This Is The Life of a Pop Star — Pl34se J4cki3’s ‘TEAM HORTONS’ Video

A bunch of fashion-forward Frenchmen enter your city and demand to know the location of every manny pad you have.

The result is probably something like Team Horton’s — assuming you live in New York, Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto.

On our final Monday Links round-up of 2023, we mentioned that Fashion Mondaine was the most often [non-Johnny’s Vid] replayed video in the QS office from the past year. It was the first great party vid of 2023, and the first time the phrase “damn, this is a sick Charlie XCX remix” ever crossed my mind, in a skate video or otherwise.

Their latest finds them across the ocean from their native Marseilles, still with peak ~*vibes*~ — effectively a skate video that makes you want to party …after you skate.

Valentin Verd continues to innovate with the best headwear in skateboarding. Shout out to the Law & Order sound drop after the CSI meme.

Features Victor Campillo, Valentin Verd, Max Wasungu, and more. Filmed by: Andrea Semerdjian. Edited by: Victor Campillo.

Is that the first Tim Horton’s tattoo on a non-Canadian’s body?


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