Late Pass: Chase Walker’s ‘RESPECTFULLY’ Video

A time machine would be pretty dope. Most people think it’d be dope because you could buy Bitcoin for a dollar in 2010 or whatever, but that’s stupid. It would be nice to do a good deed.

For instance, it’s hard not to remember those overeager Parks Department guys assigned to Marcus Garvey Park back in 2006 or so — when it first got renovated into the spot that you know today — and everybody who spent the first half of that decade honing their flatbar skills at Tompkins was there filming feebles until they threw up. Those maintenance dudes used to trip hard when the spot was new. They would give the classic “you’re scratching up the paint, if we see you again, you’re getting a summons”-routine, only to give up a few years later.

Imagine how much stress you could have saved them if you knew the future.

“Look man, fifteen years from now, a young man in Tru Religion jeans with an Element board is going to darkslide around the curve while Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ plays in the background. Enjoy these simple times while you got ’em. Don’t fight fate.”

Sorry to spoil the video’s ender to anyone arriving at Chase Walker‘s RESPECTFULLY project in full even later than the QS Office is — but if this trick was not sent to your skate group chat within two hours of when the video dropped late Sunday night, then your group chat doesn’t love you, and you need to get some new friends.

That spoiler shouldn’t even be a gripe, as there is plenty else to love: the line on the FedEx steps provides a tear of joyful nostalgia, Zak Anders’ telephone pole work under the Brooklyn Bridge, and Max Palmer Fountain tricks worthy of the spot’s namesake courtesy of Brian Gonterman and Trung Nguyen.