Ruben Spelta’s ‘Astratto’ Part + Milano Centrale Bonus Cuts

Ever since he all but deactivated his Instagram and grew his hair out, Ruben put out two parts in the span of a half year (“Astratto” originally premiered in December), plus had a good bit of stuff in that “Storia Italiana” Magenta edit. (Actually, between him and Shogo Zama, Magenta now has two of the best flowy skaters out there, look at that.)

This latest one went live on Free yesterday, and is by Hadrien Buhannic, the guy who has been quietly at the helm of the Bloby edits that shaped up to be some of the most influential skateboarding of the past half decade. It’s about a third Milano Centrale stuff, with the rest in Paris, and like the last part, it is music-supervised by someone who did fire movie scores in the seventies.

With so many elusive types from our youth now open books in the social media age, it’s nice to have a micro genre of people intent on allowing their commitment to the time-honored tradition of video parts do the only talking.

About a generation under Ruben, we have these kids in big pants skating Milano Centrale. We linked the “RAT RATZ 4” edit yesterday, but it deserves an embed because it rips.

We’re talking about a spot that has been torn into oblivion by the best skaters there are — both locals and visitors. Except there’s something so genuine, so inimitable about a crew of kids probably cutting school to skate their local, which happens one of the greatest spots left on this planet. They’re not doing anything that hasn’t been done before, but the energy of the finished product is just so fun and endearing. It warms your heart to see that there are still kids coming of age skating in plazas, and not skateparks. You end up rooting for them the way you would for any young’n that you’ve seen around since he could barely ollie.

And if you don’t put “Skrilla” on the second after you finish watching, then idk man.


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