Five Favorite Parts With Jordan Trahan

📷 Photo by Josh Stewart

We’ve all been fans of Jordan’s skateboarding for a long time now. Whether he’s squeezing five-trick lines out of seemingly not-much or sliding into your timeline to do some shit you’ve never seen before, he’s always working in the realm of the unexpected. Here is where he gets his inspo from :)

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Five Favorite Parts with Ariana Spencer

📝 Interview by Farran Golding
📷 Photo by Jamie Owens

April is one of those rare months where we’re throwing out two editions of Five Faves (Elijah Odom‘s ran earlier this month) on account of us missing March ;)

The past few Foundation videos have ignited a conversation (consensus?) about how to successfully refresh a legacy skate brand. Rather than lean into formulas that worked in years past, Splendor and Whippersnappers were both exciting projects with firm footing in the moment. In that crop of new faces, Ariana Spencer has stood out each time with contagiously fun footage — so we reached out for a list of inspirations. (Ariana has a full interview in the latest issue of Closer as well. Shout out to Jamie for the photo.)

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It’s All Love — An Interview With Kevin Augustine

📝 Intro + Interview by Frozen in Carbonite
📷 Photo by Owen Basher

I have no data to support this, but the marble at Pulaski increases one’s pop by 30 to 40 percent. However, if you inspect it closely, you’ll see a map etched into the blocks — a street plan of Washington, D.C. A.K.A. The L’Enfant Plan.

After conducting some rudimentary internet research, I found that L’Enfant, an engineer during the Revolutionary War, volunteered for the job and faxed his resume (the 1700’s version, naturally) to George Washington.

Of course, he got the job.

L’Enfant’s design brought a Euro flair to the new capital, deliberately building in a series of plazas. So, when you skate Pulaski you’re in the city, skating on a map of the city — an Inception-type scenario like the Las Vegas Raiders helmet or some shit.

ANYWAY, along the same lines, Kevin Augustine’s brand of ledge wizardry brings a flair to that world-famous speckled granite. We caught up with him on a recent trip to Puerto Rico and shot the shit about — among other things — coming up on the east coast, Call of Duty, and the life-cycle of a Dunk.

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Stories About Shirts — Skate Shop Tees And The Meaning of Life

📝 Words by Mike Munzenrider
🎨 Collage by Francesco Pini

The photo: It’s Kenny Reed, doing a backside nosegrind revert on a sketchy bar off some steps, probably in Barcelona. He’s got the hat, he’s got the hands, he’s got the shoes and he’s got this shirt, “Sky High.” The picture was in Transworld, shot by Brian Uyeda. “Imagine sitting in the shop and paging through that magazine, a beautiful black and white photo,” says Aaron Polansky, owner of Sky High Skateshop in Milwaukee, “and Kenny Reed is wearing that shirt.”

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