Weekend Viewing — Bobby Worrest & Friends at Milano Centrale via Gang International

It’s no stretch to say that Milano Centrale and Washington D.C’s Pulaski Park are made from similar strains of skate spot pixie dust. As a youth watching The DC Video, I even remember thinking Stevie Williams’ switch heel back tail was on some lesser-seen portion of Pulaski, given the striking resemblance its white marble upper level has to the composition of Italy’s greatest skate spot.

Both spots — despite whatever mediated flawlessness might come across in videos — proudly wear their lived-imperfections. The most-skated sections of the ledge are rounded down, with cracks dispersed throughout the edges and floor. A clip at these places carries weight because it contends with these elements of the story that aren’t present in some chaste faceless marble, in addition to the fact that you’re adding to a scroll of clips written by thousands of skaters before you.

So ~*obviously*~ someone gifted at navigating one of these spots would excel at the other. As videographers unload any surplus of travel footage from before the pandemic, we’ve been treated to gifts. Gang International, the curator behind Bobby’s Shanghai part from a while back, just uploaded an edit of a Milan trip with some Pulaski homies. It serves as a wonderful companion to Will Miles’ “Lambrusco” edit from last year while we await whatever Milanese thing the Supreme dudes may be working on.

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  1. QSnacks is my favorite because you use words like ‘wonderful’ to describe skateboarding edits ;)

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