QS Top 10 — February 8, 2019

…in which we pick the “normalest” trick in that Chris Haslam part even though it’s not normal at all if you’ve ever seen that spot IRL.

Also it seems that after a year-long stint of going from the most oft-skated spot in Brooklyn (see #6) to “that spot is chunked up and sucks,” the Chauncey Ledges Racist Ledges are enjoying a slow rebirth via their second levels and alternate sides. Enjoy the 54-degree weather today ♥

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Intro via @bubbajacksn on IG [link] 10) Jeremy Murray via Skating Is Easy part [link] 9) Kyron Davis Grey Skate Mag x Nike SB’s “Hey Fede Svin” video [link] 8) Alexis Sablone via Cons’ “DreamSpell” video [link] 7) Jordan Trahan via IG [link] 6) Chris Haslam via “Sterling Golden” part [link] 5) Victor Campillo via “QUOTA” part [link] 4) Kaue Cossa via Cons’ “DreamSpell” video [link] 3) Juan Virues via Hotel Blue’s “About Time” video [link] 2) Max Palmer via IG [link] 1) Louie Lopez via Cons’ “DreamSpell” video [link]


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Five Favorite Parts With Paul Rodriguez

Circa 2010 photo via the first-ever QS party ♥

If you cite the era surrounding Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater as when you first started skating (we all know nobody started skating in 2000 because they miraculously saw Photosynthesis in their dreams, stop pretending), P-Rod was likely one of your first favorite skaters. He was one of the main dudes in his mid-teens ripping as hard as established pros then, so it’s funny to see that a lot of what he looked for in his favorites back then was …people in roughly the same age group as him, ripping as hard as established pros.

Some of these turned anecdotal, which is obvs what you’d expect from someone who spent the majority of his life in the skate industry e.g. apparently he talked about the Baker thing in his Nine Club, which I missed, but had no idea that was ever in the cards.

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I Think 56 Natas Crazy

Gonz fandom spreads wide and large — all ends of the age spectrum have brought up Gonz sections in our “Five Favorite Parts” series. Sometimes the Gonz stuff veers into full absurdity.

It’s 2019 and Lucas Puig is dropping parts still 40% filmed at the Venice curbs. There are lines in “BLESSED” that consist of a trick up a curb and a wallride from the sidewalk. So why doesn’t Natas — the guy who invented wallies and wallrides on straight up vertical walls (Gonz’s words, not mine…) — continue to evade top billing alongside Mark Gonzales in the “really old videos that younger people still like”-convo? (Natas has never been mentioned in a 5FP. And anybody who has been skating since the eighties is obvs exempt here.)

Even when we posted that video of Tufty doing his best variation of a Natas spin, a handful of the responses were still “I didn’t know this trick was possible outside of a video game.” At a time when we can watch the techest possible ledge combo on our feed, process it for 1.2 seconds, and keep scrolling, that’s truly saying a lot about a trick that was first done thirty years ago.

Some of this comes down to canonization, or the stuff you’re told to like. A friend once observed that saying Gonz in Video Days is your favorite video part is like saying Citizen Kane is your favorite movie. Like sure, I guess, ok yeah, everyone can dig a bit deeper, and a Natas part isn’t even deep.

All that to say this: I think Zach was feeling elevated, listening to Future, and watching some old favorites this past summer when he realized that for whatever reason, the woozy 120 BPM title track to 56 Nights goes really well with the extra slow-mo and film look of Natas’ Streets on Fire part. While procrastinating on another edit job, I tried to throw it together.

Sure, the Firehose probably goes better with sun-baked California pavement, and I highly doubt Natas knows or gives a fuck about about who Future is, but think of it as the Quartersnacks version of watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon ;)

Live From the Exito

This place is a good time.

