Congestion Pricing But For Blue Park

When we interviewed Reda about the shot of Todd Jordan’s switch back tail in the weeks after 9/11, he mentioned wanting to complete the set of having the same shot of the Towers, no Towers, and the Freedom Tower. Pretty sure Mike Heikilla is the first one to snap a photo on this forgotten (?) Hoboken, New Jersey spot since the new tower was completed over ten years ago. Discussion of the Todd shot + the mission to get this one is featured in the Dick Rizzo “Headspace” video that Huf dropped last week.

Booyaka is a video by Patrick Lang showcasing the scene in Syracuse, New York, and includes the last-ever part from the late Andrew Grabowski ♥️

Scuba divers discovered 25 bricks of cocaine in the Florida Keys this week stamped with the Nike SB logo.

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#QSTOP10 — June 7, 2024

A top three of hall of famers, Tokyo street style, video game level kickflip back smith control, and a 47-year-old impressing all of us — except one Lakers jersey wear-er ;)

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Operation: Division East

📷 Photos by George Douglas Peterson
📝 Words by Chris Nieratko

A little-known New Jersey poet once wrote, “Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact. But maybe everything that dies someday comes back.” I have been praying to Jah a lot lately that he was referring to hair when he wrote that verse because, sadly, as I get up in age, the only part of my body that is thinning out is on my scalp. I actually saw it coming years ago and began flipping my hair to the side like Morrissey in hopes of creating a visual illusion of how much hair I actually as left. It’s gotten so bad that I recently started taking HIMS Viagra for hair. I haven’t noticed any difference yet, and the only thing getting harder is looking at myself in the mirror.

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