#QSTOP10 — June 21, 2024

Adding Hollywood Martinez to the “Best Skate Names” power rankings along with other heavy hitters like Ollie Lock, Billy Trick, Connor Champion and Bear Myles.

Very international week this time around.

Happy start of summer :)

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Summer of Seward

Kebab 📷 Photo via Nik Stain

Wooooo!!! We’re back baby! East Village dollar slice joint is back to selling 99 cent slices! Woooooooo! Siri, play “Dreams and Nightmares!”

On the opposite end of the Tompkins food pyramid: The Avenue A Juicy Lucy, which rivals perhaps only Hawa on East Broadway for highest volume of acai bowls sold to skateboarders, is shutting down due to vandalism at that location :(

“The wood goes from Canada to China, then back to America to the warehouse, from there to the distribution in Europe and then to the shops. And every player in between, including distributors, wants to earn something from the board.” Solo has an interesting deep dive on something so obvious, yet so elusive: how are skateboards really made?

There’s literally one New York trick in the Australia x NZ team New Balance video that dropped on Friday, and it’s a 10/10 impossible over the uphill bump-to-bar outside the Montrose L, which, up until recently, was a quintessential “if only it weren’t uphill…”-spot. Apparently, skateboarding has evolved past caring.

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Favorite Spot with Stu Kirst on the Grey Wall

🔑 Interview, Intro & Edit by Farran Golding
📹 Footage courtesy of Johnny Wilson
📷 Photography by Paul Coots

Water Street and its peripheries in New York’s financial district, offer a handful of conventionally “good” skateboarding destinations. Head towards Battery Park and you may see someone giving security the slip at C-Benches or a visiting pro on a pilgrimage at Pyramid Ledges. However, between 2015 to 2020, one might have have found Stu Kirst atop a skinny, eight-feet high platform, sizing up a route obliquely hidden in plain sight.

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