Mexico City Report — Decline’s ‘Lo Siento Emmett’ Video

You might remember Decline’s first video, Xola 955, which made the rounds on Free and some of the European media platforms a year ago — it included the clip of the guy flying perpendicular into a wall, and down a drop for a frontside wallride burned into the memory of anybody who saw it.

Decline is a skate crew based out of Mexico City, and ever since Xola 955 wrapped up, they’ve been filming for Lo Siento Emmett, the video we are honored to bring you today.

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Skating a Ghost Spot — Dom Henry’s ‘Farewell to Fairfield’ Part

📷 Photo by Reece Leung

We have talked about how a first arrival to a famous, foreign spot is often met with a bit of disappointment regarding the reality of said spot. It’ll be cuttier, more worn down, or gnarlier than you initially expected. Do a bit of skate travel, and you’ll learn to manage expectations for your bucket list spots.

But what about a spot you know is going to be fucked? Like, the footage already conveys how cutty, worn down, and gnarly it’ll be. No way you’ll be shocked, right?

Ok, well, what if it’s worse than you even prepared for?

That was our experience in 2014, on our sole venture out to Croydon — an outer borough of London known for being the birthplace of Kate Moss and having a very large Ikea — to skate the Fairfield Halls spot made famous by Paul Shier, Nick Jensen, et al. It is U.K. spot royalty, recognizable from every Blueprint video, to Jacob Harris’ earlier projects, and right through Palasonic.

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#SeoulReport: Stingwater x Savour Skateshop

Daniel Kim’s Stingwater imprint partnered with our friends at Seoul’s Savour Skateshop for a short and sweet edit from Korea’s capital. It’s heavy on the night footage, with probably one of the most beautiful backside 180s in recent memory.

Seoul seems to be headed towards a #trendwatch this coming year (a Deathwish trip in the fall, a Supreme trip in the spring), and speaking from experience via a 2017 trip taken with the Stingwater proprietor, the place is absolutely incredible for everything: spots, food, vibes.

Also, shout out to Korea for being the first country we ever discovered QS merch bootlegs in.

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2nd Annual Quartersnacks Thaw Out Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday despite the beginning of a truly dreadful weekend of weather ❤️ You’re a real one if you braved it ☔️

Thanks to Vans and Jersey Dave for having us.

🔊 Shout out to LQQK Studio for DJing.

🍔 Thanks to Win Son Bakery for cooking.

🍺 Thanks to Minnows for pouring.

📹 Video filmed and edited by Zoogie.

📸 Photos shot by Jason Lecras.

🏀 Some photos of some friends below.

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