Time After Time — ‘BUG OFF’ by Hamburg’s BUG Crew

Watching a crew evolve through the lens of a homie video is one of skateboarding’s greatest vicarious features. Whether it is witnessing the growth of the Budapest scene in the Rios Crew’s videos, watching Homies Network become some of the best skaters in New York, or Rat Ratz graduating from a scratched fisheye and 360p videos into YouTube platinum territory — there’s something great about watching progression unfold over a proper succession of videos, rather than a scattershot of social media posts.

We first ran a BUG video in September 2022, in a co-presentation with our friends from Place. GET BUG was infectiously fun, and helped fill a bit of a void, because like, wtf did we know about the Hamburg skate scene? And since first tuning in, it’s been so sick to see Willow Voges Fernandes hold down the opening part in a major shoe company’s marquee video on Thrasher, or watching Theophilus Löffler carry a part all on his own on Free.

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Weekend Viewing — ‘BUG Overseas’ from the BUG Crew Out of Hamburg, Germany

The BUG crew out of Hamburg, Germany first came onto our radar via our friends at Place mag out in Berlin, when we co-presented their Get Bug video a year ago.

Their latest is Bug Overseas, which finds them beginning in their home of Hamburg, then making it out to Berlin, Rotterdam and New York for the obligatory pilgrimage to our city’s most sacred site: Mambo Bar.

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No Venmo in Canada G!

Congrats to Marcello Campanello for going pro for Max Allure last week 🏆 Came across this loosies comp on YouTube just after it went down. Also, run back our interview with Marcello from a year ago in case you missed it, and maybe there’s another lil’ surprise due on here soon ;)

ICYMI: The teaser for Supreme and Bill Strobeck’s new video, Play Dead, dropped on Friday.

DUPLEX 4 coming soon. This YouTube review of DUPLEX 3 should get you hyped.

Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters posted the recap from their second “Land or Slam” event, where they just mob to street spots throughout Paterson, New Jersey giving out cash + product for tricks. It has the freeform feel of a skate contest from a distant past, just done for the sake of doing it. That tre flip into the kinked bank downtown and the one-foot hill bomb were wild 😮

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Weekend Viewing: ‘Get Bug’ Out of Hamburg, Germany

For all the interconnected-ness of the global skate crew ecosystem — one that allows you to, say, keep up with what’s going on in the Budapest scene for almost a decade, or know who the up-and-coming skaters out of Milan are — there are obvious blindspots. It is no stretch to say that the average skate nerd knows less about the scene and skaters in Germany than in Spain, France or the U.K. The QS office is also no exception to this oversight, which is why today, we are co-presenting a new video out of Germany with our friends at the Berlin-based Place magazine.

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