Bird Needs Another Hour

Jiro Platt, Noah Pollard and Kaue Cossa go off in Naquan Rollings’ latest edit, “$$$ JAM UP EDITION.” Pretty much all New York clips.

“America’s biggest pastime is baseball, and we have a baseball field that changed over to a historic skateboarding spot. That says a lot for the future.” Jenkem wrote The Oral History of Tompkins Square Park.

“When the news first broke about the Malmö project using materials from LOVE, the reporting made it seem as though all the materials that were salvaged were going overseas, so there was some damage control needed there. The reality was that it was only a relatively small amount of granite that made it to Sweden – some tiles and some blocks. All the most significant features were never going to leave Philadelphia.” Free got the full tale of the Love Park marble being taken to Malmö and incorporated into a public plaza.

“It is a reminder of a time when there was still a naive magic in our lives.” Monster Children interviewed our friend Alain Levitt about his photography book, New York: 2000-2005.

The sunsets and the palm trees go perfectly with the Yardsale ambiance in their L.A. edit.

Nebula” is a homie video by Oeuvre NYC, featuring a good batch of Ross Berkowitz clips. All heelflip line at Three Up Three Down was fire too.

Gas Giants dropped a ten-minute edit documenting a trip to Paris, and another trip to New York. Features Ish, Kader, Carl Aikens, Christian Henry and some exceptional fakie front crook pop outs by Nikolai.

“The way they react to each movement with the awkward yet conditioned grace of a sauced-up ballet dancer doing a sobriety test.” Simple Magic contends that Heitor’s arms are the x-factor that make him one of the best doing it today 💪

“In the 90s, for a certain period of time, the coolest skaters didn’t actually skate.” And Boil the Ocean uses the Heitor part as a prism to pontificate on skateboarding’s convoluted relationship with effort.

Jeron Wilson is the latest guest on The Bunt.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Five minutes of E.T. loosies + nearly eight minutes of Casper Brooker loosies + six minutes of Diego Todd loosies + six from Heitor. If you saw the vids of the Red Bull squad skating Bond Street, Seward, Tompkins, etc., here’s a compilation of all those clips, too.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Thank you, Jalen Brunson.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Once you get some light-ass denim, the abundance just starts happening. Nothing like some light-ass denim on payday.” — Tufty

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  1. Aatsi’s (?) ledge dismounts from his line with a heelflip front tail and kickflip noseslide in the poetic video on free are the chillest in recent memory and desrve a prominent spot in the weekly round up

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