The 2021 Quartersnacks Year in Review: 25-16

It is December. Can you believe it? The year that began with you suggesting to a friend, “Hey do you want to go to an outdoor dining shack in 18-degree weather with snow on the ground to have a beer because if I stay inside my apartment any longer I’m going to claw my own eyes out,” and that friend going “Sure!” is coming to a close.

As we do every year, thus begins our [mostly] scene-specific Top 25 countdown of things that defined the past twelveish months.

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Quick Lil’ Trip Edit — Carhartt WIP DMV Mix

Photo by Paul Coots

So it snowed today. It sucked. It also means that anybody’s northeastern skateboard pursuits are on borrowed time.

Below is an edit put together by Ryan Mettz — of first part in The Hit Video fame, yes — from a quick trip down to Baltimore and Washington D.C. that comprised of Max, DREWWWWWWW, Mecca, and Enzo. The latter two both got injured early on in the journey, but you can catch Enzo in The LC Video and Mecca in Group Chat.

It just snowed though. Great time to heal up ❤️

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The 2021 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

Airbrush by Jonah Miller

Seasons greetings 🎄 It is that time of the year again — the recap tornado known as End of the Year content season!

…and as we did last year, we ask you to reach back in your memory (hopefully deeper than the past week), to write out a top five list of what you consider to be the best parts and the best videos of 2021. The conversations about there being *so much* out there are inescapable, and this exercise allows us to crowdsource a canon of what left the most-lasting imprint on our minds, and present it to you alongside some writing later in December.

These things are always prone to an inherent recency bias, so everyone feel free to drop suggestions that are a bit less obvious than a new F.A. video in the comments. We accept entries for videos released in December 2020, e.g. Godspeed, John’s Vid, etc. because they came out after polling for last year’s edition had already closed.

Voting closes this Friday, December 3 @ 1 P.M. New York time. Results will be presented in December.

P.S. We only ask for your name and e-mail to weed out spam. We don’t sell your info or auto-subscribe you to our mailing list or anything like that.

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Much Deeper

Rest in Peace Virgil ❤️

Skate Jawn has a feature on Jody’s Spot, the D.I.Y. spot built by Fred Gall in his New Jersey hometown, which the world first saw in his “Out There.” Please sign the petition to keep the spot from being destroyed by the city for no good reason.

Put Will Marshall’s line at the Museum — as seen in his new Dime part — in the Museum Line Hall of Fame. Kickflip front crook is insane too.

Best city for skate edits in 2021? Marseilles, no doubt. Here’s #anotherone from the Raskal dudes: “Hellos Dias.”

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#QSTOP56k — November 26, 2021: The Reuben Special

Had to make it an all-Bronze affair this week considering a new Bronze video is basically an office holiday around here. Could’ve been a Top 20 from that video alone. Shout out to Andrew Allen’s Vans part, Will Marshall’s line at Natural History, and the “10:34” video on the Free site.

Happy birthday Pryce Holmes! 💕

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