This Is The Life of a Pop Star — Pl34se J4cki3’s ‘TEAM HORTONS’ Video

A bunch of fashion-forward Frenchmen enter your city and demand to know the location of every manny pad you have.

The result is probably something like Team Horton’s — assuming you live in New York, Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto.

On our final Monday Links round-up of 2023, we mentioned that Fashion Mondaine was the most often [non-Johnny’s Vid] replayed video in the QS office from the past year. It was the first great party vid of 2023, and the first time the phrase “damn, this is a sick Charlie XCX remix” ever crossed my mind, in a skate video or otherwise.

Their latest finds them across the ocean from their native Marseilles, still with peak ~*vibes*~ — effectively a skate video that makes you want to party …after you skate.

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Someday Monday

“[The Muni benches] were going to get sent it to a yard where they grind up concrete and granite, but we were able to save them. They stacked them up one day and they had left a pallet jack out, so we used it to move it into another area with some smooth ground…So we saved six benches in total and they’re currently in a storage unit.” Brian Panebianco has a new interview with Heckride.

Constantly Thankful made a video recap of Late Nite Stars’ O premiere from a few weeks ago, which includes a pre-main event interview with Alan Bell.

Dalton Palacio and the 700k crew just dropped a promo for their upcoming video, Mahogany. (For all the handwringing that olds do about not “getting” the music that the youngs are listening to — it’s funny how the youngs are just editing their skate videos to …Gang Starr. See also: The last Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters edit.)

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Great, No Chairs

Not entirely in the city, but mostly in the city: Been singing the praises of Josh Paynter’s vlog series that started up earlier this year for a minute, but volume four is one of the best yet. Incredible discerning eyes for spots that we pass on day after day. The wallie transfer under the bridge and gap to grind at Borough Hall were standouts, plus the last dude’s mini part is fire.

Where there are re-openings, there are trip edits. RVCA went to New York with Suciu, Spanky, Zach Allen, Donta Hill and Curren Caples. The museum seems to have the heaviest traction of appearances in circa 2k21 trip edits now that the eight set on the west side is decommissioned.

ICYMI: John Dilo went off on a bunch of New York spots in the last minute of his new Almost part.

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