The Marseille Boys Go To Valencia in “2”

If you read dispatches from the QS front page, you are no stranger to the fact that we are huge fans of Victor Campillo + his crew of Marseille-based manual lords. Each edit from this squad has a special something that makes every clip feel like it’s the product of a top three all-time session.

Their latest finds them off-season in Spain’s third (second?) skate city, which makes sense given that it’s home to the country’s most famous manual pad, and man, this crew loves a quirky manual pad. (You could make a case for that bottom level of MACBA that’s a staple of the @macbalife universe, but it doesn’t have the longevity or iconique-ness of Valencia’s two-level into the bank thingy, does it?)

I looked at what a January flight from from JFK to Valencia costs after the second viewing of this one, so, mission accomplished 🫡

Only one question remains: what do they think of the new Charlie XCX album?

Skaters: Tony Rafanomezana, Valentin Verd, Abel Leblanc, Cyril Deschamps, Hadrien Maillard, Victor Campillo, Ernest Gaudray, Ben Raitano, Corentin Derume, Macéo Moreau and Malo Simonet.

Filmed by Hadrien Maillard, Macéo Moreau and Victor Campillo.

Edit by Victor Campillo, there is a drawing by Tony Rafanomezana and sound editing Valentin Verd.

Photos by Thibault Lenours.

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