Postcard From Milan — Pietro Bontà’s “LA VIDEOPART DI BILLY”

Every now and then, a part pops out of nowhere and makes you go: well, goddamn.

Our boy Matteo Ricci, a onetime lensman for Milan’s Meaningless Productions outfit, sent this one of Pietro “Billy” Bontà over this morning. Filmed over the past few years in Milan, it’s four minutes of the type of skating that makes you want to start writing in Thrasher captions: Raw! Speed! Power! Creativity! Rawr!

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Alexis via Zered on the photo.

Alexis Sablone self-filmed, scored and edited her new part, which includes a switch varial heelflip that should be played on loop in the flip trick museum.

Not only is Skate Jawn one of the best longstanding American skate ‘zines, but they are also the principal torch-holders for the “video magazine” format that people of a certain age grew up with. Their 10yerr video feels like a spiritual sequel to Fiddy, though more specified in its episodes, with sections in Japan, Prague, extras from the Rust Belt Trap squad, etc.

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