Frog Skateboards & Friends in Atlanta

Just because you’re a thorn in the side of every skater guy yelling at a cloud on the internet, doesn’t mean you can’t MS Paint art direct your way into having friends in high places. Facing the dilemma of promoting a Nike SB collaboration with limited Nike SB riders on their amphibious roster, the Frog team called in a couple favors.

They borrowed Numbers’ Antonio Durao (apparently on his way home moonlighting at a catering gig, so the answer to the age-old question of “how much do you pay Antonio?” is “not enough”), 917’s Nolan “Every Time He Focuses A Board, That’s $20 Out Of Alex Olson’s Pocket” Benfield, Stingwater C.E.O. Daniel Kim + several others who consistently gyrate around the Frog universe, but earn their check elsewhere — and headed down to Atlanta.

Filmed & edited by Jesse Alba Hjalte Halberg.


  1. when’s the last time anyone heard from forrest edwards? was he even in glory challenge last year?

  2. Not big on frog but jesus Christ, lucas and his garbage takes on “#skatetwitter”. No one gives a fuck you showed your infant daughter brand Nubian. I think I saw him praise girl being one of the best things in skating ever to laughing at their video counts. Figures, complex has no originality of their own.

  3. honestly, one of the biggest signs of someone aging with grace is accepting that something the kids are doing is not for them but not feeling the need to shit on them for it

  4. The recent Frog edit was very dope. The playful vibe almost makes you forget they’re doing some legit hot moves. Particularly brolick was the Chris Milic drop from that church on Oliver street in Chinatown.

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