Weekend Viewing: ‘Get Bug’ Out of Hamburg, Germany

For all the interconnected-ness of the global skate crew ecosystem — one that allows you to, say, keep up with what’s going on in the Budapest scene for almost a decade, or know who the up-and-coming skaters out of Milan are — there are obvious blindspots. It is no stretch to say that the average skate nerd knows less about the scene and skaters in Germany than in Spain, France or the U.K. The QS office is also no exception to this oversight, which is why today, we are co-presenting a new video out of Germany with our friends at the Berlin-based Place magazine.

Get Bug is the new video by the Bug Crew out of Hamburg, the port city in northern Germany. There’s always a palpable sense of enthusiasm to certain crews’ early projects — that fun, making-a-video-for-the-sake-of-making-it enthusiasm that obviously morphs as your crew gets older — and Get Bug carries it through the entire runtime. Between the choppy runways and cobblestone landings, the Hamburg of Get Bug doesn’t contain too many “wtf is that spot?!” moments like some other Euro-scene videos, but these dudes definitely make skating the ones they have look fun as shit. Someone at the office dubbed it “German Homies Network.”

Film & Edit: Moritz Ueberall

Features Willow Voges Fernandes, Theo Löffler, Ati Oppelt, Vincent Muehlenbek, Henri Wiedemann, Kevin Olesczieviec, Nils Blume, Vincent Van Barbie, Gabriel Pantel, Kevin Mann, Ilja Franz, Finn Nietz.

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