From Squamish to Seoul — Etienne Gagne’s ‘Etienne 2023’ Part

📝 Interview by Doyun Baeg
📹 Video by Baltimore Loth

What’s good with the tuxedo?

Oh shit, the tuxedo. It was during Halloween time in Japan, and Balti [E.T’s videographer for this video] and I were taking the train. We saw this guy who had like a Superman shirt under a suit. He would unbutton his button-up shirt and had the Superman logo popping out, I remember being like: “that’s so sick.”

And then I was looking for a costume. I went and got a Uniqlo suit. We tried to find a Superman shirt, but there was nothing. So I just ended up wearing a suit and I was going with the flow of what everybody was telling me what I was.

“Oh, like, are you American Psycho?”


“Oh, are you James Bond?”


I was supposed to be Superman, but fuck it. And then one day, Popeye magazine from Japan asked me to do an interview for them. They told me to bring my board. I didn’t know what to wear. I showed up with a suit on and they took a photo of me. They were like: “What the fuck, this isn’t what E.T. usually wears…”

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Good Water Pressure

New QS goods slowly rolling into U.S. shops this week. International soon. Webstore soon. 📷 by Jason Lecras.

Why Has It Rained Every Weekend in NYC and When Will It Stop?” 🌧️

Village Psychic premiered our friend (and QS correspondent) Adam Abada’s part in Perennial by Kevin Horn, “a skate video by our friend from Minnesota starring our friends from New Jersey that was filmed in L.A.”

New Baker rider Stu Kirst is the latest guest on the Angel & Z podcast.

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‘Did you see Ty & Josh’s clips from the Depeche Mode concert?’

Still got some loose sizes of holiday QS gear on sale in the webstore ⛵️ Thanks for supporting what we do :)

“I tell Bill all the time, ‘I don’t have that many video parts left in me.'” Farran Golding profiled Tyshawn Jones and Bill Strobeck for GQ.

We were out in Argentina last month, and were lucky enough to get shown around by Eze Martinez (Milton’s brother, yes.) He’s got an incredible section in the new Cons Argentina edit. There’s something extra fun in watching siblings who skate at absolute opposite ends of the skate spectrum excel in their respective corners at this high of a level. (No Milton footy in this video though.)

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Bags to the Sky

Dutchy by Ben Colen 📷

Pocket did a day in the life with the Rat Ratz crew out in Milan 🇮🇹

Here’s a 17-minute raw Max Palmer fan edit that somebody compiled, dating back to the days when the Delancey Curbs were a popping spot. If you want some additional Max entertainment, you might want to run back Johnny Wilson’s front nose compilation from 2019 :)

Baked Beans” is an 18-minute New York scene video by Hannah Goodman. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

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