‘RAT RATZ 6’ — Milano Centrale 2021

In RAT RATZ 5, there was a feeling that they were on the precipice of a great leap. Their fifth installment of Milano Centrale reportage felt like the beginning of the next chapter, though still captured through through the charm of their scuffed-up fisheye. A few months later, they would co-star along the Supreme dudes in their Milan trip video, STALLION.

Since then, a bit has changed: they made the inevitable HD upgrade (heartbroken to see the O.G. Rat Ratz fisheye go, but change is the only constant in this crazy world 😉), and they made that Leap™.

The skating RAT RATZ 6 feels like it has compounded in ability and power (that half cab clip ender…) since the release of their last one a year ago. The video quality is cleaned up, but the viewing experience remains the same: a glimpse into what it’s like to roll round with the generation just beginning to come of age at Italy’s most famous skate spot, with all their the friends, visitors and lurkers around them in tow.

Video filmed and edited by Brisquit.

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