‘Jolie Rouge’ from Noah Clothing is Now Live

Jumpman Jumpman Hjalte Halberg on production wow

After ninety minutes of rustling around and three position changes, a rookie group of stagehands figured out how to affix a white sheet on the Tompkins fence last night, so that Noah’s inaugural video, Jolie Rouge, could premiere. There’s a “how many skaters does it take to hang up a sheet?”-formatted joke in here, but it’s Saturday, the temperature is in the mid-70s, and the QS office should be empty right now.

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Spots & The City

Classic Illustration via Charles Rivard PhD

Updated the spot book for the first time in a long time.

What started as a quarantine project in the earliest days of lockdown, turned into a web of tiny, tedious tweaks — sort of like cleaning your apartment for the first time in a llooonnnnggggg time. Will try not to let it get this out of date again.

If you live in or around New York, none of this will be news to you. The barometer for the spots page has always been a rough overview of what has been appearing in videos, so anything undergoing a longstanding coverage drought was scrapped for the sake of being current, while this is way too new. Obviously, spot apps are evolved now, but those things also sometimes list like, the dumbest shit that nobody has ever skated, and we’re trying to be a bit more consensus-based here.

Shout out to the rollerblader who came up to me in a nightclub in like 2014 to say the spots page “missed a few things.” (“I don’t skateboard but I fuck with y’all.” Love ya too, baby ♥)

Shout out to the goat over at Skhateyou. Forever inspirational.

Gonna go do some stretches and make a martini ♥

Also going to scratch out “spots page” from the past six months’ worth of uncompleted to-do lists.

Make sure you’re registered to vote this November.

Bless ;)

‘Life Starts Tomorrow’ — An Autumnal Montage by Brendan Gilliam

The video begins with a refrain echoed by all those those who have lived enough years to notice creaks in their joints: “I never thought I’d get old.”

*I* never thought seasonal montages — one of our culture’s most innocent traditions — would become things of the past, but that seems to be the case with each fleeting year. The 25-hour skateboard news cycle has rendered the “fall montage” as dated of a concept as a “concert” or an “office.”

But not all are ok with floating out where the tide takes them :) Some are paddling back.

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(800) 888-8888

Summer nights, once upon a time. Photo by Jeremy Cohan.

New York’s voter registration deadline is this Friday, October 9th. New Jersey’s registration deadline is next Tuesday, October 13th. Visit Skaters Vote if you’re in another state for information. You already know the drill — if you regularly read QS and don’t vote (assuming you’re eligible), may every karmic force available in the universe roll the fuck out of your ankle on the morning of November 4th, may all your coffees spill onto your crotch for the entire time you’re recovering, and hopefully, you get fucking wheelbite and fly face first into a dirty puddle in front of all your exes on your first day back skating.

Some more Keith Hufnagel tributes: 1) The Warm-Up Zone wrote about Huf’s Non Fiction part, and that brown marble 360 flip that got reposted so much these past two weeks, 2) Free and Sneep / Memory Screen teamed up for a Huf video retrospective, 3) The New York Times ran an obituary for one of New York’s own, and most influential ♥

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