Wish It Was Miami

Simple Magic compiled a list (with excerpts!) of 2023’s best skateboard writing, including Mr. Munzenrider’s QS story about skate shop tees + Mr. Carbonite’s annual Song of the Summer x Part of the Summer study.

“You just got white rice?” Stephan Singh has a sick edit out called “Drop Top Drippy” featuring some deeper spot digging than any ol’ local edit. That firecracker bank thing on Morris Avenue might be the most London-ass spot in all New York. Kickflip was the one.

IMPULSE is an Albany / upstate scene video by Chris Sendzik with parts from Cooper Qua, Jeremiah Gray, Yafay Towles and a great closing section from Nick Persico.

It goes without saying that Seoul was the most popping city for skate travel in 2023. Yardsale dropped an edit of their Seoul (and Tokyo) trip as a teaser for their 2024 Rick Owens collab.

If you end up skating aimlessly south of Borough Hall, chances are your day will wind up looking something like this: Marcos Hidalgo via Cooper Winterson.

Antwuan Dixon footy in New York, Quel Haddox skating shit that only he can skate, a fire Noah Singleton part at the end + more in FTP’s first full-length video, American Terrorist.

Boil the Ocean began its annual countdown of the year’s best video parts.

Free released Brett Weinstein’s Static VI part.

Here is a recap of Village Psychic and Skate Jawn‘s can drive event at Vans Skate Space 198.

Southie Bump and Planets are the south Boston spots that take center stage in the latest edition of [Jason] Jenkins logs.

WISkate.com, the Wisconsin skate scene website dating back to 1998, is likely the longest consistently running skateboarding website. To commemorate 25 years of WISkate, the Mostly Skateboarding podcast interviewed its founder Josh Ellis about all that he’s seen cross his screen over a quarter century. (For context, Google began in 1998 as well.)

Even having been “around” for “skate industry” stuff in 2012, literally had no fucking idea that DC had it like that to be giving out $800k/year contracts back then. Sean Malto’s Bunt is full of revelatory information. (P.S. Was fortunate enough to tag along on Sean’s first Nike SB trip and can confirm from experience that diligently watching Sean Malto do switch flips will make you infinitely better a switch flips. Not Malto-good, but good-enough good. Thanks, Sean.)

Will It Ever Snow in New York City Again?”

Spot Updates 📍— Mambo Bar is knobbed again. For the 8237th time.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Rooting for Ja Morant tbh. (No, not logging into the fuckin’ office to post highlights from the Christmas games you nut.)

Quote of the Week 🗣
Jimmy Pak: “When are we going to the bar?”
Pad: “Let me just set up a board real quick and then we’ll go.”

Apart from Johnny’s, this was the most oft-replayed full-ish video at the QS office this year. It dropped January 8th and was just such good vibes the whole year through. Promised that 2023 would be the year we make it out to Marseilles with the crew, and that didn’t happen, but hopefully, 2024 is our year. Listened to that five-year-old Duwap song from the credits more this year than when Underdog dropped in 2018 because of this video.

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