Time After Time — ‘BUG OFF’ by Hamburg’s BUG Crew

Watching a crew evolve through the lens of a homie video is one of skateboarding’s greatest vicarious features. Whether it is witnessing the growth of the Budapest scene in the Rios Crew’s videos, watching Homies Network become some of the best skaters in New York, or Rat Ratz graduating from a scratched fisheye and 360p videos into YouTube platinum territory — there’s something great about watching progression unfold over a proper succession of videos, rather than a scattershot of social media posts.

We first ran a BUG video in September 2022, in a co-presentation with our friends from Place. GET BUG was infectiously fun, and helped fill a bit of a void, because like, wtf did we know about the Hamburg skate scene? And since first tuning in, it’s been so sick to see Willow Voges Fernandes hold down the opening part in a major shoe company’s marquee video on Thrasher, or watching Theophilus Löffler carry a part all on his own on Free.

BUG OFF is their latest project, predominantly filmed in Hamburg and other German cities, with a bit of New York mixed in, and the whole crew involved. There’s leaps in production value without any sacrifice to the ~vibe~, and like you may remember reading last month: “It’s very important to keep the fun and natural tricks in there. Sometimes with the progression, you lose the vibes.”

Vibe loss averted 🫡

Video by Moritz Ueberall.

Previosuly: GET BUG, BUG Overseas

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