Weekend Viewing — ‘BUG Overseas’ from the BUG Crew Out of Hamburg, Germany

The BUG crew out of Hamburg, Germany first came onto our radar via our friends at Place mag out in Berlin, when we co-presented their Get Bug video a year ago.

Their latest is Bug Overseas, which finds them beginning in their home of Hamburg, then making it out to Berlin, Rotterdam and New York for the obligatory pilgrimage to our city’s most sacred site: Mambo Bar.

Not that there isn’t a firehose of skate travel content out there, but homie videos like Bug Overseas manage to carry this unmistakable enthusiasm where you can recognize your own crew’s most carefree days in each clip. The ability to rally your entire crew onto an plane to go skate overseas isn’t something that lasts too long into adulthood. In fact, those trips are oftentimes the moments that older skaters most fondly hark back on. Any trip video that makes us wonder what it’d take to run back a “56 Tricks”-esque trip with our same crew is a video worth watching ❤️

But for the Bug Overseas trip, filmer and editor Moritz Ueberall had this to say: “The video is about our crew and the friends we visit over time. It starts in Hamburg, where the most of us are from, and every summer friends come over to skate our crusty spots. Next is Berlin. I was living there for three months in the beginning of this year, so I went out filming with mostly friends from over there. Of course the homies came by sometimes and we had many good sessions in the capital together. Rotterdam is in the Netherlands and a very skateable city at the harbor. It is easy to reach for us and it has many good spots. Some are more crusty, some are less, but all in all, it reminds us of our hometown a lot. Last but not least NYC. Our good friend Ati moved there to study, so we came by and crashed on his couch in the two-room apartment he was sharing with his sister at this time. We went skating everyday and met old, same as new friends. This video brought together many people who wouldn’t go skating together before and created new friendships and good memories.” 🫡

Features Vincent, Finn, Willow, Gabriel, Nikita, Christoph, Mike, Lars, Ati, Leon, Denny, Lorenz, Kevin, Lili, Chris, Kevin, Kevin, Hannes.


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