Web Premiere — ‘STURDY’ by Pete Spooner

Pete Spooner’s first video, Whowhat!?, came out in 2006, and in the eighteen years since, he’s managed to craft eight more full-length videos with his friends.

Sturdy, which we are presenting to you today, is number nine.

A couple kids, a few demanding jobs, and several cross-country moves later — it’s hard to keep the skate crew you started out with together, let alone motivated enough to be chased around by a VX on the regular. Pete’s videos began as platforms to showcase the overflow of talent pouring out of the Minneapolis scene (back when they hosted his last video, Various Artists, Free pointed out that Boondoggle was probably the first to make a big splash.) Over time, thanks to his job with an airline (and obvs moonlighting as a skate video caption writer in the 1940s), Pete was able to parlay his free flight perks to keep a crew together well into adulthood, even with some of them completely scattered across the country. His latest finds a few repeat performers joining some new names in Spoonerland. Sturdy features Steve Gryszel, Jeremy Murray, Zach Moore, Kirian Stone, Erik Blomberg, Faheem Allah, Ben Patrick and Mathias Rotstein.

You can buy DVD copies of Sturdy and some of Pete’s past videos over on his Big Cartel. Support the homies making the homie videos 🫡

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