QS Top 10 — December 7, 2018

Obvs the only S.O.T.Y. clips from “BLESSED” eligible for the countdown at this point in time are the ones Thrasher released in their quick recap video.

Any help on the unknown Adidas South America riders is appreciated.

Part one of the year in review countdown up shortly ;)

Original Clips:


Intro via Instagram [link] 10) Etienne Gagne via IG [link] 9) Lance Mountain via “Nike SB x Stussy” 8) Some Guy on Adidas via Adidas’ “Lunfardo” video [link] 7) Antonio Durao via IG [link] 6) Brett Weinstein via IG [link] 5) Grant Taylor via Volcom’s “Larry vs The Kid” video [link] 4) David Jakinda via Äckligt [link] 3) A Different Guy on Adidas via Adidas’ “Lunfardo” video [link] 2) Milton Martinez via IG [link] 1) Tyshawn Jones via IG [link]


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Five Favorite Parts With Gilbert Crockett

Photo via Thomas Goldman

Caught up with the dude who had the curtains on one of 2018’s finest video projects to talk about influences. And it seems like Jake’s Mind Field part (spoiler?) is far and away the most mentioned part from the past twenty years.

We’re never not falling off from doing this feature, but it is always fun and interesting to do. Request line for new editions is always open.

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December is a Sketchy Month™

A. Vega by M. Heikkila at B. Nine

“tis the season…for skating Seagram because the security window’s view of the ledges is obstructed by giant Christmas trees :)

Someone ollied that Vespa bump-to-bar that T.J. did in “BLESSED”the other way.

“People always ask me about that day, but honestly, it was truly terrifying…Like, what better thing to do than go skate around? Sure, it’s kind of a frivolous thing to do under those circumstances, but at the same time, that’s the point.” Chromeball talks Mike O’Meally about skating in New York on September 12, 2001 + gets the stories on a bunch of his photos, many of which were shot while living in the city.

New York magazine’s food site, Grub Street, did a feature on Tyshawn’s restaurant in the Bronx. #TJSOTY.

Watermelonism has a fun edit up from an old QS trip to Medellin, an immensely underrated skate destination. Alex is also offering 25% off all the stuff in the Watermelonism webstore for QS readers if you use the promo code “Quartersnacks” in the next 24 hours ♥

“As designer and architect, everyone always asked if I wanted to design skateparks, but I was always kinda annoyed by that question. I love skating skateparks, they’re fun, but I never thought about that.” Solo has a sick interview with ant colony aficionado, Alexis Sablone. Fully wanna try the walnut thing next time I see some ants…

Filed under “videos you wish were longer than the minute-long Instagram limit” — Bronze posted some extras from It’s Time, and 917 posted a quick edit of assorted loosies on IG as well.

“Some seen, some unseen.” Five minutes from NJ Scum’s DV tape archive.

Boil the Ocean offers up a review of “BLESSED” + some thoughts on “a new gilded age for skate videos.”

Yonnie Cruz and Vincent Alvarez share a cruisey half New York / half L.A. part for Theories’ collaboration with Lakai.

Marc Suciu, Franky Spears + Silas Baxter Neal have a new road trip edit, which starts in New York at the maybe now haunted Citi Field Benches

Maybe the best part uploaded from the Buffalo-based Jeb video so far: Justin Grzechowiak’s section is a nice reminder that upstate New York should probably be on par with Boston, D.C., et al. as a get-out-of-the-city destination for us all, but I’m sure upstaters would prefer it staying the way it is hehe.

Here is Philly and New York-heavy friends section from the Clusterfuck video.

Skate Jawn built a short-lived box over the stones at Blue Park back at the start of the summer, and just now got around to posting some of the footage from the contest they threw on it.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: James Harden, Defensive Player of the Year. Who woulda thought ;)

Quote of the Week: “Mark Suciu shouldn’t be in S.O.T.Y. contention until he reads more women authors.” — Shrimp C

I’m sure there’s like a twenty-page Slap thread about it, but Matt Rodriguez was really on one in preceding a lot of the shit that would become popular practice in 2014-2018, especially for a lot of office favorites. (Maybe the same could be said about that entire 2005 I-Path video in general.)

QS Top 10 — November 30, 2018

Apologies for a few duds of news weeks over here over this past month. (I think a certain nollie flip overtook pretty much all else in the skateboard news cycle.) Things should ramp back up as we approach end of the year content season + have a few other developments left for 2018, and obvs a chunk of nice fun things percolating for 2019.

Have a good one. Low sixties on Sunday :)

Original Clips:


Intro via @kodeeen on IG [link] 10) Anthony Ferrari via “Nonsense” [link] 9) Diego Todd via Hockey’s “Daytona Tijuana Dayton” video [link] 8) Nick Michel via “Krazy Frankie” [link] 7) Marcus Shaw via “Teater Plaza” part [link] 6) Jonathan Ettman via “Politic Transmission 2” part [link] 5) Frankie Decker via “Krazy Frankie” part [link] 4) Marek Kocak via “Sports Class” [link] 3) Zered Bassett via IG [link] 2) Kyron Davis via “Numbers Edition #5” part [link] 1) Tyshawn Jones via “KILLER” part [link]


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