips are unique because they are one of skateboarding’s great equalizers. Switch heels? Nobody is “okay” at switch heels. You’re either Tyshawn Jones or they’re rolling on the floor and you’re shocked when you happen to land on one playing defense in S-K-A-T-E. Whereas with switch flips, there’s a 7% chance you have a better one than your favorite skater. For example, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Mason Silva is the best skater in any regular ol’ skate video that features Mason Silva. In Switch Flip: The Movie, he has maybe, like, the 53rd best switch flip in it.

Oski? Omg.

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SkeeYee — Best of 2023 Montage

If you weren’t inundated with skeeyees this year then you didn’t live in 2023. And we wouldn’t be doing our job at QS HQ if we didn’t send you off with a hundred more.

As always at this time of year when the #content cycle winds down, here is our annual recycled footage party to the year’s most inescapable hits ♻️ — well, actually, maybe just the first one could be defined as “inescapable.” (We workshopped the idea of editing to three Sexyy Red songs, yes.) Shout out to Veeze for dropping a classic in an age when albums are an afterthought, and to EBTG for chilling for a quarter century and then dropping a banger.

This year, we made it to Argentina, which was originally planned with Vans for May 2020 (no need to explain why that fell through), got stuck at the Banks and Columbus Circle like everyone else who skates in this city, we said goodbye to the T.F. ground that taught us everything, and Keith got Marshall’s PS4.

Thanks everyone for your support this year, and see you in 2024 ❤️

From Squamish to Seoul — Etienne Gagne’s ‘Etienne 2023’ Part

📝 Interview by Doyun Baeg
📹 Video by Baltimore Loth

What’s good with the tuxedo?

Oh shit, the tuxedo. It was during Halloween time in Japan, and Balti [E.T’s videographer for this video] and I were taking the train. We saw this guy who had like a Superman shirt under a suit. He would unbutton his button-up shirt and had the Superman logo popping out, I remember being like: “that’s so sick.”

And then I was looking for a costume. I went and got a Uniqlo suit. We tried to find a Superman shirt, but there was nothing. So I just ended up wearing a suit and I was going with the flow of what everybody was telling me what I was.

“Oh, like, are you American Psycho?”


“Oh, are you James Bond?”


I was supposed to be Superman, but fuck it. And then one day, Popeye magazine from Japan asked me to do an interview for them. They told me to bring my board. I didn’t know what to wear. I showed up with a suit on and they took a photo of me. They were like: “What the fuck, this isn’t what E.T. usually wears…”

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LamborGino — Gino Koerner’s ‘Trap Tape’ Part

Our friends at Berlin’s Civilist Skateshop hit us with a small preview of what Gino Koerner had been saving for his new part last month, and by the opening switch frontside flip — sold. Beautifully lofted flip tricks floated two-feet higher than they need to be over every famous Berlin set? A sonic boom after the stomp of a massive indoor hardflip? A fat fakie shuv down a set for good measure? Yes, yes and yes.

For the crowd that’s grown accustomed to knowing skaters by their Insta handles, you might know Gino as @lambor.gino on IG, but today we’re proud to present you his “Trap Tape” part.

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