I Can Buy Myself Griptape, Write My Name on the Tail

📸 via Zach Baker

For Fuck’s Sake: The Tompkins construction start date has been moved …again. October 16th. Going to stop posting these every week from here on out. It starts when it starts. (P.S. Some of the in-better-shape obstacles have been moved into storage.)

“They had a trashcan fire in one of those iconic Love Park bins. It was so cold that people’s bushings were freezing up making turning impossible… They had to grab their board and leave it by this trashcan fire for five minutes, which would buy them five minutes of skating before the bushings froze back up and they had to do it again… It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, people everywhere.” Palace videographer, Jack Brooks, is the latest subject of the Slam City Skates blog’s “Visuals” series, in which he discusses Bill’s “Pigeon” edit, the Palace Kalis board, filming Lucien’s Palasonic part, and more.

A watershed moment in the Bobshirt franchise: an hour-long interview with Rick Howard and Mike Carroll.

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#QSTOP10 — September 29, 2023

EDIT: #5 is Charlie Munro, not Dougie George. Our apologies to Mr. George. Part was great.

An ender as a #1 always feels like an anti-climactic way to go, but there was really only one thing it could be.

#latepass on #2, which is an absolutely nuts thing to just throw on the ‘gram, but wow.

Otherwise, a light-footed front nose dismount, a heavy-footed switch tre stomp, and the wrong way on Three Up Three Down.

Have a great weekend.

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A Bowl Grows in Queens

Bridges play an outsize role in skateboarding. Whether its the Brooklyn [Bridge] Banks, the I-95 overpass that covers FDR Skatepark, or the Burnside Bridge, we have extracted infinite joy from the fact that the powers-that-be generally do not give a shit about what you do under a bridge.

And no bridge has risen to such rapid prominence in skateboarding as the new Kosciuszko Bridge, which was completed in 2017. (If someone had a gun to your head and made you spell “Kosciuszko” out loud, you’re a goner too, right?)

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Some Dump on Seigel Street

Kevin Rodrigues by Alex Pires • 2016

Another Tompkins Construction Date Change: The park is now being closed off for renovations and re-asphalting on Monday, October 2nd, exactly one week from today. (And the deli across the street isn’t even a deli anymore, as of a few days ago: they got rid of the entire counter for a mini smoke shop. No more sandwiches, grill or smoothies. End of an era.)

“Mainstream skateboarding finally caught on to the fact that when you’re driving to the spot, you’re passing all this other stuff that’s so much more interesting. Stuff people can skate more creatively. And you can make a far more interesting skate video by focusing on that.” New Zealand’s Manual magazine caught up with Josh Stewart to talk about putting himself through another Static video.

“BURNT” is the latest montage by Christian Kerr, featuring the continued evolution of Gabe Tennen’s tech-lord career arc, and the return of the Duane Reade benches.

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