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TWS interviewed a handful of pros and industry people about the effects of corona virus on the skate industry, as did Parade — except with a focus on small, independent skate brands (like QS!) The common theme between all of them is the resilience of skaters. Yes, shit is crazy right now, but skateboarding isn’t going anywhere once this is all over. The fact that Seattle is experiencing a slowdown in new cases (it was the first part of the country to get hit) is a tiny pinch of an indicator that social restrictions are working. Be safe, be patient, be supportive ♥ And while we know people go on QS to forget the noise of the outside world, if you want to read something COVID-19 related that’s responsibly reported and level-headed, this is the one.

“Do old people just know everyone?” This was great: Shaggy and Kyota hung out around Union Square and Astor for a night, sold some books, ran into B.B., and went to a PornHub party.

Kyota also made an iPhone edit with footage from before even the Homies Network was forced to socially distance :(

Much love to everyone in Milan and the rest of Italy right now ♥ “RAT RATZ 4” is a new one from the Milano Centrale youth to hold everyone over until shit is a go there again.

The best trip edit in a while, and holy shit does Lisbon look fun: The new generation of French dudes who came up skating République ‘n shit went to the Portuguese capital for “OH TONY.” What in tarnation was that front heel off the post?

…aanndd the Frog team went to Hawaii and skated ditches with no shade on account of their new collaboration with Noah.

While we’re on the topic, holy shit — Chris Milic didn’t skate like this the entire time he lived in New York… he has probably a part-and-a-half worth of footage in Daniel Dent’s new edit, entitled “With The Apple.” Features every Frog you know, and every in-between-houses spot in Los Angeles county.

“It’s hard to be proud of footage that’s just sprinkled around. When you put out a full part you feel like you’ve done your job.” Farran Golding went part-by-part with Rowan Zorilla in an interview for the Slam City Skates blog.

Since Rowan mentioned footage that’s just sprinkled around! Here is a four-minute Bobby Worrest Instagram compilation, and here is a four-minute Nik Stain Instagram compilation, on account of the fact that skateboarding’s fantasy sports is editing parts out of IG footage.

Slick Rick and Hi-8 footage in the new promo for D.O.A’s 2020 video. Also, I heard this verse for the first time in a decade the other day and it’s friggin’ cool man. Goat.

Joe Cups has been digging deep in his old tapes and making little edits from over twenty years ago. “NYC 2000” has a sighting of Dre when he had the dreads, and “Summer 1997” was all about midtown and bombing hills in the dark. Could you imagine if that Javitz Center spot was still around today?

Jersey Dave unearthed some footage of a young Josh Wilson in search of a sponsor.

I doubt any of us will be doing much international travel in the coming months, so let’s live vicariously though Max Palmer and Cyrus Bennett’s Mexico trip photos over on Skate Jawn.

Bill Strobeck interviews Ed Templeton about skateboarding and sweaters for…Interview.

QS BMX Desk (lol): Some dude on a bike went UP the Hollywood car wash bank that Milton kickflipped into.

Quote of the Week: “Oh no way, they don’t have ‘Sweet Child of Mine?'” — Etienne Gagne @ a Jukebox


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  2. Dude, it’s a skate site — everything we post is about skateboarding, hence the “lol.” We have respect for the BMX brodies.

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