Midnight Club

The Meatrix via @blacktreylives

Bronx O.G. and Papi Brand capo Angel Fonseca has a new part out entitled “No Need For Closure.” Love the night clips, love the deep spot digging, and always an inspiration 🫡

Decent bit of New York footage + an ender in Heitor Da Silva’s new part for Adidas.

Carson Reuther has a great six-minute Philly edit out featuring Brian O’Dwyer, Matt Militano, Kevin Liedtke + more to commemorate the closing of Fairman’s Skateshop, which shut its doors several weeks ago. 47 years has got to be the longest running American skate shop, right? Anyone have another? (Guessing it’s in California, if so?)

“The Bethlehem Steel Corporation was an American steelmaking company headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Until its closure in 2003, it was one of the world’s largest steel-producing and shipbuilding companies.” Skate Jawn‘s feature on Matt Andersen and Jake Baldini’s Front Row video is now live, and it’s kinda like the first hour of The Deer Hunter — but skateboarding.

Carl Aikens got the Pocket “Followed” treatment.

“I think [skateboarders have] always been cooler than rockstars. The culture may have its ups and downs, and there’s plenty of bullshit in the skateboarding industry, but I’ll always look at the bright side and I’m very protective of skateboarding culture. We are the rockstars.” Jenkem interviewed our friend Gianluca Quagliano about his NTS podcast focused on skate video soundtracks, Skatemuzik.

“It’s odd that this is how things have evolved — that the social media post now hosts the groundbreaking and gobsmacking.” Simple Magic dives into Tyshawn Jones’ social media strategy in light of him throwing a 360 flip over a thing he kickflipped on a Thrasher cover on the timeline. The numbers don’t lie 👑

Do you remember the Four Loko of transportation? The 2020 Revel scooters? You can buy them on Facebook Marketplace, but you probably shouldn’t.

📅 O.G. North Jersey skate shop, Division East, is hosting a pop-up this weekend in Newark @ 25 Halsey Street (near Peach Ledges.) Friday the 17th – Sunday the 19th. Flyer here

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Six minutes from Nik Stain + five minutes from E.T.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Gonna give this to a “fuck you Reggie” chant in an arena that a guy hasn’t played in for like ~two decades. We’re truly damaged.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “If you have an all-black dress shirt just hanging in your closet, you’re obviously out of your fucking mind.” — Piff


  1. Bill’s Wheels in Santa Cruz opened in ‘77.
    Also, the pro shop at Kona has got to be in contention for longest running shop.

  2. Cal Skate in Portland, OR. ‘Worlds Oldest Skate Shop.’ Open since 1976.

  3. iphone loosies used to have proper track selection. remembering AO cosmic girl. what happened to that how am I gonna watch nik stain in silence for six minutes

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