Weekend Viewing — Hjalte Halberg’s Dancer Part

Hjalte Halberg just dropped a short and sweet part to announce a new drop from his brand, Dancer. (If you’re uninitiated to the Dancer universe, Slam City Skates interviewed Hjalte about it last May.)

Like Ville before him, Mr. Halberg seems to be releasing the leftovers from the last days of his decade-plus Polar tenure — clearing the proverbial backlog of the logos no longer paying his bills. (As pointed out on the ‘Gram yesterday, we’re a long way off from the days when you can skate for one company, and comfortably shoot photos with visible conflicts of interest emblazoned across the bottom of your board.)

Filmed mostly in Copenhagen, and put together by Tor Ström — the same link-up as Ville’s aforementioned first post-Polar part. Seeing as how Hjalte’s way of going really fast and doing powerful tech shit has drawn the occasional A.V.E. comparison, the switch front crook fakie flip at Jarmers was a pleasure to witness ;) have a good one.

New Dancer available now


  1. Special place in my heart for Dashawn Jordan’s welcome to Toy Machine part with majority Business and Company decks and clothing

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