#QSTOP10 — January 7, 2022

The countdown is back after a holiday hiatus 🛀

This one is a bit of a catch-up edition that gave special exceptions to a few select clips that went down during the break, e.g. it wouldn’t be right to not acknowledge Jasper Stieve’s Pyramid Ledge trick, despite it having come out right before Christmas.

The blockbuster videos (Creature, Chocolate, et al.) were not included in the catch-up for the sake of putting your attention towards the absolutely fucking incredible “Leap Year” Portland edit by Cole Navin, and Dean Koontz’s Norma video out of Texas.

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Five* Favorite Parts With Tony Hawk

Collage via Requiem For A Screen
Collage Photos via Grant Brittain, Jeff Vespa, Tompkins via E.J. obvs

Over the years, Five Favorite Parts has covered its array of local heroes and storied legends, but QS wouldn’t be QS if it didn’t put on for the up-and-coming rippers, like the subject of 2022’s first edition. We’re so confident that this guy is going to be huge that we let him go for six (!!) favorites 🥲

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Twenty Twenty Two

Happy New Year 🍾 Pleased to report that the latest round of QS merch is available at fine shops across the U.S. now. Canada + Australia probably this week. Japan, Europe + Korea definitely this week ❤️ The QS webstore will launch with the new line on Friday, January 7 @ 12 P.M. E.S.T. Thank you for the support, as always.

Such a pleasure watching Jahmal Williams skate. He has a solid batch of footy in the new Hopps x Labor edit, which also includes some third-eye-open spot choreography at D7 of all places.

New Josh Paynter video blog full of creative spot digging went up just before the new year. Love these a lot. 10/10.

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