Frozen in Carbonite Presents: Song of the Summer x Video Part of the Summer 2023

Words by Frozen in Carbonite

This year, the owners of my local bar revived an institution from The Before Times™: music trivia.

I call it music trivia, but it mostly consists of “name that tune” — the DJ plays 12 snippets (usually in a category like Eighties, Nineties, Songs about Beer ‘n Trucks) and you have to name the artist and title. Eighties is my shit; country my achilles heel. ANYWAY, this was the first time playing without drinking. Whenever I go to a bar, if they don’t have legit NA beers, I get a Red Bull and some appetizers because I feel like a dummy hanging out for hours and not spending any money. You pay for the experience. The ambience.

ANYWAY, I won ten bucks. I was psyched, but even more psyched at the end of the night when I saw the name the bartender entered for my tab.

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It’s All on U

Nik Stain grain by Pauly Coots 📸💞

“There also might be a slight difference in the value of technicality. I think a nollie crook means more to us out here than it may out west to you.” Heckride has a #longform interview with the man behind the lens of many of your favorite clips, Paul Young.

“Then I counted Tyshawn’s part and he only has 32 tricks in Blessed which was his S.O.T.Y. part. It made me realize that it’s not necessarily the quantity of tricks that makes a part good.” Korahn Gayle chats about some of his biggest influences for Slam City Skates’ “Visuals” series.

Can’t imagine many local residents are bummed about this, but something for the “Summer Trip to New York” video-makers to keep in mind: you’re not gonna have an easy time getting an Airbnb in New York.

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#QSTOP10 — September 8, 2023

This week’s countdown was tough.

At our morning meeting, a simple question was asked: “How do we approach the Huf video?”

Some in the office felt an all-Forever countdown was in order, like had been done in the past for releases from Bronze, Polar, Limo, Sour, et al. Others were vehemently opposed to another all-one-video countdown. Variety is the Ice Spice of life, they said.

Words that cannot be taken back were exchanged. Honors of skaters who were not included were defended as if they were people’s spouses. Coffee cups were thrown. Recycling bins were hurled across the room. Boards left at the front door were focused on the way out.

It’s not like there weren’t fifty other clips in the Huf video that made us feel something — and what about the other releases from the week?! But even after a countdown was settled on, a fight between two QS teammembers erupted at the ensuing happy hour. (“HOW THE FUCK IS CYRUS’ ENDER NOT #1?!” “BECAUSE THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST FRONTSIDE FLIPS EVER DONE YOU FUCKWIT!”) They’re both currently suspended from duties, with revoked access to the complimentary roll of grip in our breakroom.

It’s only skateboarding — condensed within a silly web countdown, at that — but it’s safe to say that we could all use a break from skate videos until Monday.

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Reporting From the World’s Greatest Skate Spot — SID’s ‘STA’ Video

Five years ago, after returning from a trip to Prague, we reported that Stalin Plaza — by our estimations — is probably the greatest skate spot in the world. In the time since, we’re still confident in that superlative, and many friends who have gone on to make the pilgrimage themselves have echoed our review.

The SID crew out of Prague came onto our radar for the complete opposite reason. When we had been in the Czech capital, the locals that we crossed paths with tended to say “there’s spots …if you have a car” regarding places to skate beyond the plaza that looms over the city’s scene. SID’s August 2021 “Prager” edit was the first Prague video we recall that featured footage in the region from everywhere but Stalin Plaza (besides the ender.)

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Almost Got Into a Fight With American Pie Guy

In case you haven’t heard: the Tompkins construction that was set to begin in September, will now begin ~mid-November. The colder the weather, the less of a chance the asphalt will cure soft, or something like that? Any QS Readers work for a paving company?

Going Once, Going Twice” is a fun Philly-based video by Fionn McLaughlin that’s light on the Muni and heavy on the crust. (Feel like there was another recent-ish homie video that ended with “Dirty Work” as well? Perfect homie video song.)

Mark Humienik, Nico Marti, Alan Bell, Zak Anders + more in Chase Walker’s Minneapolis trip edit from an Asics wear test.

“Every day is Friday when you’re Tyshawn Jones.” Late on this — and it’s not a skate pod obvs — but Tyshawn was on the Throwing Fits podcast a week-and-a-half ago. (That link opens in Spotify, btw. But it’s on Apple Podcasts, too.)

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