Great, No Chairs

Not entirely in the city, but mostly in the city: Been singing the praises of Josh Paynter’s vlog series that started up earlier this year for a minute, but volume four is one of the best yet. Incredible discerning eyes for spots that we pass on day after day. The wallie transfer under the bridge and gap to grind at Borough Hall were standouts, plus the last dude’s mini part is fire.

Where there are re-openings, there are trip edits. RVCA went to New York with Suciu, Spanky, Zach Allen, Donta Hill and Curren Caples. The museum seems to have the heaviest traction of appearances in circa 2k21 trip edits now that the eight set on the west side is decommissioned.

ICYMI: John Dilo went off on a bunch of New York spots in the last minute of his new Almost part.

Here for prospective Spanky New York part.

Zubr has a comp of Montreal new gen fave and Dime IG mainstay, Max Wasungu.

Skate website with words on it alert! Waxing the Curb [dot NYC!] offers up some written analysis on Ben Kadow’s latest part. “The four minutes it takes to watch the part very much burns with the intensity of De Niro famously holding his fist over a flame, both showing the lengths his character will go just to feel something.”

Jerry Hsu was on the “How Long Gone” podcast to talk about “the old and new ways to run a skate brand,” among other things. (Jerry doesn’t get on until like the 22-minute mark, btw.)

Village Psychic has an interview with Dane Barker about hardcore ;)

Didn’t dive too heavy into Olympic discourse this past week, but enjoyed Dr. Paul O’Connor’s dip into laypeople’s perceptions of skateboarding fitting into the events.

QS Euro Desk — 1)Five Fold” is a sick nine-minute video by Balargue Skateshop out of Paris, featuring some less-familiar faces from that scene. 2) Always enjoy anything new from Turtle Productions out of Vienna. Lol’d at the part where the dude rolls through a dirt hill into cobblestones to hit a garage curb…into a wall.

Quote of the Week
COVID Antibody-Owner: “Yeah, I’m off drinking. It’s been eight days.”
Troy: “You didn’t stop drinking; you just had COVID.”
(Ok, maybe you had to be there, but claiming sobriety when it only occupies the days you have COVID while completely leaving that part out is really funny.)

Thought of Akademiks hearing “Sicko Mode” for the first time once Keef starts doing the thing with his voice halfway through this song 🤯 Also love his dedication to asking girls back the same question that they just asked him on song intros.

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