#QSTOP10 — February 21, 2020

We’re never in the market for 5050 kickflips (though have written about *one* before…), but that particular 5050 kickflip was fucked. We won’t be shopping around for another one until 2040, thanks.

And the WKND video is quite great, yes. That Japan section towards the end feels like something from a mid-period 411 in the best way possible. Grant even used a classic Project Pat song. #musicsupervision is easy if you remember crunk ain’t dead ;)

Usually try to make these things from a mix of sources, but it was one of those weeks when Thrasher had most of the good stuff. Give the Razor video out of Australia a whirl if you’re looking for something a bit less ~obvious~. Could’ve included way more shit from it if it weren’t one of those weeks with 25 suggestions for the countdown on the office whiteboard.

And not only is the best skate meme of 2020 another Drake one (see bottom for 2019) — @shrimpdaddy on IG elevated it to another level. Thanks for all the laughs in these trying times.

Happy belated Rihanna’s Birthday, everyone ♥

EDIT: #5 is Sam Sutton.

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Five Favorite Parts With Nik Stain

Photo by Ben Colen

Nik’s Bruns section is a perennial Top 5 inclusion on the QS office’s ballot for favorite video parts of the 2010s. Beyond that, there is no shortage of your favorite skaters citing his brand of charging at spots as distinctly inspirational. We turned it around to find out whose skating gets him hyped, and learned that Nik is a man on the look-out for particular things. Aren’t we all ♥

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A Deadstock German Shepherd

Shout out to Twitter for tracking this one down. More skate photos with friends in the background please ♥

Interblend” is a New York / New Jersey montage by Tokyo-based filmer Rob Taro, who made the full-length Time Scan video from last year. Features a mini Central Park section in the middle. Eby’s ollie over the barrier into the rock is fucked.

A fun Twitter thread, which hones in on a #trend that we had not noticed until now: skaters whose parts are set to recent movie scores, some of them totally random. Cheers to Henry for the research.

#Skatevideohouse lives! “Parking Lot Music Video Installation 1” is a montage with some new faces at a very #current circuit of spots around the city.

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#QSTOP10 — February 14, 2020

We went from one-word part and video names dominating the past five years to even simpler times. New part? Let’s call it “Bob.” Let’s call it “Shin.” Do people only know your Instagram name? Let’s use your ….real name. It’s stressful enough living in these last days (before you see “Mikey Taylor’s ‘Bloomberg 2020’ part premiering tomorrow” in our dystopian hell) without having to come up with some long-winded part title that you explain in an interview ;) Raise some money to clean the oceans instead, yaknow?

POP Clip mainstay, Billy Hoogendijk’s new video “Cabrio Enterprise” gets a nod for “good video you may have missed” in a week full of parts from QS office favorites — Max, Shin, Bobby DeKeyzer, etc.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all

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