Meditative Progression — An Interview With Karl Watson

Intro, Interview & Photos by Adam Abada

It honestly feels a bit silly introducing Karl. How many times does his EMB pedigree need to be brought up? The style? The smile? Karl has been doing it for more than three decades and his influence is still all around us, but it isn’t like he’s gone and calcified in stone. He’s a living, breathing, creating presence still very much ensconced in the Bay Area scene and the skate world at-large. He has his own company, Maxallure, and is involved in the impending resurgence of Satori Wheels.

I got in touch with him to see what those three-plus decades do to your perspective and even scored a session with him and the Maxallure team in the 105-degree summer heat of the San Fernando Valley. I don’t know if it’s the energy from his young team or if he’s still got it like that, but it was a pleasure to see him and his squad sweating it out in pure skate rat form.

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Only Slimes

Photo by Daniel Weiss

Alltimers got hacked!

“Summer Trip to New York” season has obviously been affected by COVID travel bans, yet it has not full-on stopped skate travel into the city. It’s a really interesting time to visit New York, and videos from right now will stand out a lot down the line. Can’t tell where these dudes are from, but enjoyed every bit of “Pull Up,” a new nine-minute trip edit from Juan Reyna. (They got the memo that Times Square is fun right now.)

“The one thing that has stuck out in my mind from early on was that clip of you backflipping off the Love Park sign after that contest. What the hell were you thinking?” Josh Stewart interviewed the forever inspirational Jahmal Williams for Germany’s Solo magazine.

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One Year Since Save Tompkins Day

Update: We raised just over $10k. Thank you everyone who came out, and everyone who helped clean up.

September 7 marks one year since Save Tompkins Day, a day that was supposed to be a rally to save the T.F. from being converted into an Astro Turf field — but became a celebration of this irreplaceable piece of the city after the Parks Department called off the plan in the face of overwhelming community support for keeping the park as it always has been.

In celebration of that, Uncle Leroy’s Charity Sidewalk sale, which has been happening bi-weekly at McGolrick Park, is coming to Tompkins, and will be fundraising for BLM causes and at-risk local businesses. 1-6 P.M., Monday, September 7.

P.S. Monday Links will go live on Tuesday on account of the Labor Day holiday.

#QSTOP10 — September 4, 2020

This clocks in as one of the most lively weeks of 2020. It was tough to not resort to posting everyone’s enders from the past week of “high-profile” videos, but tried to avoid the obvious when possible. A good handful of it has been on the #repost circuit, so apologies for not digging a bit deeper — this almost feels like a November slate of skate videos.

Have a good one. We’ll be back on Tuesday, September 8.

P.S. Everyone is trying to sort something nice for the one-year anniversary of Save Tompkins Day on the 7th, so please stay tuned here or on social for details this weekend.

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Beach Day! — A Quick Look at the Remodeled Rockaway Beach Skatepark

“Wait…there’s beaches in New York?”

These are the sort of questions asked by people who have only looked at maps with pins to spots on them. Even then though…sheesh.

(And yes, have heard this question posed more than a handful of times in life.)

For years, a beach trip with a pitstop to the Beach 91st skatepark has been a summer ritual. The park’s longstanding wooden incarnation, by modern standards, was shoddy. It looked exactly like the sort of beachfront skatepark you would’ve expected a city to build in 2004.

But it had charm. It had character. It was battered. It was beautiful.

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