Alexis via Zered on the photo.

Alexis Sablone self-filmed, scored and edited her new part, which includes a switch varial heelflip that should be played on loop in the flip trick museum.

Not only is Skate Jawn one of the best longstanding American skate ‘zines, but they are also the principal torch-holders for the “video magazine” format that people of a certain age grew up with. Their 10yerr video feels like a spiritual sequel to Fiddy, though more specified in its episodes, with sections in Japan, Prague, extras from the Rust Belt Trap squad, etc.

Bronasonix Vol. 1” is a new one by Hefty Krew out of The Bronx and it’s filmed entirely in…The Bronx ;)

Monster Children has a check-in interview with Justin Henry. (Spoiler: did a “Five Faves” with Justin the other day, and we have the same favorite Ishod part.)

The Skate Muzik podcast has an extended episode with Ray Barbee, interviewing him about his musical journey alongside his tunes.

Kieran Zimmer has a quick Medium article about the skate community’s engagement with Black Lives Matter causes.

A couple New York clips — including a front feeble at one of the biggest busts in midtown — via the new black and white clip from Huf.

Some Italians and an empty pool — but not, like, a transition pool.

“Hot in ’93 and gone in ’94.” Free has a rad interview with photographer Pete Thompson about his new book, ’93 Til. Features tons of Stevie, Oyola, Penny, etc. stories from the nascent period of street skateboarding in the nineties, with a focus on east coast scenes.

By a similar token, Slam City Skates has an interview with Brad Johnson about the very same period, except centered on the scene in San Francisco. (The Slam dudes might honestly spend more time transcribing these #longform interviews than weekly hours worked at QS as a whole. Sheeeeesh.)

Really into the jazz arc of Andrew Reynolds’ career. Would love to see one of these filmed out east ♥

Also in the realm of THPS alumni, episode one of Kareem Campbell’s podcast, The Ghetto Bird Show, is now live. Kareem has this sage-like presence, and it is great to hear from him after all of these years.

Jenkem asked five graphic designers to reimagine the Independent logo.

It’s actually insane L.E.S. Park ever looked like that, via the latest “Marino’s Episodes.”

Quote of the Week: “Summer’s over after July 4th.” — Tall Will

“Man, if you’re not nervous about your music before it comes out, it’s not it. You didn’t go that extra mile, and you didn’t try something different. If you feel like it’s it, it’s never it.”

Heard DS2 turned 5 the other day. “And now we’re sitting here five years later and [“Stick Talk”] still plays in the club. Everybody still sings the same part.” Love that part®.

I remember Johnny saying his mom watched this clip when it came out and wasn’t into the second song ;)


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