Is It Finally Summer?

Just like a job site. One doing the work, one on his phone, one taking a nap.

“High school was lawless. We didn’t really learn shit. It was just a way to keep kids within one building.” Young legend Coles Bailey has an interview with Jenkem about the mustache he’s been growing since sixth grade, Christmas beef with NYU guys, and meeting Andre 3000.

Jenkem also hung out with Fred Gall to get the history of one of New Jersey’s longest running brands, Metal Skateboards.

Our dude Eze Martinez has a new, all-L.A. part for Pepper Griptape. He knows his way around a bank. He’s been in New York for the past week doing all sorts of …well, you’ll see ;)

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#QSTOP10 — May 24, 2024: Guest Curated by Anthony Van Engelen

We opted to try something different this week.

This summer will be the eight-year anniversary (eight!) of when we began doing Top 10. And since debates about what gets included and what order it is in has lead to many chairs thrown and holes punched through walls in the QS boardroom — it quite frankly gets exhausting after a while. So we decided to outsource the countdown, at least every once in a while. Why not have someone else watch all the videos, and do the math?

And for the pilot edition of the guest curated #QSTOP10, we asked a guy who’s had a QS Favorite Spot, a QS feature interview, and a Five Favorite Parts. This week’s Quartersnacks Top 10 is guest curated by Anthony Van Engelen.

(Lol: After like 15 hours of this being up, somebody pointed out he mistakenly says March instead of May 24th. We didn’t catch it either. And we filmed it on Wednesday. D’oh.)

We filed this one a bit earlier in the week, so a few obvious videos are getting deferred until next week.

QS Will return on Tuesday, May 28th, after the Memorial Day weekend break.

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Enjoying the Ride — Hopps Skateboards’ “AUTO” Video

Today, we are proud to present “AUTO,” the latest release from Hopps Skateboards by Tristan Mershon.

It’s a check-in from the Hopps team that opens with the skateboard-equivalent of a $50,000 half court shot on behalf of QS-favorite Dustin Eggeling, and includes appearances from QS-favorite Mark Del Negro (who makes up for his lackluster outing against Jersey Dave in S.K.A.T.E.N.E.R.D. with actual …skating!), QS-favorite Kyler Garrison, ageless QS-favorite Joel Meinholz, and eternal QS-favorite who is also ageless, Jahmal Williams.

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Postcard From Milan — Pietro Bontà’s “LA VIDEOPART DI BILLY”

Every now and then, a part pops out of nowhere and makes you go: well, goddamn.

Our boy Matteo Ricci, a onetime lensman for Milan’s Meaningless Productions outfit, sent this one of Pietro “Billy” Bontà over this morning. Filmed over the past few years in Milan, it’s four minutes of the type of skating that makes you want to start writing in Thrasher captions: Raw! Speed! Power! Creativity! Rawr!

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