QS Top 10 — January 18, 2019

Yeah, the Bannerot trick from the Thrasher cover is wild, but we can’t say no to two stylish flip tricks in a row with no push between them. But OBVIOUSLY, all skate content on the internet paled in comparison to the Soulja Boy interview. Draaake? Draaaaaake?

EDIT: The unnamed #10 is Daniel Ledermann.

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Intro via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 10) Max Gerzoni via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 9) Some German Dude via Adidas Germany’s “Autumn Blues” clip [link] 8) Vinicius Santos via “Siglio SP” part [link] 7) Caleb Barnett via Fucking Awesome’s “Fuck A Rough Cut” video [link] 6) Justin Henry via “AM Scramble 2018” [link] 5) Brayan Albarenga via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 4) Fred Plocque-Santos via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 3) Jaakko Ojanen via “AM Scramble 2018” [link] 2) Simon Bannerot via “AM Scramble 2018” [link] 1) Heitor Da Silva via Adidas’ “Heitor” video [link]


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Sometime during those drunk final ten days of 2018 when no e-mails went answered, an associate mentioned the difficulty of isolating “trends” as we approach the final year of the decade. In this era of post-everything where the past exists at the same time as the future, what even qualifies as a #trend? Gone are the simple days of noticing a sudden spike in camo-panted legs at Tompkins, or bleached heads doing no complies and being able to declare: “trend!” No, in recent years, the #trendwatch has leaned towards psychological states of being, and on occasion, fully fallen short of fruition. Even something as under-a-microscope as “BLESSED” is a more refined version of what the same cast had already been molding since 2014.

And then, the associate says [name redacted for fear of “YOU’RE WHAT’S WRONG WITH SKATEBOARDING!” retribution], “What if the 2019 Trend™ is simply skating in really expensive shit?”

This goes beyond Dill or Dylan being inspired by Prada shoes, or Pappalardo waiting for a flight with his Louis luggage. Obviously skateboarders have been documented with nice shit before, but now, you open Instagram and see Lucien Clarke and P-Rod posting photos of them in Louis Vuitton outerwear within an hour of one another. Further out in the Instagram universe, in a galaxy most-closely observed by those who list their favorite skaters by handles rather than government names, there is a burgeoning sect of volunteer teamriders for Gucci, Versace, and Burberry. At a cultural crossroad where Playboi Carti is one of Jay-Z’s biggest influences, there seem to be two choices across all spectrums: reenact a skate version of the intro from John Shanahan’s It’s Time part, or take advice from the other Jonah Hill sports movie, which is, of course, “adapt or die.”

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Genesis Evans & Max Palmer in ‘Plays Pretty For Genny’

There’s a special place in our hearts for people who wait until the hell weeks of winter to drop edits from a much warmer recent past. Though more of a ~vibe~ than a montage, Marcus Pulvermacher‘s “Plays Pretty For Genny” is one pinch a Genesis Evans cruiser vid, and another pinch Max Palmer reel via the evolving Spiker’s Island spot out in Brooklyn. In between it all, you’ll catch a bunch of familiar faces from Johnny Wilson edits, et al.

No matter how much you may resent the T.F. for the many false-starts it has served all of our lives, there’s no denying that last summer — when it reached full-fledged junk spot status for maybe the first time in its history — was a special moment to lurk there. (Provided you never set any grandiose ambitions for the day.)

Heitor might have the first great part of 2019, but this is the first edit to make spring 2019 in New York feel like a tangible thing.

Autopilot For The Weeeek

“Without that skater/photographer communication, you have no choice but to sit and wait for the photo to show itself. It felt like I had photographed a wild leopard in the jungle.” Bobby Worrest — 360 flip noseslide. Photo by Jeff Comber. Head over to King skate mag for the full blurb.

*First great video part of 2019 alert* The scientists at Palace realized they needed some young blood on the team and got Heitor Da Silva (alum from the same Swedish skate school as Oski) onboard. He has an awesome new Adidas part out right now (that backside flip, switch frontside flip line…), and an interview about his journey from Brazil to Norway to The Triangle™ over on Grey. Could have probably dug a bit deeper on the song, but oh well.

Know a few people who would die happy after skating this spot for an hour.

Me, you, and Cyrus Bennett have the same favorite skateboarder. Hint: he skates more than everyone, for longer than everyone, is older than everyone, and is more oblivious to what’s going on in skateboarding that everyone.

Jake Johnson gave Dickies a tour of his hometown D.I.Y. spot in State College, PA + skated his backyard mini-ramp with a handful of special guests.

Skating is easy for Pat Gallaher.

Traffic scanned a 2005 TWS article about a D.I.Y. tour they did in Hartford, Albany, Rochester, Akron and Pittsburgh back in the early days of the company, with words from Ricky, and a bunch of rad photos. Never knew they were the architects behind that still-running Albany bank-to-ledge. #respect.

Jimmy Marketti uploaded uploaded an old edit of some Rob Campbell footage from 2005. The rollaway on the frontside wallride at the Banks is hall of fame.

The Village Psychic guys like Borough Hall a lot A.K.A. they made a video of all their 2018 iPhone footage. They look high, but when the hell were those plastic orange blocks there?

Not sure how to feel about this… A skateboarder at Le Dome was the main tipster to unraveling the biggest art heist in a generation ;)

Wow. Quite literally, “sorry I didn’t say hi.”

Spot Updates: Not the most oft-skated spot these days (unless you’re winding up there after getting kicked out of Bigscreen or something), but there’s not much to skate at Penn Plaza anymore, as the building put astro turf all over the upper portion of the spot.

Winter #TBT: The Brownsville igloo from ~2011.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Giannis just doing what we all feel…except maybe if you’re a Rockets fan.

Quote of the Week: “I was back at the hotel in bed watching everyone’s Instagram stories…just thinking ‘we’re all so fucking stupid.'” — Pryce Holmes

QS Top 10 — January 11, 2019

Lil’ late today. So sorry for the wait.

UPDATE: #10 & 7 are Zane Timson, #4 is Kayl Johnson.

Need some help on the names. A lot of the clips came from the Stay Awaysted video out of S.F, and that thing only has names for people in the credits. We didn’t have a Bay Area agent in the field to reach out to for help ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sometimes, I see comments like this one on Josh Wilson’s Brooklyn Tompkins Park video (the intro for this week’s countdown), and realize that the “this music sucks…wait, you guys actually like Rihanna?” comments we’ve been getting on YouTube for the past ~ten years aren’t even that bad. Sorry andythepoet420 ;) Talk that talk to me yeah.

Original Clips:


Intro via @joshwilsonn on IG [link] 10) Zane Timson via Stay Awaysted [link] 9) Louie Lopez via CONS’ “Louie Lopez Pro” video [link] 8) Zac Gracie via “Video Check Out” [link] 7) Zane Timson via Stay Awaysted [link] 6) Matt Bergmann via Stay Awaysted [link] 5) Tyler Pacheco via Girl Skateboards x Kodak’s “Bangers & Mash” video [link] 4) Kayl Johnson via Stay Awaysted [link] 3) Niels Bennett via Girl Skateboards x Kodak’s “Bangers & Mash” video [link] 2) Mathias Torres via Nike SB “Suichi” part [link] 1) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift – Catfish Line #1” [link]


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