A Skate Video But Make It Ibiza — ‘big parody’ by Late Nite Stars

Today is the longest day of the year: nobody has time to watch some sappy video introducing the new kid on the team, and an ender opus from the O.G. to some song that him and the filmer spent three months arguing over. Save that for November and December. Real ones know that summer actually ends after July 4th, and everyone’s trying to fucking party right now.

Enter Late Nite Stars‘ “big parody” video, which feels like it was edited in the middle of a rave in Ibiza.

With Drake making house now — and skateboarders having spent a decade-plus being indoctrinated by #skatevideohouse via Palace videos — it was only natural that skaters would begin getting years ahead of his full-fledged 2024 plunge into EDM. (Wild it’s taken this long, tbh.) And what is skateboarding if not owning your responsibility to do the things that Drake hasn’t thought of yet?

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Cody Plus Six

Summer QS goods arriving at U.S. shops now. Internationally in the coming weeks. Our webstore will relaunch this Friday, June 24th at noon E.S.T. with summer QS items for sale ❤️ Photo via Seasons.

Flex Tape is an 18-minute New York video by Blaine Williams, pretty much all filmed in New York. Aidan Spencer’s closer part rules. Skating that perma-windy Queensboro Bridge ledge at the start of a snowstorm takes wild dedication. Ending your day there typically results in hating life.

Skate Jawn‘s “Ramps Out Back” video series tells the story of the bowl in Holyoke, Massachusetts and the role it plays in that scene’s perseverance through harsh winters + gets into some sociological stuff that these old mill towns face when new industries reshape them. Our friends at Theory in Holyoke carry QS gear, btw ;)

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#QSTOP10 — June 17, 2022

In the era of Gustav Tønnesen, it is truly a feat to be flabbergasted by a skater’s sixth-eye-open usage of a spot. Chris’ enders are 😲

Otherwise, CPH Pro reportage (Meatball made it known this week that he’s trying to make his way out there), and if Cardiel’s first street clip since the injury didn’t make you *feel* something, there might not be anything left beating inside ;)

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In Continued Trust Of Crust — Dan Ryuichi’s ‘Roughers Connective’ Video

There is something refreshing about a great video appearing from seemingly nowhere.

Dan Ryuichi’s “Roughers Connective” edit is the only video on his YouTube page. It popped up in Thrasher‘s Junk Drawer on Monday, and at press time, still has under 1,000 views. It has a couple recognizable names, even fewer recognizable spots, and it earned the immediate runback treatment as soon as its ten minutes were up — something rare in the social media age.

The video’s spiritual predecessors are the NJ classic, In Crust We Trust, and its all-Newark follow-up, Brick City Street Styles (maybe with a bit of Bruns sprinkled in.) It opens with an all-Trenton, NJ section and closes with an all-Newark one, while its middle kicks around everywhere else between New Jersey’s capital and its largest city. The stars of the show are Soma Sugiyama and Sergio Rodas, with contributions from Akobi Williams, Caroline Duerr, Anthony Gordon and others.

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Save This Snack For The Morning

Spring QS goods arriving to U.S. shops this week. Gonna post a lil’ preview this week. Arriving internationally starting next week and onward ❤️ Online soon • 📷 via Patrick Buckley.

Closer has an extended cut of Louie Lopez’s footy via last year’s F.A. sesh at Tompkins, along with an excerpt from the interview Farran did with him.

Paul Young has a new video on the way starring Ben Tenner (that flick on the kickflip noseslide!) and Joe Russo. Hate that we’re already thinking about 2023 though.

Our friends at Andrew Skateshop in Miami got a feature in Vogue.

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