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“[The Muni benches] were going to get sent it to a yard where they grind up concrete and granite, but we were able to save them. They stacked them up one day and they had left a pallet jack out, so we used it to move it into another area with some smooth ground…So we saved six benches in total and they’re currently in a storage unit.” Brian Panebianco has a new interview with Heckride.

Constantly Thankful made a video recap of Late Nite Stars’ O premiere from a few weeks ago, which includes a pre-main event interview with Alan Bell.

Dalton Palacio and the 700k crew just dropped a promo for their upcoming video, Mahogany. (For all the handwringing that olds do about not “getting” the music that the youngs are listening to — it’s funny how the youngs are just editing their skate videos to …Gang Starr. See also: The last Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters edit.)

Angelo Fajardo has a great new video showcasing the young scene in Vancouver, called Take Me With You.

“It tripped me out that I couldn’t tell the gymnasts and the skaters apart anymore. And that this guy who’s a gymnast was watching the Antwuan Dixon episode.” GQ has an interview with Patrick O’Dell about the return of Epicly Later’d. Next one is Stefan Janoski ✅

Speaking of skateboarding’s great documentarians: Tim Anderson B.K.A. Bobshirt is the latest guest on the Beyond Boards podcast.

Monster Children has an interview with Ishod Wair about falling in love with photography.

Jenkem interviewed a trio of obsessive vintage skate tee collectors.

Habitat’s 24-year anniversary video (couldn’t hold out until 25th, eh?) has a ton of Upstate New York footage and some fire city clips from Kaue Cossa.

The latest Jenkins Log takes place at center stage of the Boston skate scene: six minutes of raw files from Eggs, circa 2006-2010.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Seven minutes of Max Wasungu loosies + 4:20 of Max Palmer raw clips + 11 minutes of Sean Pablo loosies.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Somehow haven’t given Wemby play of the week yet, but let out a healthy #lol at his Tom Brady impression, so there it is.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “What spots do I have around here? …I got a tree root spot, but it’s only skateable on Tuesdays.” – Lurker Lou


  1. I seen Kaue Cossa switch back heel yellow barrier from flat at Tompkins a few years back, casual, and on the dolo. It was incredible, been a fan ever since, happy to see him get his shine.

  2. didn’t even realize Habitat was around that long until you mentioned it, fuck I feel old now

  3. I’m not watching eleven minutes of Sean Pablo anything or reading about another skating becoming a photographer.

    Habitat cool though. Glad to see their next generation come up.

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