Five Favorite Parts With Bobby Worrest

Photo by Richard Hart of Push Periodical

It is hard to think of someone who has produced as many proper video parts in the past decade as Bobby. The people voted in two of them onto our attempt at a master list of the 2010s, and he was even kind enough to make one for QS back in 2014. After talking to him about his biggest influences, you get the feeling that it’s because he spends his time simply skating, rather than paying mind to what’s going on out there. Well, except for that one obvious exception at the end there ♥


Stevie Williams — Transworld: The Reason (1999)

Love Park, being in a city, ledge skating — there is nothing cooler than that. There’s nothing better than being able to take a train downtown and skating a bunch of different plazas in the same day.

I always wished that this part was longer. You can tell in this part that Stevie and Kalis lived at the spot. And a lot of these guys that I’m talking about, like Wenning and P.J, put out their best parts when you can tell that they lived at the spots they were skating.

Brian Wenning — Alien Workshop: Photosynthesis (2000)

I watched this so many times. It had a strong influence on me learning so many tricks: switch 360 flips, switch heelflips, and just all of his ledge tricks. That video was big for ledge skating in general, but big respect to Brian because he was so well-rounded and clean. That’s how I wanted to skate. And I liked the music a lot — the whole Habitat section just worked so well together. I might’ve been one of those people who had the soundtrack.

PJ Ladd — Coliseum: PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life (2002)

He was in east coast dude doing lines in the street. Even though it was in Boston, we related to it a lot because we had our own downtown that we skated all the time. In that first scene, where he shows his shoe and it’s completely shredded — that’s what we wanted to do. We wanted our shoes to look like that; we wanted to skate that much. We figured the only way to get that good, was to skate to the point where you shoes looked like that. You could always tell how much someone skated by the way their shoes looked, especially at that time.

We had this spot in D.C. called IMF Building. It’s still there, and it’s a perfect marble sidewalk that wraps around the building. After this video, we’d do ten kickflips on one block, ten switch flips on the next block, ten fakie flips on the next block. We’d just skate in circles trying to get as consistent as him.

I don’t really remember a lot of what came out around that time off the top of my head, but I watched this over and over. You’d hear stories about how consistent P.J. was and how he skated aline — driving his flatbar to some garage because it was snowing. It was just full skate rat shit.

Arto Saari – Flip: Sorry (2002)

The music in this did it for me. I was in high school when this came out, and learned about David Bowie around this time. Hearing that music with his skating and just the whole way it was edited made me look up to him as a skater. I always remember this part because it made me discover all the other music that Bowie made. He also killed it in that part — every trick was perfect. I was blown away that he did switch backside 5050 down that big steep silver rail in that part… until somebody told me that it was Dustin Dollin.

Both P.J. and Arto were on éS at that time, which was indisputably the best shoe company then. What was better?

Dylan Rieder — Supreme: “cherry” (2014)

The caliber at which he was skating was insane. When he kickflips over that desk, I was just like “What in the fuck?” His Gravis part is gnarly too, but I just always really liked this one. It’s the one he shares with Alex, so maybe that’s why it sticks out more. I like your skating a lot too, Alex.

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