A Skate Video But Make It Ibiza — ‘big parody’ by Late Nite Stars

Today is the longest day of the year: nobody has time to watch some sappy video introducing the new kid on the team, and an ender opus from the O.G. to some song that him and the filmer spent three months arguing over. Save that for November and December. Real ones know that summer actually ends after July 4th, and everyone’s trying to fucking party right now.

Enter Late Nite Stars‘ “big parody” video, which feels like it was edited in the middle of a rave in Ibiza.

With Drake making house now — and skateboarders having spent a decade-plus being indoctrinated by #skatevideohouse via Palace videos — it was only natural that skaters would begin getting years ahead of his full-fledged 2024 plunge into EDM. (Wild it’s taken this long, tbh.) And what is skateboarding if not owning your responsibility to do the things that Drake hasn’t thought of yet?

Not for the faint of heart — somebody does a frontside willy to front crook on Alligator in it — “big parody” is a monsoon of EDM, fireworks, 4×4’s, jet-skis, infinity pools, fakie hardflips, randomly a couple Korea clips, and skating from much of the dudes from Chase Walker’s RESPECTFULLY video from last fall.

Filmed and edited by Trung Ngyuen, who unfortunately only has a few clips in front of the lens.

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