Harvest Time

Huf ❤️ Photo by Luke Ogden, spotted via Science Versus Life

If you have the means, please donate to this GoFundMe for Tristan Mershon, Nate Grzechowiak and Josh Paynter, whose Bushwick apartment and possessions were lost to a house fire two weeks ago.

There’s no way you haven’t seen the new Bronze video yet, right?

There’s def an official Thrasher edit incoming, but Zubr ripped and combined everyone’s IG stories of Tyshawn’s Can Jam at Blue Park this past Saturday into a single video. Shout out to the legend who continues to show up to all the skate events and films with his laptop.

Juan Reyna and his crew just dropped HOLD UP, a 14-minute video filmed entirely in New York. Depending on your age, it’s hard not to feel a couple waves of nostalgia watching some version of your friends’ younger selves when you sit down with this one. Tre flip at Chinatown double was 10/10, too.

Jersey Dave turned 37 this past weekend and insisted this would be his last part, but he’s probably a going to be filming nollie shuv mannys well into old age. Happy birthday Dave! ❤️🎂

Ian Ostrowski — the architect behind the Genesis 2 video — dropped a 13-minute “Summer Trip to New York” edit with a bunch of Seattle homies. (It’s wild how that propped up bench to Big Belly garbage can is just a regular ol’ spot now.)

Fred Gall sat down for a conversation about addiction and mental health with the Ben Raemers Foundation.

“But ultimately, the most significant music at Pulaski gets made with skateboards.” Freedom Plaza and talk of its potential renovation in 2023 gets an article in The Washington Post.

Turns out that Victor Campillo S.F. part we ran in July was only a teaser. Victor, videographer Macéo Moreau, and the Marseilles boys went to the Bay Area and came back with a legitimate full-length video. Even with a steady diet of GX videos this past half-decade, it’s impossible to not coil up in terror at how hairy some of the downhill filming is in this one.

Joe Cups’ “SAMPLETEXT” video is a time capsule from Y2K New York.

Brian Delatorre is the latest guest on the Angel and Z podcast + The Bunt is back with a new season and a Miles Silvas episode.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Quick oats taste like kitty litter.” — Shrimp C on the necessity of spending time with your oats in the morning

Rest in Peace Pharoah Sanders


  1. Dammmm thrasher got naquan and bronze on for a series. they buying up everything like blackrock in the burbs.

  2. I swore the dude Tyshawn ollied over in the edit was Daniel Kim until we saw his face

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