That’s Hollywood, Baby

Definitely remember this one being a crowd favorite at the premiere: Kevin Taylor’s part in Static 6 is now online to commemorate K.T’s new spot on the Hopps team.

Jake Baldini becomes the first person to ever return a purchase and replenish his balance in the new installment of Skate Jawn‘s “$100 Chill” series. Shout out to Jake and his crew for that bank-to-ledge at Mosquito Beach.

“I do remember chatting to him when he was pranging out about having to switch flip the London Bridge stairs, that’s quite funny. He was pranging out the night before, I just remember thinking you don’t actually have to do this.” Lev Tanju nerded out over his favorite pieces of U.K. skate lore for Slam City Skates’ “Visuals” series.

Ted and Thrasher went uptown for the new episode of “This Old Ledge,” which chronicles the history of Grants Tomb. So sick how Dick Rizzo has the same ender in two videos about Grant’s Tomb. (And is still somehow figuring out new ways to skate it.)

“Hey Nick, Is this your first real interview?” Heckride interviewed Nick Rios.

“The running joke was that almost his entire video part was filmed within a mile radius of where he lived.” Andrew Murrell interviewed Greg Hunt about the making of Dylan Rieder’s Gravis part. It was in the last Jenkem book, but now they have it online.

“I pulled up to Centrale and a good friend of mine said it. I had this Polo shirt on, and with my hat and glasses he was like ‘Damn, you’re the real Chicken Little.'” Jenkem also has an interview with Vince Palmer. New Rat Ratz video coming really soon :)

Sage Elsesser is the latest guest on Hypebeast’s “Business of Hype” podcast.

Nice lil’ Stussy L.A. edit featuring Hugo, Aaron, Diego, Gabe and Stafhon by Jesse Alba. The back toe on that last clip…

“It’s only natural that a decent percentage of professional skateboarders, old and new, would at some point vigorously pursue a personal transformation into a Bro. This shouldn’t be a surprise because most of us, in ways large and small, are Bros.” Simple Magic considers the skater to bro pipeline via the lens of Sheckler’s Etnies departure. (27 years?! He was on Etnies for 27 years???)

Transworld’s “Skate Nerd” show is back! The first episode back is with Tincan Skatelore figureheads, Jovi Bathemess and Pat Stiener.

“Will the coming decade bring pants that can change hue chameleon-like as the wearer backside tailslides a hubba, or flash brightly upon impact, or display animated patterns?” Boil the Ocean considers the future of …pants. And AI. Or something like that.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Six minutes of Andrew Wilson loosies.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Oh shit, Josh Hart TOOK OFF THE HEADBAND ⚠ ️

Quote of the Week 🗣
Kevin Tierney: “You can’t skate banks Keith.”
Keith Denley: “I can skate banks. Banks 9. Back 3.”

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