Budapest HD — Rios Crew’s ‘BANDASZELLEM’ Video Is Live

📷 Headline Photo by Macsu Feri
📸 All Other Photos by B. Bence

We’ve been posting Rios Crew edits since ~2014ish. Like, when Cyrus was on Polar and Fetty Wap dominated the airwaves …a longass time ago. In the time since, they’ve established themselves as one of the most productive video franchises, and ambassadors of a scene that few people know much about.

Thanks to a lucky cheap eBay find, their latest video finds them working with skateboarding’s current camera of record, sans fisheye. (Lucky eBay finds on that one are damn near impossible, as you well know.) After hitting play on an early version of the edit, it was hard not to wonder how they’re going to keep their frantic, low-def look — marked by camerawork we once described as practically inside of the skaters’ wheel — with the P2 look of your average modern skate video.

About two minutes in, after a guy falls seven feet onto his face off some roll-in made of medieval rock, another ollies a set of railroad tracks mid-line between two sets of stairs, and another dude gets shoulder checked by an angry Hungarian at the top of some steps — I forgot all about that thought.

It’s still a Rios Crew video, no matter how many pixels get squeezed into the screen.

Bence, their videographer, wasn’t so sure. After sending through the preview link, he signed off with this: “We dropped that thing [the P2] and are going back to the roots: VX1K, MK1.”

Life’s all about knowing your strengths, yaknow?

Skaters: Soma, Kubu, Rolika, Dina, Otto, Mirko, Csucsu, Samu, Macsu, Töri, Petike, Balek Ricsi.

Video & Edit: B. Bence

Titles: Szigeti RP

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