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TWS interviewed a handful of pros and industry people about the effects of corona virus on the skate industry, as did Parade — except with a focus on small, independent skate brands (like QS!) The common theme between all of them is the resilience of skaters. Yes, shit is crazy right now, but skateboarding isn’t going anywhere once this is all over. The fact that Seattle is experiencing a slowdown in new cases (it was the first part of the country to get hit) is a tiny pinch of an indicator that social restrictions are working. Be safe, be patient, be supportive ♥ And while we know people go on QS to forget the noise of the outside world, if you want to read something COVID-19 related that’s responsibly reported and level-headed, this is the one.

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W.T.T.B: Watch the Tompkins Bench

“New York is a hellhole, and you know how I feel about hellholes.” — Homer Simpson

Frozen in Carbonite on hypothetical “Song of the Summer” / “Video Part of the Summer” combinations. Surprisingly, that Katy Perry song hasn’t received much burn in New York. Or we’re just not hitting da club enough. Kelly’s getting the month early S.O.T.S. vote, but slow jams might actually be disqualified from that category altogether. (We cannot vote for anything involving Rick Ross or Drake.)

New part from Javier Sarmiento and Jesus Fernandez. It may not be up there with this certified masterpiece (described by Charles Lamb as a guide to all the right tricks to do in street skateboarding), but any new footage from that duo is always welcome.

The Japan-based Lafayette crew visited New York a while back and put together these two clips. Cameos from Rob Campbell, Joseph Delgado, and Akira, wearing a neon-tinged contender for skate outfit of the year.

An interview with the infamous Shaggy. Be sure to pick up issue #8 of Handjob Sk8 Zine next time you cruise by Union. He’ll be there.

They’re building an amazing new plaza on Roosevelt Island. Fantasize now, cry when it opens. Just like the Seaport.

After the Snackman logo was snubbed in Complex‘s list of the 50 greatest skate logos, it was a pleasure to see the homies at Transworld sporting our renown emblem in their latest “Back Cover Breakdown” video.

Loose Trucks Max footage, intoxicated quarterpipe-to-fire sessions, standout tracks from Juicy J’s Rubberband Business 2 (Mixtape of the Summer?), and anything else you may need to get psyched for the last month of summer:

Spot Updates: 1 – The St. John’s Hospital Banks on Queens Boulevard have been blocked off for construction (thanks to Tracy for the tip.) 2 – They decided that the Grace Ledge was too good of a skate spot, so they threw it back under construction. 3 – A spot that many little kids held dear to their hearts, the Water Street “S” Gap, has been torn down. Taji is reportedly putting together a 20-minute retrospective for VBS. Fifteen years later, Huf’s ollie up 360 flip in the Mixtape credits is still the best trick to go down on it.

Quote of the Week:I was at Ruth’s Chris in Midtown, and some lady got into an argument with them because she couldn’t put an $80 steak on her EBT card.” — Spring Street’s Second-in-Command, Fat Billy

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