This Is The Life of a Pop Star — Pl34se J4cki3’s ‘TEAM HORTONS’ Video

A bunch of fashion-forward Frenchmen enter your city and demand to know the location of every manny pad you have.

The result is probably something like Team Horton’s — assuming you live in New York, Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto.

On our final Monday Links round-up of 2023, we mentioned that Fashion Mondaine was the most often [non-Johnny’s Vid] replayed video in the QS office from the past year. It was the first great party vid of 2023, and the first time the phrase “damn, this is a sick Charlie XCX remix” ever crossed my mind, in a skate video or otherwise.

Their latest finds them across the ocean from their native Marseilles, still with peak ~*vibes*~ — effectively a skate video that makes you want to party …after you skate.

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Harvest Time

Huf ❤️ Photo by Luke Ogden, spotted via Science Versus Life

If you have the means, please donate to this GoFundMe for Tristan Mershon, Nate Grzechowiak and Josh Paynter, whose Bushwick apartment and possessions were lost to a house fire two weeks ago.

There’s no way you haven’t seen the new Bronze video yet, right?

There’s def an official Thrasher edit incoming, but Zubr ripped and combined everyone’s IG stories of Tyshawn’s Can Jam at Blue Park this past Saturday into a single video. Shout out to the legend who continues to show up to all the skate events and films with his laptop.

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A Stateside Debut — Victor Campillo’s ‘SanVico’ Part

Regular QS readers know our frequent appreciation of videos coming out of the Marseille scene — with Victor Campillo often a centerpiece of each one.

So we were honored when videographer Macéo Moreau, Quotamine, and the crew at Cons hit us up to debut Victor’s first U.S. part, filmed entirely in San Francisco during a winter trip. Anyone who has watched those Marseille edits knows that the French city is also quite hilly itself, making S.F. the perfect American canvas for Victor’s #longform lines — and frankly, providing just as much of a showcase for Macéo’s filming abilities as he charges alongside Victor down the street, weaving an S, and never missing a beat.

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Postcard From Marseille — An Interview With Victor Campillo

Interview by Elliott Wright
Portrait by Guillaume Lebel
Other Photos by Victor Campillo

QS has harbored a distant fascination with the Marseilles scene ever since the first Unemployed Skate Co. edits began popping up on Vimeo. Over the years, it has only grown, seemingly alongside the scene’s international profile and collection of new spots. Victor Campillo — originally from Aix-en-Provence, France — has been on a wild productive streak over the past several years and stands out as somewhat of an ambassador for the Marseille scene. We had Elliott Wright, a onetime Marseilles resident, get ahold of him to gain an understanding on why the south of France feels like its having such a moment.

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Lousy Smarch Weather

E.J. with 2018 gang by Keith Denley

Johnny Wilson chatted with Heckride about some of the backstories behind John’s Vid, and the virtues of not building public anticipation to an upcoming project.

“[Keith] saw that we had skateboards and asked if we wanted to skate his ‘run.’ This ‘run’ was a planned-out continuous route of spots he’d hit on a daily basis. You had to skate it fast and without stopping because there was traffic, open businesses, pedestrians and security guards — who knew Keith would be pushing through at some point after 3 P.M. when school was out.” Thrasher has an incredible retrospective feature that recounts stories from many of Huf’s closest friends.

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