No Venmo in Canada G!

Congrats to Marcello Campanello for going pro for Max Allure last week 🏆 Came across this loosies comp on YouTube just after it went down. Also, run back our interview with Marcello from a year ago in case you missed it, and maybe there’s another lil’ surprise due on here soon ;)

ICYMI: The teaser for Supreme and Bill Strobeck’s new video, Play Dead, dropped on Friday.

DUPLEX 4 coming soon. This YouTube review of DUPLEX 3 should get you hyped.

Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters posted the recap from their second “Land or Slam” event, where they just mob to street spots throughout Paterson, New Jersey giving out cash + product for tricks. It has the freeform feel of a skate contest from a distant past, just done for the sake of doing it. That tre flip into the kinked bank downtown and the one-foot hill bomb were wild 😮

GET BUG videographer Moritz Ueberall dropped a quick part with Ati Oppelt from a trip to New York this past summer.

20 minutes of Troy Gipson loosies + 12 minutes of Kyle Wilson loosies.

From the glory days of shaving cream pranks and pouring water on people while they’re asleep: Crailtap uploaded a raw files log from their 1999 U.S. tour, which Keith Hufnagel accompanied them on ❤️ It’s wild how 1999 was 40 years ago. Shout out to our fam who calls ’em *nollie half cab flips*.

HUF the brand also shared a video that runs through Mason Silva’s Hufnagel tribute ollie from their Nike SB collab video.

Chris Jones is the latest subject of Slam City Skates’ “Offerings” series, which extracts book, movie and music recommendations from skaters. (If you want to know Chris’ favorite Rodney Mullen part, we got you.)

Daniel Shimizu hates the L.A. Dodgers. He’s also the latest guest on The Bunt.

QS Sports Desk Luka Pass of the Week 🏀 — Another one.

Quote of the Week 🗣
[talking about not drinking for the foreseeable future]
Inquisitive Gentleman: “You just been doing N.As or…”
Big Sexy: “Nah, no N.A. Just Perrier bottle service.”

Ran back the commercial for the original (first?) Palace collab on account of their new one with Umbro. What a time to be alive.


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