Early Christmas — Late Nite Stars’ ‘O’ Video Is Live

O is the latest in Texas skateboard technology being unleashed on New York skate spots by Late Nite Stars and Chase Walker. While STILL felt like more of a party video with a few formal parts waiting at the end, O is all business and confidently carries its nearly 40-minute runtime. Often, when a crew video gets that long its a mixed bag, but not always!

And certainly not today!

Alan Bell ties together every realm of skateboarding (even vert!) in a virtuous five-minute opener, Nico Marti choreographs blocks-long lines past the deli where it all started, Max Jang takes the reigns on switch back tail duty, Jake Lemonds brings mirror tricks to the Canal Fountain as the radio dial turns to Q104.3, Trung reemerges with a Palmerian commitment to taking the frontside noseslide to its furthest extremes in his first part since RESPECTFULLY, and Zak Anders closes it out with one of the most psychotic enders in recent memory — like, started laughing out loud when he rolled away from it and kept laughing in awe as the logos began to roll over the screen. It’s kind like the skate version of when Steph Curry hits a three from mid-court with two defenders in his face: all you can do is laugh.

You can start that list in your Notes app for 2024’s year-end superlatives now ;)

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  1. As much as I cant stand the stinkin saggy bootcut slappy noseslide ankle sock black wheel-ification of the past 2 years, I really loved this vid. Music was insanely good, maybe 2k24 leans less drone and more dream theater (imagine)?

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