#QSTOP10 — June 26, 2020

A picture-perfect tre flip, an avant-garde approach to pool skating, and a noseslide rollaway that defies the laws of physics.

Have a good one ♥

P.S. Uncle Leroy is holding another sidewalk sale on Sunday, June 28 from 1-6 P.M. at McGolrick Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (corner of Nassau & Russell.) All proceeds go to charity. You should just follow @sorrymydude on IG for future updates also.

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#TRENDWATCH2020: Doubling Up On Bank Tricks

Skateboarding down hills — like sex and sunsets — enjoys an exorbitant approval rating among humans. But even then, you have to admit that hills have been having a moment these past five years. People end video parts with hill bombs. People bomb hills for justice. The New York Times runs editorial on skateboarding’s most influential collective of hill skaters. Mainstream sports outlets chronicle the most notorious hill-bomb with a judgey raised eyebrow, but they still cover it.

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Tompkins is back, Nik Stain is pro. Happy summer. Photo via Caleb.

“Ahh the banks at the Jamaican embassy… Iconic spot, great spot, fun spot. Quick bust of a spot though… so the fact that you guys have a little group with a campfire going…”

Someone made a twenty-minute super cut of Tyshawn footage.

“I will do anything for skateboarding. This episode can save lives, it creates communities. It’s the closest thing to music, and the coolest thing about music is that there’s no place on earth where it doesn’t exist.” Skateism has an interview with Buddy and Rick about making the LGBTQ+ episode of Love Letters to Skateboarding. There is also a supplementary “Love Note” with Cher Strauberry and Barker Barrett about how to be a better ally.

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#QSTOP10 — June 19, 2020

We have a new look :) it was overdue.

Thank you to Dana Ericson for the long-winded mission to get the graphics to life, and Frank Heatley on the audio. It wasn’t easy, and a Catalina update has also since made life at the QS office a slow, frustrating ordeal. Live and learn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We needed that #1. A nice reminder to re-read Genny’s interview with Ray from three years ago too, which is beautiful.

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‘If You See Someone At The Door With a Board, Let ‘Em In’ — A Review of ‘All the Streets Are Silent’

Words by Frozen in Carbonite
Poster Design by Order

I think it says in that book The War of Art that just sitting down and doing the thing can break down a creative block. Sometimes, a project takes on a life of its own and becomes something you never imagined. Skate videographer, Jeremy Elkin — whom you might remember from Poisonous Products and The Brodies — initially set out to make a documentary about the seminal Zoo York video, Mixtape. His research led in a more expansive direction.

More than once.

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