Frozen in Carbonite Presents: Song of the Summer x Video Part of the Summer 2023

Words by Frozen in Carbonite

This year, the owners of my local bar revived an institution from The Before Times™: music trivia.

I call it music trivia, but it mostly consists of “name that tune” — the DJ plays 12 snippets (usually in a category like Eighties, Nineties, Songs about Beer ‘n Trucks) and you have to name the artist and title. Eighties is my shit; country my achilles heel. ANYWAY, this was the first time playing without drinking. Whenever I go to a bar, if they don’t have legit NA beers, I get a Red Bull and some appetizers because I feel like a dummy hanging out for hours and not spending any money. You pay for the experience. The ambience.

ANYWAY, I won ten bucks. I was psyched, but even more psyched at the end of the night when I saw the name the bartender entered for my tab.

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How To Have A Good Time in Detroit — An Interview with ‘Minted’ Videographer, Justin Bohl

📝 Words by Mike Munzenrider
📷 Photos by Justin Bohl, Daniel Stelly & Max Garson

Could your skate scene use a Justin Bohl? The 39-year-old Detroit skater and filmer, whose most recent video is called Minted, says he improved 88 spots while filming the video, and no, a simple bondo job doesn’t count. Bohl’s total only includes spots that required an hour or more to fix – his most involved jobs, like, replacing dirt with brand-new sidewalk squares, could take upwards of 40 hours. Some 41 spots he fixed for the video had never been skated; he says he spent $3,500-plus to make it all happen.

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