Marcello Campanello’s Maxallure Part

We’ve been fans of Marcello’s skateboarding since even before he closed out Canal’s Mode video, which feels like the part that truly put him on everybody’s radar.

In recent years, he’s gotten properly hooked up from Karl Watson’s imprint, Maxallure Skateboards, and got surprised with a pro board last week. In celebration of the pro nod, him and Diego Donival put together a new part (you probably remember that Marcello also had a quick section in Diego’s Potluck video from late 2019.) Heavy on the footage in Marcello’s hometown borough, with much of the rest set entirely in New York, plus two Bay Area closer clips :)

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Deep Dive — Trung Nguyen on the ‘RESPECTFULLY’ Darkslide

Photo by Ryan Mettz 📷

Regardless of how extensively an interview is prepared for, the finest moments often drift into conversation unplanned and on a tangent.

The backstory to Trung Nguyen’s darkslide – which closed his part in Chase Walker’s RESPECTFULLY just over a year ago – may seem like an obvious topic to probe. However, it only came about after discussing a string of gear choices as rare as the trick itself.

Speaking to Trung for his Five Favorite Parts, talk of Brent Atchley led to talk of Chromeball Dunks and “the special Element board” which he took griptape-side down around the curved flatbar at Marcus Garvey Park, scored by Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn.”

Asked for the run down, Trung recounted the year-in-the-making story of the darkslide with an uninterrupted enthusiasm that recalled A.V.E. discussing the Green Bench. Here’s how the most memorable enders in recent years came to be.

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F.T.I. Comp #tfreport

Tompkins Square Park — like all other skate spots, institutions, and thinktanks — is subject to the winds of time and generational shifts. The Tompkins of today is a different ecosystem of personality and obstacles than even the one that stood on the original Save Tompkins Day in 2019.

…much like that one is different from the immediate post-Autumn days when the lifespan of a box or rail would rarely exceed 72 hours.

…and that one was different from the post-9/11 years when it first became a buzzing central hub that exceeded the popularity of any traditional street spot.

…and that one was different from the Skate NYC days depicted in endlessly reposted nineties lore.

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Hopps Skateboards’ ‘Free For All’ Promo

Back in the quieter days of the pandemic, Jahmal Williams and Jeremy Elkin went out and hit spots in a hollowed out version of the city like the rest of us. Those sessions became the backbone for Hopps Skateboards‘ Fall 2022 promo, which we are excited to share with everybody today.

Watching Jahmal skate New York is always a pleasure, and what him and Jeremy came back with feels like a 25-years-later-time-warp update his iconic Adidas commercial that was filmed around Boston and ran in an old 411.

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F.A. x Vans Junk Jam at Tompkins Recap

This past Saturday, Fucking Awesome and Vans sponsored a few new obstacles (designed by A.V.E. + built by Kevin Graver) and threw a junk jam at Tompkins with Father Bop handing out cash for tricks until it ran out. Greg Navarro put together the recap. Filmed by Greg and Jonathan Flechas. Top photo by Greg.

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