♥ A heartwarming story about a New York skate shop owner, a New York surf shop owner, Paris, and Mike Carroll doing a backside 5050 ♥

We rant about seeing the same spots in Big Skate City™ trip edits like anyone else, but just the right mix of people skating them, and all of a sudden, none of the nitpicky skate criticism matters anymore. Really wish this Insta edit of Max Palmer, Remy Tav and Sylvain Tognelli skating go-to spots in Paris was 4x as long. (Also funny how 2/3 of the people in it don’t even have Instagrams.)

And on that note, Victor Campillo’s ender for his Quota part is the first bit of recent République footage to really stick to the memory. (Starting to notice a trend when New York news is slow…we just post a bunch of Paris stuff. Can’t wait to get this satellite office popping.)

It had a brief run on the TWS site, but “Crop Circles Volume 1” is now online in full, and is one of the best post-Love Park / Philly survivalist videos yet.

“A typical day was waking up at 6:30 A.M., breakfast, heading to the construction site, working till 10-11 P.M., and having a late night crew that stayed up to 3 A.M. on some days.” Monster Children has the story about how a small crew with minimal resources built the first-ever skatepark in Angola in just 28 days.

“Did skateboarder’s hopes for a professional minimum salary level die along with Rob Dyrdek’s dreams for a skaters’ union? Does there exist a ‘rough cut’ of Nike’s commercial in which Kyrie Irving clowns Eric Koston for not having a video game character in the last 10 years’ worth of THPS titles? Is this commercial ripe for parody by the remaining aggressive inline rollerbladers, except where they’re barging Lance Mountain’s backyard pool?”

Theories has the results from their Underground S.O.T.Y. poll.

Antonio x his famous L.J. via this past December.

TWS put up Antonio’s tricks from Duets, which includes maybe the first-ever clip shot from the inside of a trash can? We’d add it to our ever-growing thread of trash-themed skate memes, but it almost becomes low-hanging fruit at that point…

BETTY FORD” is a phone edit from Giovany Reyes featuring some boys traveling the world and skating everything from the best spot on the planet to the worst spot on the planet.

Pretty pointless to link a video with 100k+ YouTube views on here, but it’s been slow and it’s winter. Franky Villani has some New York clips in the middle of his Dickies part.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: We don’t often showcase dramatic dunks on here (or 2019 Warriors highlights, for that matter), but that Demarcus Cousins dunk was straight out of the 1990s NBA. And we’ve honestly been far too exhausted with any and all developments pertaining to the basketball team who plays on 33rd and 7th this past half-decade to have any solid opinion about the Porzingis trade. It’s just all too tiring. We have shit to do.

Quote of the Week: “The vegan girl at the vegan restaurant was having a vegan crisis about her vegan Super Bowl party.” — Alex Mosley

QS Top 10 — February 1, 2019

It may have been a slow news week around here, but the greater skateboard internet ecosystem has been booming.

On an average week, there will be about twelve or thirteen suggestions for the Top 10 written on the whiteboard affixed to the back wall of the QS office. On Thursday morning, we’ll gather around, drink coffee and pick the two or three that fell short of tugging at our heartstrings, and then loosely arrange the rest, giving special privilege to noseslides. This past week, the whiteboard ran out of space — there were twenty three nominees for Top 10 clips of the week. If the entire skateboard internet goes on blackout these next seven days, we’ll still be able to put together a countdown with the B-roll from this one.

We’ve gotten some pushback from the “this is too hammers heavy for QS”-crowd re: Hollywood High clips before, but we’re not particularly in the business of denying anybody who uses three Pimp C songs in a part their shine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have a good weekend ♥

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Intro via @alltimer son IG [link] 10) Jonatan Drab via De Andre [link] 9) Antonio Durao via IG [link] 8) James Fitz “Shake Junt” part [link] 7) Rick McCrank via Boys of Summer II [link] 6) Didrik Galasso via “Deedz” part [link] 5) Matisse Blanc via Free part [link] 4) Gustav Tonnesen via “Introducing /// Gustav x Samba ADV” [link] 3) Aurelien Giraud via “Magnified” clip [link] 2) Yonnie Cruz via “La Flareto Rico Tour” [link] 1) Sammy Baca via Boys of Summer II [link]


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