An Orb Descends Into the East Village — A #tfreport Special Report

Words by Zach Baker

ET is in town, so he was special guest at the warehouse, which was exciting. Anything different at the warehouse is exciting. He wanted to go to Hoboken skatepark afterwards, so we did.

We bought a 12-pack of Modelo on Washington Street, and then I showed ET where they invented the Jersey barrier. We jumped the fence at the park, got kicked out, and then chilled with this brolic scooter kid on the pier until it rained.

We sat in the car and waited for his girlfriend to pick him up, while I drew the skatepark.

Then, I went to the city to meet EJ at Tompkins. It was like 6.

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Jake Johnson: The Movie

When you look back at the skaters who feel like they clocked the most footage in the 2010s, the first wave candidates are obvious: Bobby, Ishod, Tiago.

Jake Johnson, on the other hand, has always felt like an elusive anomaly; the secretive lead-up to both his Static IV and Purple parts played into this mythological place Jake holds in the footage canon. Ben Chadourne once said, “If you get something out of Jake, it’s a piece of gold.”

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if we lived in a footage economy where Jake Johnson clips were every bit as accessible as the most visible skaters of the past decade?

…and, what if that actually is where we’ve been all along?

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Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon

Keith Denley by Josh Stewart

Dustin Henry and his brother Tristan are asking for skaters’ aid in fundraising for Nations Skate Youth, which helps build indigenous communities, provides skate lessons, and advocates for skatepark construction. Any donation helps.

Max Palmer and Ryan Mettz curated a group art show with some friends to fundraise for SNaP Co. and Emergency Release Fund. You can buy a raffle ticket for any piece of your liking via a $20 Venmo, and all proceeds go to a good cause.

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There Will Be No [skating at the] Church This Sunday

Home of many a frontside 5050 back 180 out and 5-0 back shove-out, this sliver of a marble wall protruding from a place of worship on 114th and Morningside will no longer play host to future “Summer Trip to New York!” endeavors. As per intel via @lcuadrado18 on Instagram, the church installed brackets over the main ledge. It is a shock it took them this long — because for the past ~ten years, you’d pull up to this thing and there’d be a mob of kids who just got kicked off the Columbia campus bashing into the wall during a 6 P.M. service, while some maintenance worker from the church is losing his mind about the noise. Gotta stack tho.

The wax on the upper section of the wall was a much speculated-on mystery in 2018-2019, until 917 #2 came out and we were all like, “Duh, Max. Obviously.”

Now, all we have left to do on W 114th Street is wait out the scaffolding on the Zipper Ledge, which has been there since like 1987.