Postcard From Marseille — An Interview With Victor Campillo

Interview by Elliott Wright
Portrait by Guillaume Lebel
Other Photos by Victor Campillo

QS has harbored a distant fascination with the Marseilles scene ever since the first Unemployed Skate Co. edits began popping up on Vimeo. Over the years, it has only grown, seemingly alongside the scene’s international profile and collection of new spots. Victor Campillo — originally from Aix-en-Provence, France — has been on a wild productive streak over the past several years and stands out as somewhat of an ambassador for the Marseille scene. We had Elliott Wright, a onetime Marseilles resident, get ahold of him to gain an understanding on why the south of France feels like its having such a moment.

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Full Bleed 10th Anniversary – An Interview With Alex Corporan

Intro & Interview by Tom Ianelli
Headline & Strapline Photos by Greg Navarro
All Other Photos by Full Bleed Archive [Credited Underneath]

Ten years ago, to try and make his love for New York skateboarding translatable, Alex Corporan (with the help of Ivory Serra and Andre Razo) published Full Bleed: New York City Skate Photography, a hefty book of photos with no text, chronology or page numbers.

When you open Full Bleed, each photo has such strong associations and connections that a story starts to develop as you turn the pages. This story is aggressive and brutal one moment, then tender and communal the next. There are instances of grief, elation, spontaneity and triumph, but whether you pore over every image, or passingly look at a page or two, the book most effectively serves as a reminder that New York City is constantly redefining itself, and that the only way to make the most of it is to walk out your door and live in it, preferably with a skateboard in hand.

This month, Alex is publishing a 10th anniversary edition of Full Bleed with 96 extra pages and an introduction by Tony Hawk. I sat down with him to chat about his extensive skate history and get his take on the 10th anniversary reissue.

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Five Favorite Parts With Nick Jensen

Interview by Farran Golding
Collage via Requiem For A Screen
Original Photos by Reece Leung from Nick’s Vague Magazine Interview

Love how an array of bonafide American Skate Video Classics™ can be presented in an entirely new light with some biographical seasoning from the U.K. And were your mentors really your mentors if they didn’t drag out a keg for you to learn tricks over? ;)

Read this one with “Running Up That Hill” playing in the background.

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4PLY Presents: The 2021 #QSTop10 Analysis

Words by Pete Glover C/O 4Ply Magazine

Wax up you trackpad and tighten your ethernet cable, because the team at 4PLY Magazine has diligently recorded all 9000+ points of data created by the Quartersnacks Top Ten countdowns of the year 2021.

We utilized the awesome power of high school level statistics to make a bunch of comparative charts and other observations — and then we took it even further by cross-querying those numbers against the 2020 #QSTOP10 dataset to see which directions skateboarding is trending.

It’s just like Moneyball, except absolutely nothing is at stake.

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Five* Favorite Parts With Tony Hawk

Collage via Requiem For A Screen
Collage Photos via Grant Brittain, Jeff Vespa, Tompkins via E.J. obvs

Over the years, Five Favorite Parts has covered its array of local heroes and storied legends, but QS wouldn’t be QS if it didn’t put on for the up-and-coming rippers, like the subject of 2022’s first edition. We’re so confident that this guy is going to be huge that we let him go for six (!!) favorites 🥲

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