The LCBO’s On Strike

“Running a business is hard work. Running a business that feels personally and creatively fulfilling is even harder. Kudos to them for not riding Alltimers into the ground, a soulless, empty thing, because that’s easy. And hey, 11 years is nothing to sneeze at. A good run is one where the people in charge know when to stop. If you run forever, you lose the chance to look back and appreciate where you’ve been and why you were running in the first place.” Simple Magic on Alltimers shutting up shop after an eleven-year run 🍸 (All of the boards are sold out, but there are some soft goods left over on the Alltimers going out of business sale if you wanted to grab a keepsake.)

“I’ve had a few ABDs in video parts that I battled and had no idea. One of them was Mark Suciu so I was like fuck it, I’ll use it.” Jenkem spoke to Matt Militano about his journey through sponsorships, the Foundation van, ABDs, and prank shows.

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#QSTOP10 — July 19, 2024

Another slog of a July week on QS — it happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

An aforementioned 10/10 bigspin, some Parisian mishaps, and a keyhole crook popover dismount sending gasps through the air to anyone watching.

Back on it next week with the cooldown in place, have a good one :)

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Sun Palace

QS goods available now on our webstore. Thanks for your support as always 💙 Available now in U.S. QS accounts. Arriving in Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia this week. (Photo above via our friends at No Comply in Austin, Texas.)

Mike Sass and his crew came together to make another PFP video. Teaser here. PFP6 premieres at Lou’s Athletic Club this Saturday, July 20th @ 8:30 P.M.

Dalton Palacio and his crew (the 700k crew) dropped a new video entitled “Mahogany.” Mostly L.A. clips with a bit of New York mixed in. Last part was crazy good. And the closing bigspin on a certain Chinatown set was 10/10.

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QS Webstore Live With Summer Goods

Our webstore has been updated with the latest round of QS goods 🐍

(Apologies to the loyal contingent of people who always buy a hat or two each drop. We had some supply issues with hats this round, so weren’t able to get much of the new ones up on this webstore. They did, however, ship to shops, so if your local carries QS, they might have the hat of your dreams in stock.)

Thanks as always for your continued support ♥

#QSTOP10 — July 12, 2024

Good blend of independent videos between selections from …an energy drink video.

You can pick any clip from Max’s part and it’s the one — the hold on that particular one just feels special.

…and you could also pick any clip from the Jacopo part and it’s the one, but had to choose this one for fellow fans of Bobby Worrest’s Right Foot Forward part. If you find yourself in that category, you already know what it’ll be ;)

Have a good weekend.

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