#QSTOP10 — September 24, 2021

Ok, every now and then, there’s a week when it’s I M P O S S I B L E to narrow one of these down to ten things, and this was certainly one of them. Around the deadline, there were 21 nominations on the board in the QS breakroom. No snubs were intentional, everyone’s suggestions are correct — just tried to get a variety of projects in here rather than let one dominate, seeing as how the past two weeks were dominated by the the DC x Sabotage video, and then by the Vans x Dime video.

Perfectly fine with nominating Mr. Shintaro Hongo for S.O.T.Y. That new part rules.

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Homies Network Presents: Coles & Kyota

Anyone who has been a fan of Coles, Kyota, Kei and their crew since the days when they were filming on a Nintendo 3DS has enjoyed watching them all grow into their skateboard powers in month-to-month leaps. We’re nine months removed from the below-freezing outdoor premiere of Homies 2, and the three of them are back with a new one, already leaps ahead of the last.

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Clogging the Feed

Big news: the Dunk is out. We can stop clogging your social feeds now.

Have you heard the other big news? Everybody’s favorite skateboarder — yes, Keith Denley — is pro! At risk of not coming off absolutely insane promoting two collabs in the same week (we never planned for things to pan out that way, but c’est la vie), we took pause on pushing the new Hopps x Quartersnacks stuff, but it’s arriving at all Hopps accounts now. We’ll have it on our webstore soon. Whether Keith ends up filming *that part* remains to be seen, but in the eternal words of Mr. Hjalte Halberg: “You Americans are too serious about the pro board shit, in Europe you just turn the homie pro. Fuck it! It’s not about being ‘pro’ at skating. If you are a sick character, you should be pro!”

WEALTH is a new 17-minute video by Steve Lancello filmed all throughout the northeast, with a fire Neil Herrick part at the end. Is that the first footy of someone connecting a trick over the concrete divider on that that side street off Flatbush? Feels like an Aaron Herrington spot too, but maybe misremembering.

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#QSTOP10 — September 17, 2021

Happy 9/17 day! After your countdown perusals, please do yourself a favor and revisit Mr. Lara’s seminal 2017 masterpiece in honor of the date.

A lot of rewinds this week! But that’s because there are a handful of Barcelona tech lords showcased, thanks to Yoryo’s PALIQUE video that went live on Free right after #QSTOP10 press-time last week. Said it on Twitter, but it’s worth repeating for the non-Twitter crowd: the whole world goes to skate Barcelona, but nobody comes even 1/10th of the way close to skating Barcelona as good as the locals do.

Otherwise… Dime, Dime Dime.

The QS Dunk arrives in shops this weekend. We’ll have a couple new items going live in the webstore at 11 A.M.

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