Favorite Spot With Anthony Van Engelen on The Green Bench

Figured after last week’s “Favorite Spot” with Hjalte, now is as good of a time as any to keep the momentum going with this new series :)

You may remember back in the fall when skaters of a certain age bracket couldn’t help but think one really nerdy thought while watching F.A’s Dancing On Thin Ice video: was the bench from A.V.E’s ender the same bench that he was skating in The DC Video back in 2003?

In short, the answer is yes. But the story of how the bench came to re-enter skateboard history is one of many fateful contortions that only the man himself could adequately explain. Farran tracked down A.V.E. for the story of the green metal bench, and how it has endured through nearly two decades, with the help of some archival footage from the F.A. and DC videographers that were there as it happened.

Interview & Edit by Farran Golding. Archival footage is courtesy of: Greg Hunt, Cody Green, Benny Maglinao, William Strobeck and Colin Kennedy.

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  1. That is probably one of the most prolific curved benches in skateboarding culture & history. I’m itching to chill on a dipped backside smith grind on it, and maybe some backside tailslides too.

  2. this is the kind of content i’m here for. awesome job by QS, and shout out to AVE for giving the community some vision on the almost mystical lore surrounding this bench.

  3. This is some good ass content — reads like something out of an old Transworld but w videos

  4. Dill and Ave kicked me and some homies out of that spot. This makes it make some sense.

  5. Tony fucking Tave, and Tosh Townend, Good Lord not where I thought this was going.

    But AVE forever! The man is incredible.

    Thanks, QS. Killin it as always.

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