Favorite Spot With Dick Rizzo on Grant’s Tomb

The “Favorite Spot” series was overdue for a New York edition — it has been three installments, and not a single one has been in the northeast.

If you told anybody who was skating Grant’s Tomb in the days when it was a backup spot after you got kicked off the Columbia campus that soon, the ledge into the double bank would become its most-documented feature, they’d have a tough time believing you. Dick Rizzo has somehow turned it into a fixture throughout his video parts, dating as far back as Paul Young’s 2012 Nevermind video.

Interview & Edit by Farran Golding. Archival footage via: Paul Young, Peter Sidlauskas, Tyler Cichy, Tyler Smolinkski, Andrew Gosselin, William Strobeck, Jay Maldonado, Colin Kennedy.

Previous Favorite Spots: Anthony Van Engelen on the Green Bench, Hjalte Halberg on Jarmers, Gilbert Crockett on Sun Trust & Downtown Richmond

P.S. Did another one of these for a New York spot recently, just gotta piece it all together. It involves a man with a penchant for skating an empty fountain surrounded by Holland Tunnel traffic ;) ♥

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