‘DUPLEX 3’ — A Case Study In Pandemic-Era Productivity

Photo by Scott Brothers

It is no secret that the past two years have bolstered local skate videography, with crews and sometimes entire scenes hitting unprecedented strides in productivity. The Duplex boys began last year by dropping Duplex 2 — after which — they retired their VX, and released the HD “Sk8 Wing” and “Five-Six-One” in what felt like rapid-fire succession. It turns out that the best was yet to come with Duplex 3. Even in our fast times, this crew down in West Palm Beach (just a lil’ over an hour north of Miami) is operating on another level.

Features Jace Detomasso, Landon Swan, Paul Sakoff, Brad Cromer, Garrett Haschke, Sean O’Connor, Alejandro Patino, Dan Lundy, Kyler Brandt, Freddie Davies, Corbin Madsen, Wes Streett, Jake Sanso and Jordan Jones.


  1. publix shopping center BSTS fsflip out was insane.. ft peirce 3 into the bank is also insane.

  2. honestly never even noticed it’s full long lens. at least it didnt do the crazy supreme filming.

  3. it didn’t **NOT** do the whole strobeck filming thing…

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