‘STILL’ — Late Nite Stars & Chase Walker’s Latest Video

2023 feels like fertile ground for party videos.

What is a party video? Can you just throw in some footage of people doing shots, and 140 BPM your way into party video territory?

Absolutely not.

Like certain things, you know it when you see it. A party video is a good time, yes — but it doesn’t even need party footage! It’s a video where you can feel that the participants didn’t spend months arguing about what song fits best for what part. Friendships were not bent to near breaking points in the video’s creation, and footage was not treated with absolute sanctity, because after all, it’s only footage. You can always get more.

Fashion Mondaine” earned the title of 2023’s first great party video, and Chase Walker and co’s STILL feels like the next one.

STILL is the culmination of some Albany and Montreal trips’ worth of footage + dives into cuttier corners of New York (no joke: page-views for the gas station ledge in Sunset Park jumped over the weekend) via much of the faces from RESPECTFULLY (yes, Trung appearances) and “be honest.” Then, it all wraps up with the second Zak Anders part in six months (give “COW BOY” a rewatch), and an ender section from Nico Marti in front of the lens.

It’s a party.

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