‘If You See Someone At The Door With a Board, Let ‘Em In’ — A Review of ‘All the Streets Are Silent’

Words by Frozen in Carbonite
Poster Design by Order

I think it says in that book The War of Art that just sitting down and doing the thing can break down a creative block. Sometimes, a project takes on a life of its own and becomes something you never imagined. Skate videographer, Jeremy Elkin — whom you might remember from Poisonous Products and The Brodies — initially set out to make a documentary about the seminal Zoo York video, Mixtape. His research led in a more expansive direction.

More than once.

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Five Favorite Parts With Breana Geering

Photo by Jonathan Mehring

Inspiration arrives in different forms. It could be as superficial as an outfit of a pro that you admire, or as profound as a video that changed the way you look at everything. Other times, it’s subtle — that Eureka moment when the slightest nuance of how someone does a trick makes you figure it out for yourself. A dear friend with a perfect nollie flip said specifically this nollie flip gave way to the realization: “Oh, you jump UP.”

But inspiration is not always about the finish line. It was refreshing to hear that Breana chose one of her favorites partially because he excels at a trick that she has yet to figure out. By the same token, I’ve always been jealous of how much fun people who can impossible on command look like they’re having, and expended far too much brain power on trying to figure it out. I’ll probably learn French before I learn impossibles — but personally speaking, nobody has ever made them make more sense than Breana here, in this .gif from her Wisteria part, which I’ve stared at for way too long, way too many times. In those moments of hypnosis, the puzzle is solved, at least enough to keep trying again and again and again.

Anyway! The latest is with Credits‘ closer.

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‘A Place For The Nerds’ — An Interview With Nick Sharratt of The Palomino

Interview by Farran Golding
Photos by Chris Mann, Rafal Wojnowski & Rich West

As we age, it’s easy to only remember the “big” changes: VX to HD, social media, Thrasher becoming the only magazine. The smaller ones are tougher to catalog, but when you think about it, had a substantial impact. In the not-so-distant past, “raw files” weren’t a “thing.” You couldn’t DM on Instagram. Polar was a small brand selling outline logo tees to the few who could get them. These things changing had huge reverberations, and in many ways, helped make “underground,” independent skateboard brands the dominant brands they are today.

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Five Favorite Parts With Sage Elsesser

Photo by Ben Colen

We spoke to Sage about the pivotal moment he realized he was a heelflip guy, and how pop is skateboarding’s greatest superpower. Any young QS readers would be well-advised to put a certain Maple part in their viewing rotation, given it’s a recurring bit of inspiration for those with good verticals.

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